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I'll have a Post-Jam version out which should hopefully be more fun for people.

I had A* working  during the Jam. I'm reworking the scenarios a bit to see if I can keep the levels interesting/interactive/fun even with the new AI

In a lot of ways this helped drive home a bunch of ideas on game design.

One idea that I've had after the fact would be to have parts of the enemy army trigger individually (effectively "cheating") - I definitely didn't have time to work that one out during the game. The current version of the AI uses the same controls as the player.

I really do want to keep iterating on some of the ideas in the game (either as later post-Jam iterations or in future games)

By the way - thanks for the feedback!

I actually have a version that uses it, I kinda wish I'd left the button that toggles it enabled. 

The post-Jam version will have it because it's interesting to compare.

A* ends up being *too* good. As-is the only real challenge in the game is routing your troops and getting the AI troops stuck on obstacles.
With A* that goes away and the game becomes practically non-interactive.

I think with more troop and level balancing and/or some other mechanics, it wouldn't be so disruptive

This is terrific, great work!

This is really cool! I do wish the text appeared faster (or I could click to get it all)

I love the strange Alice in Wonderland quality this has, and your solution for allowing us to climb was brilliant.

I do wish there was a bit more strategy (blowing up the terrain was super satisfying and I want to do it more!)  and clarity about what happens at the end (I think I won when I got super huge?)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Really creative!

I agree, this feels like an awesome mobile game

This is terrific


This is really cool!

There's a preset in Godot for pixel art

I think you know most of this but being super detailed for anyone else:

  1. After importing your image, click on it in the resource list (in the bottom left part of the screen)
  2. On the top left choose the Import tab (it's right next to the Scene tab)
  3. Click on "Preset"
  4. Choose "2D Pixel"
  5. Click "Reimport"
  6. The image should no longer be blurry
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

This is such a beautiful concept for a game and you've executed on that concept wonderfully. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry about the text, most of it got added right at the end

I'm already working on a post-Jam version which cleans a bunch of things like that up. The text size should probably be bigger, and I should be using a backdrop behind the text since there are spots where it's super hard to read. 
There's some layering bugs that make it all worse too.

Thank you!

This is terrific - I loved Advance Wars and this captured the feeling really well.

Great work, this is a terrific jam game. Really great use of visuals and the core gameplay is neat.

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I just re-exported the HTML5 version with some tweaked settings, and have verified that I was able to play through it on itch with no freezes or crashes (used it to get the screenshots) with Chrome

Thanks for giving the game a try!

Sorry, the html5 export from Godot can be a bit flaky, the OS specific versions should run better (though to be fair I've only tested it on OSX)

I used this as an opportunity to learn Godot. I'm quite impressed with how great it was to use. 

The shooting is quite satisfying

The flight movement is really satisfying