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Had a good chat with Horroko for about an hour driving in your game. The atmosphere is very chilly and non-distractive as the music is so. Thanks for that experience and move an with your idea.

I like the color composition and the music is very good.

Thanks, I gave my very best :D

Sorry, I cannot record, I am not a youtuber.

Nice idea, good looking, best cows!

I made it though, nice animation, I really like the backgrounds and that you put details like story into it. I cannot rate since I am not submitter, just a collaborator.

I did not get how the twist is connected, but I liked the simulation aspect of the game, there was pretty many bullets flying around. I also likes the whole setup and graphics. Is the sound self-made, pretty cool? The clouds were a good idea, they give some dynamic touch to it.

I most liked the graphics and the walking, it felt very smooth. Good complexity of puzzle for the game jam, I needed a few tries.

Yes now it works from the App, thanks. It’s a pretty nice game, I like the two chords and the colors of the game. It took some time to understand what the game is about and I am supposed to do, from the it was quite fun. The obstacles changed and with each iteration I made some progress which feels verys nice.

The idea with the delayed ghost is quite cool and allows some cool moves. I found it a bit too difficult, some health potions would be nice to power up.

The intro music is very cool. Also the top down view is a good selection fot that type of game and it looks very nice from simplicity and colors. The game looks like a puzzle, but I wasn’t able to make it and stopped after 10 tries. I guess you need to unlock all of those quests and doors, but the ways are partially very long and then time’s up and I have to restart.

Cannot install via app, can you tag the download with “windows”, this may work then.

Thanks for the hints, I update the geometry of the level to enfource the oringinally intended course.

I like the parallax effet and sfx. Some hints reagind controls would be nice, but finally I figured out and played a few obstacles. I stopped since the jumping and glueing on walls is not fun. Also time ghost and player figure seem both doing the toggle of a button. This makes it more difficult to stand in the right position and this in the end leads to a stop & go feeling which I do not prefer at jump n run games.

Anyway a good work and concept, congrats.

Not sure If I finally understood how it is supposed to work. I am a bit confused by the arrows on the ground, the timing and the stamina, not sure how that incorporates. A good thing is that the movement of the bots is same for each try to I at least could get through them by just going very fast, not caring about the rythm or stamina.

Anyway it a good game and is fun to play, nice work.

Thanks fro playing, next time I try to focus more on the player :D Actually I got lost in learning new stuff.

The entering of the player is cool, did not expect that detail, also graphics and color composition is very nicely done.

Very good, had fun playing it. Fits the limitation. Very engaging music (should be looped) In the end too man doors so I did not succeed, but I would consider myself now a speedrunner in this game.

I ran and rand, I ate pill for pill, but finally the game closed. I think they finally got me.

Those evil things are so evil, they get me every time.

100 points for the name and for the jumpscare when you hit a boar.

I like the style of the game.

I do not understand what to do, all rooms are empty.

Very cool game, reminds me of serious sam, cool style, music, player control feels overwhelming. Finally I got defeated when one of those guys pushed me through the ground under the map, cheaters.

The app was in windowed mode, I saw the menu screen then I did not see the mouse anymore, windows did not react to keyboard shortcuts even Taskmanager wasn’t working. Does the app write a logfile?

Unfourtuanely this game makkes my PC freeze.

Very solid work. Cool music, nice style, frog wears a cap. Maybe add some multiplayer mode.

I agree with the description, but it was anyway fun to play and I was surprised how big this game finally is. I finally did not understand what to do after the first elevator then I glitched to an island with 1 enemy, but no way back, the water killed me, also grappling along the grid line did not work - tried hard. I would suggest to put now the focus on making existing features solid and enance player guidance. Would be great to see some updates on this.

I like the art style of the dino! Not sure what the controls or constraints of this game is or how far I can go within, but when I read the comments I get the point. It’s a dino on an island.

I took a look at the robits for some time and tried to follow your imagination of making a game out of this scenario. Very interesting, keep up with this project and build on top of it.

This game reminds me pretty much of “pistol whip” I played in VR. Cool music and arts style.

It was fun to play and kick some villagers from the grid. I also found out I could fly,very nice to fly to the boss. At the boss somehow I missed how it works and found a retry+exit utton, but the mouse cursor was not showing up so I had to quit. The introduction was quite nice and some crazy arts showing, I like that style.

Pretty cool and complete game. I like the game is simple, but is playable (on my tablet browser) with a lot of level of increasing difficulty. Cool music, sweet sounds. Very good result for the time frame the jam.

Actually one trick is to just not press Ny control, then the heli stabilizes to the default position and also stops moving. I avoided damage since the control still was too clumsy. Thanks for the review and for playing.

Thanks for the compliment on my voice acting :) Would you have imagined that the engine sound is also recorded from voice?

Pretty cool game, the legs remind me of the game “sticky cats”.

Indeed this was also inspired after playing portal multiplayer, an awesome game with awesome puzzles. It’s actually difficult to find a game mechanic that’s similar to portal in terms of puzzle conplexity or finesse. I had the basic idea no gravity would bring some twist, but in this first attempt I could not find that unique mechanic that allows to create those amzing puzzles.

is the server down?