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Exactly what it says in the question, I have an idea for a game but the grid-based aspect doesn't quite fit.

Am I able to skip this design aspect or is it necessary?

Thank you so much!

Yeah, the game has a lot of flaws... I overscoped way too much considering the short deadline.

Still, I hope you at least enjoyed a bit of it :p


Honesty, I think letting them paint your garden in "yellow" would be a better idea than making your lawn a pool of blood :p

But damn, that gun though... So, so juicy. Loved how good it felt to shoot with it!

I'm all for "dark" games like these, really nice interpretation of the theme!

Very interesting game!

By the way, you should really make a full FPS. 

The shaders, the polish, the simplicity...

Its such a nice game! I think I'll probably play it in the future trying to beat my highscore (4 walls down so far)

It really reminded my of leathal league blaze but in 3D but with it's own identity.

Loved how you really didn't need to but you still added that animation when you move (idk exactly how it's called)

So yeah, you did a great job with this game ^^

I want cloackgiving goblin to be a reacorring character in your next games. Best NPC by far haha

But seriosly, the game was very neat!

The pixel art is very small but it has a lot of detail. The animation when you hide is really smooth!

The gameplay was fun but a bit too hard for me. I think the jump felt a bit too floaty and some bats were a total pain to deal with due to how they were positioned.

The story and characters were simple but really lovable. (I wasn't joking about my first statement :D)

The music was really nice. Dream-like in a way.

Overall, it was a nice experience! Good job ^^


but still pretty good!

First of all, 3D with pixel art is something that needs to be explored in more games, I think this game has the best visuals I've seen so far in the jam :D


The caged girl was a "nice" surprise. At first she killed me near her jail so I thought "I'm just gonna leave you there, then". After that I realized there's a hidden button on a wall. Very good idea to make all the small walls around that area, managed to dodge her just in time.And then there are cockroaches which are the most annying thing in existance (both in this game and irl :p). I stopped there tho; from what I've seen in the screenshots the next level had a dragon or a demon, kind of sad I didn't see it in game.

Anyway, as I said the game was very good and I enjoyed it a lot! Good job, Dabt!

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It's so simple, yet so good!

The gameplay was very fun, it had a lot of polishing and it looks very neat (I love how far away the camera is/how small the player is although I have a QHD monitor, so I had to go closer to it than I would've want to apprecient the sprite animation of the player haha)

A common theme I saw through the jam was how many games would work very well if they got an update or a remake, basically making in into a "full" experience (it kinda is already but I hope you understand what I mean)

So yeah, I really enjoyed it! Keep it up ^^

Edit: PLEASE fix the "bouncy aura thingys" it makes it way more complicated than it has to be :D

The concept is very interesting and the building aspect of it very fun!

(I managed to break it by building a lot of generators, tho :p)

I would really like to see what you could do with more time available, so if you decide to update/remake this game in the future I would love to try it out! ^^

It's so polished and so fun!

At first I was wondering where, you know, the crow was? And out of nowhere you get into a chase sequence and have to collect all the candles.

It really reminded me of a certain section in Celeste, I'm curios if that was an inspiration.

THE SOUND EFFECTS (and music): that reverb on them made them feel so much more impactful and juicy. The songs were also very catchy!

The pixel art was also really good (I also like the palette a lot) and the added lights made it pop off even more.

Overall it was a really good game and you did an amazing job considering the deadline!

OMG, this game was seriously impressive!

Loved the amount of polish it had. From the faint glow at the monitor, how eveything you could click on had the right amount of feedback, the game over screen having that light transition... very neat!

The pixel art was also gorgeous and the little jokes around the pc (or sending random stuff in the email) were a nice touch.

The gameplay was also fun and (very) chaotic : D

Oh, and it also has cats. 10/10 <3

Thank you for playing! ^^I

I'm glad you like the art :D

This comment made all the frustration I had with this project worth it!

I should apologize for the bugs. I didn't have the time to properly playtest it.

There was also I huge amount of content missing: different entities (Most of the cells were supposed to be filled but in really the second floor only had 2 and a lot of empy space), a lot of lore and behaivors were added (and scrapped due to how the FOU system was implemented :/), a lot of survival aspects (the health and sanity bar don't really due anything), the endings were just a couple of lines (I had a lot more script for them) and many other.

Despite this, I'm so glad you enjoyed my game. Your words made my day so much better (and maybe even my week :D). Thank you so much!

I will remake this game. This time giving it the time that it needs.

First, thank you for playing my game! ^^

Yeah, I really overscoped when I was planning this game. Basically you were supposed to have mental and physical stats (the bars in the top right that go unused) but I really didn't have any time for those. The "endings" were added only in the last 9 minutes before the jam ended. Not only that, but a TON of content besides those mentioned went unused.

I will remake this game in the future; I can guarantee that.

I'm really glad that despite all of the problems, at least the atmosphere was on point :)

So simple yet so good!

I'm not a fan of puzzle games (especially tile matching ones) but this one was really fun!

I would love to see more levels in the future

Thank you! 

The atmosphere was the main focus of the game, so I'm really glad you like it!

About the music: It falls under the creative commons 3.0 license.  Despite this, if the artist has any problem with the me using their song, I'll definetly remove it. (Now that I look at it do have to include this link to the itch page so thanks for pointing that out :D )

Really like it!
It was fun to see the "twist" of the game and the level design made it even better!

I think the only complain is that the movement feels aa bit slippery but I think there should be ice on the ground so it fits I guess :D

ayooo, I tried the last account you've sent me and it didn't work
any discord servers or other things where I can add you?


sorry but i didn't have time to make an actual tutorial still thanks for playing ^^

i really didn't have time to make a tutorial sorry

Very nice puzzle game! It would have been so funny to actually add Billie's song but copyright. Anyway very cool entry liked it a lot!

thank you! I might make it an actual game instead of a 1 min thingy :D

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even 3 stars is amazing thanks! ( It was made in 3 hours so obviously wasn't a good game :p )

idk just checking you guys out

random = funny right?

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Ok so let's start from the beginning. Games are made out of pixels, pixels are tiny squares that have a value for things like hue, brightness, alpha etc. A thing that most people don't know is that every game is a 3D game the onlt difference between classic 3D games and "2D games" is the camera. That's what makes a game "2D". Now, with that information, if I make a square out of 16 pixels and then change the camera the square will became a cube right? (assuming we also give the square some depth obviously). So now, what stops me from multiplying the pixels and scaling the graphics on and on until we make a cube out of let's say 2000 x 2000 x 2000? Because it's still pixel art, just scaled and yet it won't look like pixel art. Hmmmm time to make Fortnite 2 for this jam boys!

TLTR: By scaling pixels it's technically still considered pixel art even if the sprite is bigger than 32, 64, 128, 512 etc.

That was a very cool game! Nice job ^^

Minimal wage labor was never so fun! Waiting for Move Tech 10000!

The game is so polished it's really amazing! The little stuff like slow motion when near an enemy makes this game so much more enjoyable! Congrats dude really cool!

thank you so much for the kind words <3

It's ok, thanks for the rating tho!

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it was a little inspired by touhou hehe

 thank you!

the game was very good and the theme was on point. i really liked the way you enter houses. I think you should zoom out the camera (it was kind of hard to navigate) besides that it was very nice!

btw would you like to also try my game? thanks ^^

The story was really amazing! Just a bit of more polish would have been great. Still amazing ^^

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THE AESTHETICSSSSS OMG SO GOOD AND THE SOUNDS AHHH I JUST LOVE IT. Such a solid entry! Nicely done SoupCream, nicely done! ^^

(can you also try my game? I still only have 12 ratings, thanks ^^)

The game was actually very fun! I liked the run and dash abilities and the fact that the scientist lied to you pretty much about everything. Nicely done! (the only problems I have with this is that the difficulty is way to high and the save system is pretty bad and will need a rework) besides that is amazing! Hope you continue it!

I'm so happy you liked it ^^

The gameplay was very good but the physics  were a little too sensitive (the boxes kept on going even at low speeds) 


The plot twist was pretty neat, when i saw the atomic sign i realized what was going on  (I will miss earth tho :(   )     :))

Solid game! Nicely done!

(btw i know it's trashy but can you also check my submission out? thanks ^^)

really enjoyed this one! The fact that you had to go on your own path instead of the one given to you (even tho you just do the opposite of what you're told :p) was very fun! The ending felt anti climatic tho. Still it was a nice experience good job! (btw i know it's trashy but can you also rate my game? thanks ^^)