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This is nice.

One of the best appropriations of ads I've seen.

It's interesting that nonsense words can encourage more of a wandering nature in this format.

Did not realize that low resolution has become a heuristic for nearness.

I do enjoy the bloomy bending vector-geometry aesthethic you have here.

I like that the risk-reward is largely defined by over-reactivity.

I have never thought about how the rotating hourglass can be used as a symbol of no ability to make changes.

I ran into a bug where the narrator picture is covering up all the visual-novel choices at the end.

I enjoyed walking around the diorama and interviewing folks to figure out my identity.

I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the music and being able to play promiscuously.
I know some folks who feel betrayed when someone uses the term "spazzing", and I kinda doubt you want them to feel that way, so I figured I'd mention it. 

Looking forward to Kiss Upload if it is free.


I'd be interested in this being converted to WebGL.
To be honest I don't remember what it is, but apparently I liked it enough to put it into one of my collections.

quite nice

8.3, I'll take it.

I love how the character has an observation for so many objects and sections.

I enjoyed exploring.

This reminded me of a game I made a while back so it was neat to me to have a reason to go back and play it.

I love the colors and the flora and the fauna.

Thanks for playing. You made it to the end. Making the ending explicit didn't feel right when I was making the game even though I realize that it inconveniences and confuses the player. It was interesting for me to watch you play this game.

That took a turn.
Pretty creepy.

The little ghosts that pop out from behind things and giggle are so friggin cute.

I like how it kinda feels like a runner, but you have to chose doors which causes a lot of anxiety.

Pretty neat. I don't think I've played a horror-game with rooms that shuffle. It works well.

The Fresh-Maker can get so REAl sometimes.

There is a real hint at "belonging" and the chain of kindnesses that lead you to it.

"Haha het!  hehehehe"


I just love that wobbly green pole at the start of the game. 

I also enjoy how it feels kinda like when you start doing bumper-cars and are like "There isn't much to do besides build up speed and hit things and lean into my turns in anticipation." It captures that feel well for me.


I've been watching a lot of videos about developing compassion for all sentient beings lately. The visualization of just scrolling further and further out so that these arms can greedily include everyone is pretty novel and fun.


Peace for others

I'm good, thanks.

I think I won in three moves.

thanks for playing.

I enjoyed this. I've been meditating a lot and reading about wu wei and such, so I tended to think the game was going in that direction. But the critique of the heroes essentially being that they had emptied their personalities threw me for a loop since that is the type of thing I was expecting the sage to encourage!
Then it started reminding me of the film Booksmart because the moral seemed to be similar in a way, but the rhetoric of the game then went back towards some sort of "focus on yourself" message at the end.
This back and forth was interesting for me. It felt similar to the conversation, analysis and theorizing that has been going on with me over the past month or so.

I enjoyed this. It felt wholesome and I like the art for Mr. Shay a lot.

Possible bug?
Once I moved back into my old bedroom I could hear a new song start playing but the screen just remained black.

I may have had a hard time figuring out the controls. The only button I found to do something was the right-click to move the character around. So the game for me is walking this person around the cabin which contains some unlit firewood and a surreal looking wooden door in the middle of the room. I does have a bit of a horror vibe and I felt anxious walking around not being able to interact with anything but player-position. I did notice some marks on the wall. The experience was anxious and mossy.

Thanks for playing!

This format is neat. Now I'm wondering if I can accomplish what I want to accomplish with nothing more than parallax.

Nice sweater Dennis.

wonderful comparison.

Even though it feels contextually intimate, it felt relevant for me.

I like the fields of generality which form after seeing a bunch of iterations. It becomes not one day, but the common activities, places, and people which form a lifestyle.