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I agree, I should rework the speed bonus somehow or change the control scheme after the jam ends. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback!
Other than space, you can also click with the mouse or tap (if you are on a touch screen). other than this I agree with you and I should have added different keys (even with the same action) to let poeple chose the key they like the most. 

I will totally expand on this game after the Jam finishes (maybe removing the one-key constraint) and will keep in mind your suggestions. Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it!

Indeed, it was posted at OpenGameArt as a CC0 asset (no credit required) but I credited it anyway in the description because it is very well done and I like it very much! :)

Glad you liked it!

After playing this game, I'm glad I'm not a chopper pilot IRL :) Good job!

Well done, had fun with this!

Thanks for testing my geographic skills! 10/10 would match map again

Thanks for reminding me that I hate popups! Nice game :)

Ultra hard but fun!

Hi, sorry for the late reply: the local web server is required by Phaser to load files due to browsers' security measures. Read more here:

Hope this helps!

It gives back a lot of coins at higher levels! But it is manual so just upgrade it if you want to max all out :)

Sorry to hear that! The progress is saved on the browser DB so you should be able to start from where you left, if not I suppose the browser cache got deleted somehow. There is not way to import/export saves right now, sorry!

Pretty much, this is due to weapons currently not having a level cap.. Scythes too become as big as the screen with enough levels! Gotta put a cap on the scaling, like 20/30 levels per weapon

Very happy that you liked it!

Woah, I enjoyed this way too much.

I ended up delaying the debt pay just to fish "that last one". Great game!!

Pretty cool, I liked it a lot!

Holy corn I had a blast. Keep this going.

By why did you end my gameplay before I could upgrade everything?? I felt so lost when I saw the end game screen, I had a few skills left to be upgraded!

Thank you, I'd like to expand this game after the Jam so your suggestion is really appreciated! 

Thank you, glad you liked it!

Glad to hear that!

Interesting one, had fun playing it. I found hard jumping while standing near a wall because if you jump while pressing left or right, it collides with the wall and jumps very slowly (thus falling to death). Would like to see more and to be able to jump while pressing left/right near a wall! :)

Did not expect a rhythm game like this, it can be fun but I think right now it is waaay too hard (at least for me). At the very end I realized that the "rhythm" part of the game was a bit lacking for my taste, anyway I had fun trying to improve my skills. Nice job!

Very nice, visuals are good but movements sometimes are a bit too fast (confused me a lot).

I would have loved to have a note hit sound effect when notes are hit with good timing, I think it helps in making the player feel he is really "Inside" the song. Anyway nice job!

Nice game, tested my patience a lot!

Cool game!

I would have preferred to have vertical layed buttons for up/down instead of horizontal, it makes my brain explode :) 

Nice job!

Yeah I agree it's hard, maybe a bit too much when there are fast switches back and forth. I would like to keep the challenge tho, maybe with a select before starting (easy/hard)

Haha glad to hear that! Too bad this is only a rhythm game example... but I'm working on something bigger :)

I did not figure out what my goal is as a player, should I destroy everything? Kill everyone?
Anyway its a good idea, it is nice to have the AI creating levels. Would like to see more in future.

Very nice! Grat puzzles and very satisfying gameplay. Loved the progression!

Glad you liked it!

Thank you!
Yes, I added every note myself. Since I made the game using Phaser, I wrote a simple script that recorded my keypresses while the song was playing and saved the timestamps. This is not very accurate but gets the job done (at least for the very first jam version).

Hi, thanks for your comment!

I have to admit that I spent a good chunk of time thinking about how to deal damage to the player, in particular to deal damage when spamming keys. At first, I did not add a scoring system, the goal was just to clear the stage, so I wanted to prevent spamming keys as a way to clear the stage effortlessy.

But then I added the score, and I could not decide what to do with that mechanic. At the end, I decided to leave it there because I thought that it takes away half the difficulty, eliminating the need to follow the notes. But I should think about it some more.

Congrats for your 93%! Means you are not bad at all at the game! :)

No, the note play action is bound to multiple buttons (JKLBNM) but you can use just one of those buttons and play all the notes. Or use two of them, as you are more confortable.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Yeah, the trick here is to learn the song and then focus on the bullets! Thanks for your feedback!

Are you using the web version? The game should start automatically after you click on "run game". If not, could you tell me your browser name/os?

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Yes, the algorythm could be improved for sure. Anyway the green arrows in your image present paths that branch too and the player must navigate these too in order to find the exit. He has no clear vision of the end when, for example, this maze is used in a fps game.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, really appreciated!

Hi! You can use them in commercial or non commercial projects, attribution is not required.