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Absolutely is! We are currently working on it as we speak <3

Blood moon is the first in a series, The second will be released on march 30th,

The third will be released shortly after :)


So Enjoy :}

Rick in Rapture

A Rick and Morty Fan game ,Inspired by some crossover art I had done last year for fun/ for my portfolio. 

Rick has been brought into Rapture to meet Andrew Ryan, or wait? Do they already know each other?

Follow along in this long lost Episode of Rick and Morty.  In the form of  a Visual novel/ Adventure Game.

Wolf has officially been finished and Launched!

Enjoy another free short horror story in Transmuting the Mundane called Wolf.

What happens when you're Ex drops by? Probably nothing good.

Enjoy wolf!


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Just released the next part to the Story in the game.

The Major Patch Devlog

100% playable as far as I know, Would love some feedback  or to know of any typos 


Feel free to comment what you thought.

Or if you find any Errors or Typos. ;D

First Mini comic in a Horror art Anthology!

Check it here!

Will be releasing more, also for free, as they are finsihed :D

Very nice!


My Name is Leah and I am the creator of Oddyssey Studio.  A small independent brand creating Comics, Games, illustrations and Animations.

Currently working on a slew of projects, the most up coming is the first Issue of a comic series called Vale check out the free comic here:

Looking forwards to creating on here, checking out all the stuff, maybe even working with some of you in the future!


Vale is an Independent Comic written and illustrated by Leah Hensel-Williams creator of Oddyssey Studio based in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Blood Moon is the first issue of an action-packed series with tales of love, loss and the strength of the human spirit.

Discover new worlds and witness the rebirth of magic to a world that has long forgotten it in Vale. With inspiration derived in magic, the Hollow earth theory, and H.p Lovecraft .

Help yourself to the Free comic !

The full comic releases on the 27th of October just in time for Halloween!

Click here!