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Like I said, I played the web version, which drags the performance down either way and blocks the options menu, so sorry about that feedback! I use a GTX 1060 and Intel i5 (something) on Windows 10.

Nice game either way!

Thanks for the feedback! I actually planned it to work like that but couldn't do it correctly, maybe I'll add it in a future update.

Oh, that explains the audio, good to know! I didn't even realize that help button was there, but now that I tried it, it fades the game to a white overlay and nothing else. It may be the crashing overlay or the text and buttons now showing, which is unfortunate. (stating the same stuff in the game description would fix that issue though)

I also wanted to note that it's easier to win if you stay still in the center and not move, since a lot of movement kills you more quickly.

It's a good concept and not that badly implemented! I'm not gonna point out the obvious but what especially threw me off is that the particles you lose over time look the same as others, but cannot be recollected, which makes sense I suppose but was still confusing.

Nice concept! I feel like it kind of lacks the modifier implementation though.

Also, I think I broke the game every time I played so far. At some point, I started infinitely accelerating without even holding "up".

Neat game! A major issue for me was the flat background, when there was nothing but you on the screen, you couldn't tell whether or not you were moving, and with bots/players on screen it was just disorienting. The concept was relatively clear, yet a little explanation would have improved it a lot!

Like mentioned before, it was quite unclear what one should do. Once I got it though, quite a nice game!

I like the implementation of the magnetism, it was tricky to work with. The other bases and zones confused me though. As mentioned, the performance is buried under the graphics, especially in the itch embed, but it was still somewhat playable.

I like the concept, but it took me too long to understand that the glowing circles are the flies. Could have taken more telegraphing. I noticed the bots like to snipe you at spawn, which can be annoying at times.

And the RUN phase is kinda confusing but I like it!

Overall neat game, good graphics and extra points on the sound effects!

I see the concept, but it took me surprisingly long to understand what to do. My first instinct was actually to dodge the blobs, and because of the movement I died to the timer quickly. I think just a simple and clear explanation of the game would have helped a lot.

Also, the audio is kinda messed up, it randomly plays the shooting sound in the menu and stutters sounds constantly.

Good game so far, but a bit flawed here and there.

Oh, I'm sorry the game ran so badly! I didn't experience any similar issue so i wrongly assumed it should be fine. Will be fixed/improved in an update after the jam!

Amazing game. The sound design was incredible. Although, the ways of finding the generators were quite confusing and unclear and I struggled for a while before finding them pretty much by accident. It also seems like the links between rooms are messed up in the final area.

Thank you for the feedback! The rotating dots were indicating where your ball was, they had no gameplay effect at all.

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Fun Game, i like it!

Incredible! The controls were very difficult to get used to, but very innovative nonetheless!

I love the concept! It's currently a bit hard just because of the amount of servers and rats coming in.

Neat little game, thanks for this!

The visual and audio design was incredible for 6 days! I didn't quite see the theme, but it was a lot of fun to play!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to add a kind of practice mode featuring health (and other things) (as i said in other comments lol) and I will see about the score timer, maybe I will maybe I won't add it.

Also going to check out your game in a sec :D

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much! I'm definitely going to add more shapes.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! I plan to add a kind of practice mode later :)

Thanks for telling me, will be fixed!

The concept of instantly dying was chosen specifically, but I will add a "practice mode" in the future. (like other games, e.g. Geometry Dash do) Thanks for the feedback!

Very creative, I love it! The game was also very well made and I loved the concept!

Amazingly done! :O

Definetly going to add that in the future! :)

Do the games submitted have to be downloadable or can they be web-only games as well?

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If I had the time, I would definetly have added hints, warnings and a practice mode (with checkpoints and invulnerability), but I didn't, those will come in a futute update.

It feels like the game started to loop at some point in level 3, but up to that point i loved it! The concept is really interesting and I would love to see where this goes!

Probably the best game I've seen so far! I didn't get past the second "elevator ride" or what you'd call it, just because the turret's bullets bounced inside your space which were very difficult to avoid.

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The trick here was to get inside the spiral and rotate along with it the other way it is turning. I know this can be hard to do and even get to, and I will add hints and checkpoints in future updates.

Fun concept and great execution! However, I did not get the orbs and shields mechanic. I tried all three buttons and it didnt do anything useful. Would have liked an explanation/tutorial in-game.

You definetely took the theme "confined" to a new level. I cannot even get through the first wave. But I like the idea!

Like others said, the game looks great and the controls and mechanics are well made, but especially early in the game and when you just start out it is just way too busy and difficult to make a substantial amount of progress. (Although I did get to second place on the leaderboard by just running in circles)

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Oh yeah, i did not use any of those technologies and thought at first that "no Challenge" made that clear. I have edited it now!

(Also I don't remember seeing the note to 'only select when using these technologies' when submitting, so sorry about that)

Thank you very much!

Very well made! The sound design, the visuals, the gameplay, all was amazing! I would love to see this concept spread out into a larger game!

I like the sound design and how satisfying the player is to control, but the concept is not that well fit to the theme.