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Pretty fun, it freezes a lot though in browser

These are really nice, id love some Mouse button ones too! I love your style

Sweet! Glad to hear!
I'll update this page with a newer public demo later this year probably

I rate this 5/5 because i worked on it with you all

I'll try and include the prereq installer with the build, although it should be included? Odd
Ty for letting me know

its so good

This is awesome! I do think the mario approximation is a bit off :P

very funny, love it

Very stylish game, in love with the aesthetic
I think making the player switch between the cleaners on the boss fight would have been better. It seems like the game is trivial once you realize whats going on

It's alright, but this demonstrates the importance of getting friends or family to test the game first. :P

It's very difficult, the controls are almost there, but not quite.
Reminds me of diddykong racing a bit, i could see this developed a bit more for that extra layer of polish~

Just wanted to say the next update (coming out 01/28/2021)
has splitscreen support <3

so fucn good

It cannot, but I'll consider adding that as a feature!


the new itch page design is a banger
game is dope too ;p

Pretty good!
Some of the levels fall into that puzzle game trap of having only 1 solution, so if you've made a mistake you have to redo the steps again.

They get a bigger cut here. Valve takes 30%, itch takes around 10%

Sux that people instantly revert to steam. They get less money from sales there. But, they could sell a steam key on here..

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don't buy this blatant asset flip. should be smart enough to not promote stuff like this.

Congrats on top 3!

Solid entry! not bad!

I think the bugs hurt this game the most, getting the sheep stuck in the walls after a car hits them, or the odd acceleration on sheep in general.

Thanks for participating!!

so freaking good

my only complaint is the lack of checkpoints, makes the levels really unforgiving. (level 10 specifically)

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Love this one, my only big complaint is the camera is a bit too close-up
I would love to see more of the level!

The different spells are awesome, i love the variation.

EDIT: I revisited the game off stream since I missed the tutorial text ( I was so preoccupied with keeping the cranes up)
Really nice game.

All the gameplay mechanics are there, the levels are just sorta boring.

I would love to see a trials-style game where the terrain is more detailed, and have the wind play a greater roll.

nice work

We've already had one, anything developed outside the 2 week period will be instantly removed.
If you aren't trying to break the rules, you have nothing to worry about!



This is just so I can send the split winnings to each team member! If you're solo you can ignore this. Cheers~

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I will be announcing the theme in discord on Friday Oct 25th.

much progress, big promise

Thank you, there's some stuff in there that is consistent with other feedback that I'm going to be focusing on.
(ADS side swapping for instance)
The door is indeed fucked, its one of the first blueprints I made, sorta forgot about it...
Again thank you for playing, the feedback is very much appreciated, and I'll be working on it more!

very true! it might have been too rocky to even release this demo as is
The gameplay has a lot of room to grow

Its fun, but I believe i lose to RNG of the level generation most of the time.
Sometimes i get a good level and its super easy, and other times its "impossible"

I think if you had designed the level, this problem could have been avoided.

I love it! I think i know what it's about, but I'll leave that for you to decide rather than my interpretation

The only thing I didn't like about it, is I felt like there was only 1 solution, and if you messed up you had to restart.. But the concept is really good.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it

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I'll give it a go again, maybe it was some super rare bug? my volcano timer was going so fast even directly from the start.
EDIT: managed to do it this time!
Turns out it wasn't a bug, it was just me not understanding the pace of the game. Are the Human spawn timers from the houses randomized?
If so, I think thats a bad idea because I had 10 houses and never got a human.

I loved your game, and I updated my review after I beat it!!!