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Bow BoyView game page

Climb a mountain and shoot a bow
Submitted by Duck In A Top Hat Games — 3 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphical Presentation#133.6473.647
Era "Feel"#153.5293.529
Audio Design#183.0593.059

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very swag!

Sticking arrows in still and moving objects were pretty interesting to see, very fun to climb up walls! The retro tv effect was super cool too, didn't expect to see that. The game doesn't load in on correctly adjusted settings on my computer though, like you can see the edges of the game engine in=browser.

A couple things stood at as being not really in line with the "feel" of the era - the flags and the music/sound effects. Overall a pretty good homage to Kid Icarus, slap a few enemies in the earlier parts to increase the challenge and it would be a more complete package.


This game is fantastic, really cool concept and you do a lot of interesting things with it. With slightly more comfortable controls (space/enter/arrow keys made my hands cramped lol) I would have played many more levels of this.

Love the CRT filter presentation, the vertical format screen made me feel like it was an old arcade cabinet or something. The music stopped randomly for me around level 3 and never came back, and I managed to get trapped inside a wall once (that's what the reset key is for haha).

Overall this is a really cool and creative entry, great job


I liked the game.

I found a bug, it’s possible to be trapped in the “secrete area” with hearts and coins if you shoot an arrow in the entrance direction. Since the arrows disappear after 3 shots, it isn’t a gamebreaking issue.


I had a lot of fun using the arrows to cheese the levels actually haha I probably spent the most time on this!


Oh wow, Thanks! There are definitely parts that can be super cheesed by abusing certain mechanics. Like, right after I uploaded, I realized there was a bug that gives you infinite jumps if you shoot an arrow at any point in the jump before you fall. But I already uploaded so there wasn't much I could do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I don't even wanna patch that out tbh because it just seems like a cool mechanics exploit. 


I really loved the Kid Icarus vibe ! It was  fun I loved it ! :D

My only complain is about the music that stopped at some point (too bad cause it is really nice !) and the jumping sound effect that is a bit irritating in the end, but it didn't spoil my pleasure doing it ! Congrats ! ^^


Thanks! Yeah, I forgot to loop the music and I feel real sad about that. Once I can edit again, I'm gonna post a patch to fix that. The jump SE does get repetitive after awhile too, so maybe I can do a random SE every jump, or just change the effect so it's better. Either way, that's another easy fix when I can edit the game again.


Your idea of arrow usage is very creative! 

The graphics and the music are awsome to. I think the mechanic of this game is one of the bestis of this jam. 

Maybe put the arrow key in another key works better XD. I think control the movment with the arrows key and the bow with enter key turns the shoot less precise.  But i can finish this game with this configuration with no much problem too. 

Congrats for the great game! I realy have very fun! 


Yeah, there was probably a better configuration of buttons to use for controls. I'm used to wasd to move, so that's just what I default to when making games, but arrows to move, z to shoot, and c to jump or something like that would probably have been better. I didn't really notice because I was using mouse to jump / shoot while testing. Will probably make a patch later to add in more controls.


I love the idea of using the arrows to create platforms for yourself, and I think you make good use of that concept in your level design. The controls are quick and responsive- it's really fun to play, and the CRT filter accentuates the retro feel nicely. Super solid, and the icing on the cake was the nod to bad NES end-screens. Awesome :)


Thanks! The last jam I did, I got torn apart for my controls being too slippery. I spent the first day and a half for this jam just making sure the controls were actually good this time, so glad to hear that actually payed off!


This has Kid Icarus vibes written all over it, and I love it. These levels are thoughtfully designed around the character's inability to progress downwards from the camera's current point. Mixed with more physics-oriented platforming and the arrow properties, I like the direction this took. The colors are somewhere between game boy and NES, and the scan line filter works really well here. Well done and conglaturation!


Thanks for the nice words! The week before the jam started, I was rewatching old let's play's of Uprising and listening to the soundtrack on repeat (God, I would sell my soul for a new game in the series). I got the idea to do a Kid Icarus-like for this jam and everything just kinda fell into place. I even broke out my 3DS to play through the original again on virtual console for reference. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This was pretty good, and fits well with the theme.

My only complaints are that the music stopped playing at one point (and didn't resume), and I had some issues with sliding off my own arrows.


I forgot to make it loop, that's so sad. Whoops.