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Use the scroll wheel on your mouse. I forgot to put that in the instructions lol. Hope this helps!

Towers in the shop or towers you've already built?

Dang it, I always forget about that Linux case-sensitive stuff. Thanks for pointing that out!

Ah! My bad. I read your Twitter handle next to your name as two people.

Cool game! I liked the graphics, the color schemes were cool and I liked your particular drawing style. The game was difficult at points as it seemed I was barely making it onto platforms when I jumped. I liked how you fit the game into the prompt in a really interesting way as well. Good job!

Awesome game! I like how much detail you put into the graphics, it paid off nicely. The only real issue I had was that it was a little hard to control the wall-jumping monkey. Other than that, the game mechanics worked great. Good job!

Ah, darn it! Looking back at the code, I thought I had fixed that bug. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'll fix it in a post-jam update.

Thanks for the comment!

Those darn rocket fish! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the review! I did not balance that one enemy well, and that's my bad. I thought the larger hitbox made up for its speed but apparently not (If you're referring to what I think you're referring to). I also thought the same way about the bullets, probably will add some sort of compression or volume control on that front, it did get a bit annoying and overly loud...

Ah, that makes sense.

You don't really sound impressed but OK. I decided to keep the enemies from getting stuck on corners on purpose. I thought it would be a good splash of randomness into enemy waves. It's the one and only time I've ever thought a bug would be fine as a feature. About the tower aiming and field stuff, I totally agree. Didn't really have enough time to balance those specific aspects of it.

Been getting a lot of less harshly critical comments so I'm glad you said something. Thanks.

Awesome game! I loved the simplicity of the graphics and the audio backing it, I thought it created a cool laid-back atmosphere. I liked the concept as well, I thought that was very nice too. Overall great game! Nice job!

Cool game! I liked the music you put in, it seemed very nice and fitting. I wish there was more map space and buildings to make, I think that would make the game a lot more fun (don't worry though, it already was pretty fun to begin with). I how you displayed each building's effects and how to get them as well. Overall pretty cool. Good job!

Cool game! I loved the music, it seemed pretty interesting and had a cool progression. Animations were pretty cool as well. Overall pretty good game. Nice job!

Cool game! It was kind of difficult to figure out how to ball up energy, it ended up me being not holding the key long enough. The graphics were awesome, and the music and sound effects matched it very nicely to make a cohesive wintery atmosphere. Nice job!

Wow! Amazing Game! I loved how clever the mechanics were. You guys are also the first people I've seen do a nearly perfect job when it came to audio. I know you ran out of time, and I understand, but I'd love to see this game expanded later. It's awesome. Great job guys!

Really fun game! It seemed like a cool spin on Risk where unhappiness and rebellions factor in, I thought that part of the game was super creative and neat. I liked how simple the game design was and how easy it was to quickly understand what was going on. The only minor issue I had with this game was that I thought that the numbers on the tiles meant the amount of manpower each tile had, and then I figured out that wasn't the case and it was the player number, which was a little confusing at first. Other than that minuscule detail, great job! You seemed to have put a lot of thought and effort in, bravo!

Ah!!! You're right, I did forget about it in How to Play. Thanks for the play!

Cool game! Love the early 90's aesthetic the graphics gave off. Whether or not you were aiming for that, I thought it was pretty unique and cool. The different densities and types of generated maps were super cool! I think I spent a lot of time just messing around with that. Nice job! A game to be proud of.

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Unfortunately, to my knowledge, my Game Engine does not have a built-in WebGL compiler. However, I have been looking around the web and have found one, and I hope I can port this and future games for that onto the web. I also wanted to compose more but didn't have much time, so I put it off until the essential things were finished. Thanks again for the review!

Cool game! I liked the ambition you had to add a storyline, thought that was pretty neat. The music choice added to the atmosphere really well! However, I did come across one bug where the ball could glitch through the wall and the dog would move off-screen and never come back. Other than that, great job!

Cool concept! The blob was really hard to control, and the mouse was inverted, but I was still able to complete all the levels nevertheless. I liked that your how-to play screen was short and to the point. Nice job!

Thanks! Also, you can open the instructions in the pause menu (Escape Key). I did think about that and I tried to plan accordingly.

Cool game! In terms of the mechanic and concept it reminded me of Fireboy and Watergirl, but just done in a really clever way. I liked how you linked the movements of each, thought that was neat. Graphic Polish was pretty good as well. Nice job!

Spooky! Loved the ambience and the vibe it gave off, and it was well juxtaposed with the graphics. Figuring out what was an enemy and what wasn't was hard at first, I kinda just saw blue and thought it was more stuff to pickup, I figured it out real quick though. Nice job!

What a cool concept! I love the way you executed it as well, the mechanics are beautifully simple and easy to get the hang of. Would've loved to hear some SFX or music, I think it could've contributed to the atmosphere of the game very well. Nevertheless, I loved the atmosphere of it anyways as the graphics and animations were great! Awesome job!

(oh and it was also cool to see another game with slimes like mine, slime gang :D)

Nice game! I liked the way you fit it into the theme. The graphics were really good too.

Thanks! Glad you liked the music, I think I spent a little bit more time composing and overanalyzing it than I should have, but I guess that worked out well.

Lol, thanks for the play!

Thank you for the feedback! It is a little fast-paced, I had problems with that when play-testing it but I didn't have much time to fix it.

Bruh indeed

Ohhhhh I see how it works now, that's a clever level design!

I had that problem too while playtesting it, I think I may either need to decrease the horizontal resolution to make it more navigatable, make the player faster, or re-do the obstacles (the latter of which will most definetly happen soon, because my god are they bad).

Amazing game! The audio and visual elements were very cohesive and made the game feel very polished. It was a really interesting concept that fit the theme well. I am very bad at the game but I still enjoyed it a whole lot. Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! It's looking like everyone's not that good at the game by looking at the comments, as I didn't fine tune a lot of the patterns and obstacles to be reasonably difficult. Glad you liked it!

Loved this game! I can't express enough how cool I thought your game idea was, and I found it to be cooler and cooler as I progressed through the game. It was a really fun and thought-provoking game, I was hooked into if after playing a couple levels. The combination of dexterity and thinking ahead made the game really interesting and engaging to play, I had a blast with it. It fits the theme very well, no complaints there. The graphics could have been a little bit more polished or detailed, but the idea is there and it makes sense. Music was pretty nice although I didn't hear many SFX. Great job!

Pretty neat game. The graphics were AMAZING, I wish I could make art that well. Game could've used a bit more sound effects, like maybe a bell or something for when customers came in and like a grunt sound when they got pissed off and left. Music would also be nice. I loved the concept, it fits the theme and is pretty unique. The game started out a little slow but then got faster-paced and got really fun. Really nice job!

Awesome game! I loved the concept and found the game to be fun and challenging, though not too difficult. The graphics were a little bit minimalistic, but it looked very sleek. I liked the music you chose too, it had a nice progression to it. Overall great game, good job!