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Respawn Problem

A topic by imbz created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 621 Replies: 4
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Hello guys i was playing and make the new quests i have o problem with one item respawn "Plant Fiber" at the building dee-dee transport needed like 200 plant fibers to make 100 fiber cloth (20 each dee-dee) and to upgrate the construction place need more 20 fiber clooth (40 plant fibers) so i need grab 240 plant fiber to go on in the beta. and im stuck for like 5 days (in game).

Edit. need more 10 fibers cloth (20 plant fiber) for each Dee-dee Station. Total plant fiber, 300 to build all.

Sorry for my english.


Yeah, plant fiber definitely needs to be more plentiful or have some other way to farm it (break something else down to fiber).

in my opninion there is enough plant fiber but hunting for these worn furs is a pain.


These will be easier in the future, we're still tweaking the numbers.

okay now i'm your opinion... after the cave quest and a few hunting days one has enough worn fur...

but herbs are abundant (and til now i had no use for them) perhaps just change the chance for that plant fiber gras and herbs to spawn, perhaps if they spawn in about equal numbers? Or perhaps if one gets just 1 more when gaining some?