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No worries, thanks a bunch!

Dev logs are a way, however overall it seems to be much harder to get stuff out there to people to see you've updated stuff. One thing you can do is potentially add a donation only version or perhaps a soundtrack to those who have donated so that you can reach your hardcore fan-base who have paid a bit easier.

Hey Guys

I was wondering if had anyway to do a steam-style buy an X-pack for a reduced rate of a game. I currently have an upcoming game which is multiplayer, and was hoping I'd be able to allow people to buy a single copy for $1 and four copies for $2.50.

If anyone has any idea how/if I can do this, I would really appreciate it! If not no worries.

I was just coming here to suggest it. With multiple input methods, the games controls become a non negligable portion of the games page. For exmaple I'm attempting to support VR on the rift and Vive, game controllers and M&K.

With all of that plus 10+ inputs it becomes a bit aggrevating to not simply be able to make controls a drop down.

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That makes sense, thanks a bunch! Yeah i tried to do that, but my skills are a bit lacking on photoshop. I'll try to improve. Thanks! Was just something I noticed and wasnt sure if there was a way to scale it, but I have no knowledge of web development so I figured id suggest it.

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This is a small nitpick, but something that is a bit frustrating to find out the first time.  Currently on the app, when looking at a game page, the page's background has a different width than the website when viewed through something such as chrome. This makes backgrounds that repeat and work on something such as the itch app, not work on the chrome equivelent. 

I'm not sure exactly what can be done to get around this, it seems the extra space is entirely taken up by the left Explore/Library/Collections/My Creations tab on the left. 

Potentially I made an error miss-sizing my background but I imagine I'm not the only one with this issue. Visual consistency should be aimed for regardless.  Luckily for me this is a simple fix (I'm just going to change the one color mismatched tile).

Thanks for making itch awesome!

Picture examples (I can remove if requested):

Itch App

Website, note the left hand side hexagons.

Thanks for the recommendation! I really hoped you enjoyed the game!

This was the first thing I made with unity, over the course of a weekend. I enjoyed it for what it is and I'm glad you did too :)

Very neat and enjoyable. Funky idea!

No thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

Hey Guys

I've been working on a game recently, and I've really be set on using the font: Langar.

Itch at the moment doesnt have it supported, and while I'm still a way from release, I was wondering if we knew when the next time itch plans to update the font repository.

If not no worries. Thanks a bunch!

Very nice looking and stylized well! I'll use these as background scenery in my next game!

Unity Optimizer community · Created a new topic My Review

First off, I saw the creators post on reddit. Very polite guy, took constructive feedback well on our recomendation of hosting  on itch in addition to the microsoft store.

I bought the pro version, and so far have immensly enjoyed it. I havent used the advanced features as my projects are streamlined enough that it doesn't matter (for now) but the major features of the application I have experience with. 

It is very well done, good clean UI that is very easy to use. I would vertainly recommend this to anyone who is concerned about build size.

I stumbled on this game after playing the creators game jam creation and wanting to see what else he made. Honestly it was a great chill vibe experience with a bit of replayablity and some small chill vibes. I found the audio and simple gameplay loop relaxing and would like to recommend this game to people looking for a low key experience in a world of games that want to energize you.

Perhaps a preview of where the objects were going to land (ish). Sometimes its hard to tell. Also it seems the music toggle was a tad buggy on windows but no biggy!

Really fun idea! I really enjoyed it :)

This is a very simple but fun game. Thanks for the experience!

With a multi moniter display my cursor moves onto my other screen and disrupts play.

You guys should mention in the controls there is double jump. That first red level was HARD without it.

I didnt realize selling babies lots me money. Welp time to restart.