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Very swag. But the duck timer being 20 seconds makes it hard to tell how much I need to squish the duck.

That was fun to explore. I like the message at the end too, working with the limited pixels made for a funny messag

Thanks! I kinda goes on forever so I understand not being able to escape the infinite level.

Hey, you don't have comments enabled and I don't see a lot of other posts about the game so I'm just gonna use this to leave a comment on the game.

This is amazing. One of my favorite games on this site, ever. I could go on and on about how much I love all these little design choices you made but it's just well generated levels and a solid move set to move and climb around with and the powerups are nuts (sticky breath + quick breath kinda lets you make super fast pillars to climb) and it's tons of fun. Thank you for making this.

Uhhhhh yeah I think I have an idea for that - I'm gonna put a prompt for the player to pause the game with escape (or select for controllers) at the start and just always have the controls in the pause menu

Yeah I've put my focus on another project and kinda forgot to fix this, I'll release a patched version tomorrow with better controller support and a few quality of life changes

Thank you! The bar is meant to be a 'combo meter' where you get gems and boost your score, and with a higher multiplier you deal more damage, have a bigger fist and get a higher score per gem collected. The things that chase you should spawn about half way down the level versus the normal enemies. And progression would probably be a good thing too, I just made the game pretty simple for its original jam implementation.

Much appreciated feedback! It's meant to be trippy but yeah, maybe the continuous strange visuals when you're playing a game and need to concentrate on things is a bad thing. I also made it so that if you lose you only get 10% of your score, so that's something not well explained and I see the issue. And making the meter darker would probably fix that issue, one I agree with.

Very swag!

Very swag!

This was so fun, for so many reasons. I liked the introduction cutscene bits to new game stuff, that was cool with the snakes and the gun (about as far as I got). I always love the kinda games with an environment that all matters to what you're doing and the cowboys shooting each other and the grass and all that are so cool. Plus it looks perfect. No delay in

Very swag!

Sticking arrows in still and moving objects were pretty interesting to see, very fun to climb up walls! The retro tv effect was super cool too, didn't expect to see that. The game doesn't load in on correctly adjusted settings on my computer though, like you can see the edges of the game engine in=browser.

Very swag!

I just meant the file saying "New S***", that was just funny to see. And yeah I imagined the dice were later on, just didn't find the way to them.

Very fulfilling game - had an actual ending, important choices with the fears and stuff, and some interesting ways in which buying the die affected the game. It felt great when I thought I died but you just lost a die, very pleasing surprise to not restart everything.

I am jealous of how well put together this is - probably the shortest and most complete game I've experienced in this jam

Very fun

I was in fact trolled. Really enjoyed the graphics and sounds a lot though - never saw the dice, but this game definitely hit the theme of dread

Also, found you could just look around in a lot of the media files, and I thought that one of the zipped file you left behind had a pretty funny name

Simple solid stuff. Wish that it was easier to jump off of the hexagons though - I felt like I could only jump off one of them after I hit it right way.

I can't say I felt like I was in full control all the time. There were a few annoyances like rapid dashing into a ghost you couldn't see, or having to rerun levels to understand when to wait for a ghost placed to catch you if you run straight, and the dice theme itself felt like "ah man, I got a x2, I don't think it's worth trying"

But it was engaging, having to learn the levels, and the theme of "dread" was present in the ghosts forcing you to run fast.

I thought it was visually strong, especially with the interesting changing between dimensions with the die. I felt like trying to pull boxes and jump next to corners was a smidge buggy, but it primarily added to the dread of that spider thing coming at you over actually being annoying.

Captures the idea of dread, that's for sure.

Great art and a cool twist with the idea of "snake eyes" being a *dreadful* occurrence. Just kinda fun running around swatting bat creatures, making sure you watch your attack distance.

Really fun game in addition to cool pixel graphics and some satisfying sound effects! Only real criticism is that it's a bit short and after reaching the end I felt like there wasn't much of a reason to replay. But the time I spent playing was worth it!

Absolute joy to run through with the different enemies and their increasing number and speed. Simple random levels with interesting enemies and the meaningful bonus of a map you could find. Actually fun to play and a personal favorite!

I do think that, because it eventually gets to a point where you cannot avoid damage (like, level 15 enemies and higher sometimes seem like inevitable damage), having an end goal or boss or something MIGHT be cool... but then again random dice rolls make every situation a possible win and race against your luck.

I thought the complex ways you used the dice rolls made what dice you picked pretty flavorful. Stocking up on certain dice let me play different ways, like healing through damage or getting double resources with mostly bone dice. I do think the fact that everything resets after each battle makes the game more of "just roll until you get the resources to win", unless you're calculating all the tiny differences in odds with the dice and reckless rolls and all that. I think if, for example, health persisted, you would sometimes have the question of "do I defeat it or do I roll to get more blood and heal?" or something like that would be neat.

I love the game, great use of die! But I do think that, with the purple slime, you're very aware that there is a limited amount of time to properly orient yourself. I found that there were only a limited number of ways to roll with the slime timer, and that you could randomly test a few ideas. I did have to think through many of the puzzles though, especially the one where you circle around and need to land on a six. The sound effects were awesome too - right off the bat just clicking around felt awesome, as simple as it was.

I couldn't find that particular problem on my computer, but that really sucks! Thanks for the heads up that people can have that problem, sorry about that.

Very swag!

There should be a download section at the bottom of the screen and that should have a zip file. The .exe inside should run but let me know if that doesn't work (again kinda incomplete).