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Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it

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I'll give it a go again, maybe it was some super rare bug? my volcano timer was going so fast even directly from the start.
EDIT: managed to do it this time!
Turns out it wasn't a bug, it was just me not understanding the pace of the game. Are the Human spawn timers from the houses randomized?
If so, I think thats a bad idea because I had 10 houses and never got a human.

I loved your game, and I updated my review after I beat it!!!

Is it just me, or is this game impossible?
I cannot progress no matter how i start out? Is the rate at which you gather stuff bugged?

AMAZING game man.

There's a bug if you *click* the warren card, then retreat to your hand with *S* you will still draw the Rabbit cards.

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For those having camera issues, I HIGHLY recommend a controller if you have one. Any Xinput controller works.

For those without, please click the game window to TOGGLE the cursor lock.

It's pretty good! Once i figured out the optimal amount of coinage to sacrifice haha.
The sound effects are great and funny!

that treetop level skip on level 2 was pretty fun to discover!
very nice game

if this works as well as it sounds, this is amazing.

Circumciser's dagger of the Flying Foe