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Only what kills you makes you stronger.
Submitted by pfail (@patricfallon) — 2 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Definitely spent more time "Dying trying" than anything else but still loved it. The art style is so unique, are the character sprites just masks on top of a background texture? I like how during the animations their textures sort of remain in position.   


Appreciate that, and thanks a bunch for giving it some effort. I think the systems I put in the game are maybe not as clear as they should be. Actually uploading a video now to shed some light on all that.

And yeah, those sprites are based on some textures I created and manipulated in Photoshop to create individual assets. I wanted the graphics to have a look of being visually connected with slight variations, so I made the shapes and colors as their defining characteristics. I thought is was a fun and simple visual effect to keep the textures static as the shapes moved within them. Really glad you enjoy the look!


I like the visual aesthetic a lot. To be honest, I'm much more interested in exploring this world than I am in fighting things in it.


Happy to hear the look of the world connected with you. I wasn't feeling so confident about it, but I'm beginning to thing it turned out to be this game's strongest asset. Gives me plenty to consider next time around!


Hey everyone! Just a heads up that there will be some balance updates coming this week for this prototype. Feel free to play the game as-is, but it's probably going to seem unbeatable at this point. 

PS. It's totally not unbeatable right now, but it is a bit unfair. I'll be fixing that ASAP.


Updates have been implemented! You can read more about it in detail on the game's page. :)