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Oliver Loescher

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That was a joy to play!

The control for the game can be found on the itch page. Sadly we didn't have time to add a short tutorial.

The core problem I see with this game is there isn't an opportunity to be better than the other player, the optimal way to play is to just hold in the direction of the opponent. If there was so way to out the other play such as a dodge or just some additional mechanic, it would have added a lot.

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I am not happy with my experience, 10/10

I just wish I could play more, but there are only three levels D:

Hello, so I think this could be a really fun game with just a few tweeks. Enemies are bullet sponges and I am just sitting there mashing the button which would be alot for fun if you increased the number of enemies and made them take a tenth the hits to kill. Also it would have been nice to the have the option to hold the left mouse button to repeatedly swing as I don't believe clicking as fast as possible is what makes your game fun. The gimmick of your game is the random spells, so why do you make it where it feels like I can never use them? Allowing the player to use the spell at a larger rate would allow for more bombastic fight and exciting fights then my just kiting enemies and mashing left mouse. Right now I never make the decision to whether to use a spell or not I am just waiting for it to basically come off cooldown. You don't want the player to only be using spells but instead have the option to choose weather to use melee or the spell compared to how I felt the game is now which for me was just waiting 30 seconds and then use it then waiting again. You have a lot of awesome game feel and particles in the game but the balance is off. I highly recommend if you can get a couple of your friends to play the game and give feedback before your final submission. It could help a lot to add that into your timing for your next jam. Non the less I enjoyed it and sorry if I sound like I didn't!

Thank you :D

Polished and looks great. The art style is clean and simple. The kids cheer when I clear and that makes me happy. But damn, I feel like I need to be a physics professor to win at this game, this is hard D:

The game looks pretty cool.  All the stuff going on in the background really makes it feel chaotic and alive and the alien is absurd and amazing! The sad thing is I couldn't get past the ladder bit.

Not much to the gameplay, yet still fun because of the fun music and art!

This is incredible. 10/10 on the mood!

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"I won and the game broke. The boss sometimes can infinitely shoot without giving a chance for the player to move around. Balancing is required. Also the boss ends up just idling when his health is below 10%

The movement feels spot on, no delays there, and the overall idea for the game along with the boss design is great. " - Rubhen Term 4

Great Game!

Great game!