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It booted right up on my phone. was able to download and install directly from  Awesome you got something put together for the phone.  the field of view was just a little fish eye for me. but it looked great and played great. the gaze interaction im not familiar with and was a little akward to get working but I think it looked realy good on my phone in the headset. now I am going to buy a bluetooth vr controller so i can play it properly. Good one on you! great job.

Awesome that you used voice overs, sound gets so overlooked but its such a powerful tool. Fun Game I really liked your level layout!

Puzzles, Poop, Prison what else could a gamer want! great game!

Great graphics and performance. I agree with others that having a faster way to get things up the tower would be cool. great level design the forest is so cool!

This was great So much fun to cast the spells and I love the level design! one of my favorites if not my favorite Congrats!

great Game! I loved the drawing the symbols. the interaction was was pretty rad.  I really enjoyedyour game!

Great game, fun to play the interactions were fun, I really dig the Aesthetic  and vibe you got going perfectly matched the theme. great job! so cool

way cool game, I'm all about the level design and this is Cool. super unique. the procedural generation was a  good Idea.  easy to get turned around but in a good way. don't know if there is a way to incorporate furniture or if it would break the illusion but some props would be cool. was way cool I like it a lot!

cool game, I like the mechanics, I agree having it closed in would be cool and some puzzles, but i dig the idea and aesthetic I love playing obstacles. Cool game Keep on it!

 Update the stream is happening at 2pm eastern standard time now, come and check it out! 

What a Cool Game the level was like the crusty ladies house in the dark crystal with the Astrological Planetoids. Very Cool Game with multiple puzzles very Impressive! hope to see it polished as well.

very nice looking level. I wasnt able to play it on my quest2 not sure why but the level was the size of my head I was able to put my head down inside of it and it looked great and I liked the lay out. wanted to play it. hope to play a future submission!

Cool vibe...creeped me out a little reminded me of being grounded but reminded me too I would just play with my stuff on the down low and be fine with it lol.  cool concept I also ran out of time and Have no game play in my game.  what a cool way to learn though cool level. I look forward to playing future entries.

I like the concept alot.  the fake button room got me for a solid minute lol but it was a little dark to feel confident in what i was doing in the world and with climbing. Great game though keep on it.

The boss was Cool, the scale was intense and the sword mechanics were cool.  I always like the anxiety i feel when playing something like this were they will sneak up on you! I like the concept.

Sweet entry! was cool to see another space station entry too but from the outside made it a cool twist of the concept. the game environment was very immersive the scale of the station made it feel vast.  and I really liked the camera robot. made me think of hal9000 and space odyssey.  the one thing was the audio as other have said but the idea of the robot was spot on!

lol cool game I like the rick roll and trolling.  Was cool to see some animation in the level. made it feel more alive! the guy on the toilet was funny was he Crying? lol

Come watch Justin finish playing threw the last of the entries to the VR Jan Jam  there were over 40 submissions! then head to the submission page here on to download, rate and play your favorite entries Have a great one!

Sounds Rad, a reason to animate to music would be cool.

Awesome loop very chill! downloaded. what is the license on this?

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Update: come watch Justin play threw the submissions live!

I really appreciate it! Environmental Story telling is one of my favorite parts of games and I think VR takes those Immersive possibilities to a whole new level. thanks!

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it. I just put up a new version that killed the sound bug. Thanks for the suggestion about the UI, I had wondered that very thing. Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic VR Jan Jam

HI Everyone You-tuber Justin Barnett's, VR Jan Jam Submissions are in and Rating and testing has two and a half days left. If you have a PC VR headset or a Quest2 or similar windows or android devices head over to the Jams page download the Games and leave some Ratings  the more the merrier!  Check out his Profile and channel  for awesome VR DEV tutorials and to Get Involved in Future VR Jams!   Lets build are own metaVerse...

oh...didnt realize the power was off for it.  I thought the red color was for the key not being inserted i will give it another go!

Cool Concept Iike the style, a labrinth is a great idea for escape! would be cool to have some of the dead ends be false clip doors, the corridors felt a little long in distance between things. I got motion sick in the 3rd hallway and didnt get threw it, ill give it another try later.  a unique Ideah!

Fun game! loved the interaction, and the 2d game was killer.  I really like the aspect of mixing the color codes with number codes the double layer adds satisfaction and progression. like the turtle easter egg. I encountered the same problem one time with my hands dissapearing when putting the vr headset in my belt. rad game though.

Very Cool! man this was like being transported into a mid 90's point and click puzzle game but in VR the puzzles where fun and the style was great,  some stuffy or creepy  music playing would be very imersive for this maybe some old timey talking on the radio there is some great things over on really liked this one!

Good on you man for using all your own stuff.  I imagine its very hard to pull off solo in a game jam.  but when available assets can be a great way to get something prototyped then, you can spend your time pollishing the gameplay.  i was limited on time and spent too much time on visuals and now mine has no gameplay :|  keep on it!

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Dig the retro color and aspect of the game.  I had the hots for Carmen Sandiego as a kid.  I agree with others some having to sort threw, or try different items would be cool.  the only bug I encountered was if i didn't place the item right in the blue square it wouldn't snap and would fall threw the floor.  maybe increasing the snap distance a tiny bit on the wall and adding in a larger floor collider that goes past the wall would help prevent this so you could pick the item up and try again other than that one thing it worked flawlessly. very good!

Saw your comment down lower about the puzzles and i agree Some indicator would be cool maybe a small noise when the items are picked up to indicate importance? 

Cool Environment! I love how the stylized fantasy looks in VR very immersive like being in a dragon lance book.  would be cool to climb the tower and solve some puzzles in it.  same bug here that threw me way up in the sky.  I experienced that in my game when my rigid body would collide with the hand objects? maybe something similar either way great looking environment!

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Great Game! its well polished and has a little of all the elements of a game, well done.  it took a second to figure out how not to drowned.  lol but I got that last key.  first game i played that played all the way threw without any bugs. impressively polished and functioning!

Sweet Mechanics I dig swimming around, it was very relaxing,  but i really like the concept of how to swim with flippers, super unique.  I figured out the nemo hint for were to go and i saw the rocks but it didn't click I had not seen the movie in so long. lol either way great concept the swimming mechanic was spot on. I spent a decent amount of time perfecting my stroke to go as fast as possible. Fun.

I dig the intro,  and the audio sounds great.  the fetus's were pretty funny, but the same as others in that i didn't figure out how to escape.  I think a little more polish on the textures would go along way for the look and cohesion. the concept was very unique and interesting.

Great atmosphere,  I was creep-ed out right away.  The camera at the kids point of view was cool, I really liked that part.  the only thing for me is the key card did not interact with the lock to let me in the basement?  and my only suggestion was parts being a little too dark as i could not see the counter tops, leaving me grasping in the dark thinking i might be missing something on those dark counter tops.  but cool game the vibe had me creep-ed out good Job!

oh yeah the UI is a free asset! from the unity store I stumbled on it and thought it would fit right in the design its called VR HUD by Sterile Future.  it seems to be made from animated UI layers that are grouped onto the main camera.  its very customizable you should check it out for you projects!

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thank you very much, I'm an animation student and am learning coding this semester.  I'm stoked to be learning how to  make the game end and even more stoked to have found justins VR videos opening the door for me to VR Dev. learning.  yeah the HUD is sweet its actually a free asset! on the Unity store called VR HUD by Sterile Future and seems to be very customizable. anyway thanks for the comments!

thank you so much! design is what I like. I noticed the bug 5 minutes after submiting... will be the first fix after judging.  thanks for the suggestion, screenshots up.

thanks lol yeah its bare bones, but i did figure out after i submited the game that the hatch to the space station by the space suites has no colliders so you can go right threw the door to fly around in space! lol