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This is a cool concept, I can see how it could end up being a bit too big for a month. I really like the Vangrolian rules, the concept of choosing between mutual support and advancing at the expense of another player is interesting. Would love to play more fleshed out versions of these games. Also sad I can't play Dinosaurs <3 Math. Nice works :D

Definitely spent more time "Dying trying" than anything else but still loved it. The art style is so unique, are the character sprites just masks on top of a background texture? I like how during the animations their textures sort of remain in position.   

Holy shit. This is as beautiful as it is copyright infringing. I finished the first level and got the yoyo and was already super impressed, then it kept going. My mind is blown at how well made this is. I haven't finished it yet but I'll definitely come back and tackle it when I have more time. Hats of to you and your team, this is one of the most impressive entries I've seen for any jam.

This was very cool. Good idea/play on the title, and the screen effects are great. I also love the implication that there might not even be an apocalypse, but this is someone that just is hanging out in their bunker XD

This was very surreal. Reminds me of Jazz Punk, and the character art is amazing.  Definitely one of the more memorable jam games I've played.

This was cool, pretty limited, but I know how difficult putting together a turn-based combat system can be so still impressive to do within the month. While trying to figure out the controls I took a bunch of hits and as a result went into the final fight with low health, and saw the same "purgatory" glitch as Majugi, but noticed that you can still play the above battle that continues after you die. Ended up beating the game in "ghost form" and actually thought it was pretty cool. One of those amazing glitches you only get to see from jams. Fantastic work, If you continue working on turn-based stuff I'd love to see more :D 

Just finished my first playthrough (#teambree!) Really enjoyed this, especially since I've recently realized that I quite like visual novels. Pfail pretty much summed up my feelings, but I'll add that I think it's impressive that even though the choices are the same for each character you can still get a real sense of who they are (or at least who you think they might be) from their answers. 

Really, really like that billboard sprite style combined with the hand drawn sprites. It really comes together with the simple low-poly environment. I would totally play a game in that style.     

Yes!! I'm so excited to play this :D

Well, due to a combination of a death in the family and some very hectic work weeks I haven't gotten much done at all besides a couple menus, and planning/design for the AI system, so I think I'm going to face reality and throw in the towel on getting a game in  before the deadline. This does mean, however, that I'm freely available if anyone would like some programmer assistance/support. I'll also still be helping with the jam and checking in on people's awesome projects and I'm excited to see/play everyone's final results! 

I was thinking 3D RTS. I already have the camera controls working, and the logic will all be 2D. It's just easier to use 3D so I can use simple 3D shapes as the units. 

Unfortunately I haven't put the time into this that I should have and I'm pretty far behind. I Have the basic "drone" design menu up and running and setting stats in a model that gets stored for later building, but I haven't done the gambit style stuff yet. I might have to cut a lot of corners to get something working, but the more I work on this the more opportunity I see. I might even keep building this out after the jam. 

This sounds super cool! You could try to hook up with an artist on the forums, I know there were a couple looking for jam partners . Good luck, and keep us updated on progress :D

Is that something you're working on? If so what engine, and hows it coming? If not you should totally go for it! :D

It was a tough call between this one and The New York Witcher, but I've always loved automated stuff in games so I think I can take this one in a cool direction. My plan is to build a semi-automated RTS that represents hacking. You set up FF12 Gambit style decision trees for your units, then build them and let them do their thing. I've always been better at the programming side of things than visual design/art or story so this idea works without an artist/writer. However if an errant artist or writer have cool ideas for an art style or a way to get a story into a game like this feel free to chime in :D 

This idea is a bit ambitious for a month, I should probably follow my own advice of keeping my pitch simple, but it's one I can't resist. I'll probably stream some of the development on Twitch  periodically if anyone wants to keep up. 

Sounds Cool! I don't have any experience with Ren'Py, but I'm decent with Python itself so feel free to hit me up if you need any general coding help :)

Holy crap that looks awesome! Is she just a billboarded sprite, and are the animations done in mecanim or outside Unity?  That's such a neat look, love your art style :D

Petrak is 100% correct :D

It's not a competitive jam so feel free to use pre-made stuff or stuff you have lying around as long as your entry fits the title you choose :) I'll update the rules to include that, good question!