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Submitted by mooglehat with 12 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline

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I like the stiffness of the entire thing. The way the character walks, the way the battle-screen has the same orientation regardless of which direction the enemy is on during the encounter, the battle-music, and the dialogue all feel rote and impersonal in their presentation. This makes it feel like some sort of ancient space-myth being acted out by young initiates every solar rotation without any understanding of the original epic event that they are honoring.


I was trying to make it a bit mysterious so I'm glad I got that across :). 


This was cool, pretty limited, but I know how difficult putting together a turn-based combat system can be so still impressive to do within the month. While trying to figure out the controls I took a bunch of hits and as a result went into the final fight with low health, and saw the same "purgatory" glitch as Majugi, but noticed that you can still play the above battle that continues after you die. Ended up beating the game in "ghost form" and actually thought it was pretty cool. One of those amazing glitches you only get to see from jams. Fantastic work, If you continue working on turn-based stuff I'd love to see more :D 


I'm glad you liked the turn based timing, I still need to fiddle with it some more so it's a bit more snappy. The purgatory bug obviously wasn't planned but it's cool that a few people liked it.


I like the idea of a bite-sized turn-based game. I'll take some strategy any way I can get it. I think this would benefit from some instructions in the game itself, as well as multiple action choices during the battles. 


Thanks! I was thinking of adding instructions in game but kind of ran out of time. 


Is the Windows version missing something? I can't get it to launch.


I'm going to put up a fix in about an hour . Godot's windows export is a bit buggy. 


Okay, please use the ddnoa_win7.exe in order to play. There will be a debug box but you can ignore that :)


ddnoa_win7.exe briefly shows the debug box but still doesn't launch the game for me. I tried ddnoa_32_v2.exe and that did work, but I thought it was broken because I could figure out the controls. ddnoa.exe also seems to work now, and I did figure out the controls with that version (it seems to be  WASD + 'F' to select an action, but you need to select an action when it says "player turn" and the turns are time-based so it's kind of an RTS although you're limited to one attack per turn).

Windows issues aside, I thought that was neat. I tried to see if there was some sort of pacifist ending, since the messages seemed to imply there was some other possible outcome, so I took the final enemy down to its final sliver of health then didn't take the last shot. What ended up happening was that I got killed and then, when I went to start a new game, the boss and my body and the boss remained on the top level and I kept getting killed over and over before my reincarnated body could make it to the devil on the lower level. I feel like this is symbolic of something, but I'm not sure what.

Pictured above: me, in purgatory.


Welp, you found a bug :v Thanks for playing and I'm glad you thought it was neat.