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Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it and that's definitely a good suggestion.

Thanks for giving it a go!

This is an excellent twist on 2048! At first I thought it was just going to be a clone but it plays differently and is fun!

I played it since I want to work on a Lunar Lander clone myself for a practice project, so I might steal some ideas if that's okay haha :)

But yeah, anything multiplayer is harder to get traction I'd guess.

Either way, well done for a neat little project!

This is pretty neat! I only tried it solo but I like that this gives the old lunar game more of a purpose (cabins, gold collection) but retains the same difficulty.

Nice game! I only made it level 5. Simple and fun.

Thanks for trying it out! Feel free to suggest ideas for future games, I'm thinking about trying something similar but with more fleshed out content and a progression system.

This is a simple and neat game! Love the feeling of coasting in at just the right angle!

Got it, yeah I'll add some more tutorial videos and steps to assist with that. Thanks!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah that's one of the most difficult maneuvers in any space sim game. One of my TODOs is to add more embedded tutorial videos, and possibly break down the rendezvous mission into more steps to help guide new players. Let me know if there were specific questions or problems you had when trying it out, and I'm glad you stuck with it so long, thanks for giving it a good try!

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! And yes, audio is a big part of my long list of todos, and ambient sounds are definitely on it!

Thanks for the comment! Yep I noticed the water weirdness but haven't had time to debug the shader yet. I'll look into that turret mode exit bug thanks! I'm glad you played that far through the game!

Yeah there's no roll control using the mouse controls, I'm not sure it's necessary though (until you're in turret mode). I'm still trying to figure out ways to make it more newbie friendly for those who never played Kerbal and don't know how to use the navball.

The n-body prediction was a fun programming challenge! The atmosphere drag (if that's what you meant by planet drag?) is a very simple scaling force that depends on height relative to the surface and speed of the craft. (Higher altitude and lower speed means less drag).

Thanks for the response that's very good to know! I suspect it'll be much easier once I setup controller bindings to use one joystick for control and the other to move the camera or something like that.

Thanks! Did you use the world space UI controls (using the mouse to aim the ship) or did you end up using the WASD keys?

Thank you for the comment, yep there is almost no audio right now other than a couple of sound effects for testing. I'm waiting on someone right now to send me some music. I'm hoping that happens soon so I can put it in the game! Audio is one of the things I'll be working on next now that I have all the functional pieces done.

Thanks for the feedback! Yep, flying a space ship is pretty tricky in 3D. I'm still trying to improve the tutorial and the controls so let me know if you have specific questions or difficulties you encountered.

A pretty simple game, I like the concept. I think the sounds could be a bit more pleasant (agreed with the other commenter).

Thanks for the comment!

Yep, I actually had a fuel limit implemented previously, but it makes the game a little bit too hard. I might add it as an optional difficulty setting. For new players, running out of fuel gets very frustrating, and it's not a full sim like Kerbal where you can plan your delta-V  requirements ahead of time. I'm not 100% decided though and I definitely need to play test it more and see how it goes...

I like the improvements you made since I last tried it! Definitely tricky to aim down the lane (which adds to the challenge/skill). Fun little game, nice job!

I dunno about this being a stress reliever haha... The audio is nice and the visuals nail that simple low poly look, but dodging cars isn't relaxing especially once it speeds up :). I was expecting a crash sound and/or effects when I lost. Well done though, neat little game!

Agree with the other commenter, would be nice to have some ambient effects/sounds. I don't think I can comment on the story itself, it's definitely not for me. I don't really read/play visual novels at all, so I'm probably not your target audience. I kind of lost the plot after the first few scene changes.

Only issue I saw was in the text history, there were some overlapping lines. Other than that, seems fully playable.

This was unique and pretty awesome! I agree with the other commenter regarding centering text instead of bottom left.

Going to be honest here... this feels pretty basic. Like followed a tutorial online and didn't do much else kind of basic. You have the basics in there, but it was pretty painful to play. Slow loading, painful audio and controls. You could definitely try to add some effects to make the movement less of a teleport, and tune the jump so it's more responsive.

What the other reviewer said, a good "my first game". Neat idea, has some of the basics there (an intro, sound, the basic functionality). I thought I had gotten water positive when it told me I lost the game :( and yeah, lots of confusing messages/errors after that (multiple pop-ups saying I was or was not water positive back to back).

Minor tip, but make the text automatically finish loading so it's easy to read, before you let someone skip it. Other than that, I understand the basics of the game but a more guided tutorial and improved visuals/UI will help for sure.

I couldn't figure out how to make the guns fire. I clicked on some of the action abilities, it shows where it's going to shoot (is my guess) and then nothing happens when I execute the turn. Clearly I must be doing something wrong? The moving of the ship is fine and I understand what the controls do but I have no idea where to see the ship's ammo or how to use their other abilities (beyond launching some of the smaller ships).

Other than that, I can see you made a lot of progress compared to before! The visuals look good, the audio is decent. I think the main thing that is missing is a clear tutorial and explanation of all the UI. A dark overlay in the pause menu (to darken the game view) will help make it more readable too.

Looking forward to seeing how your game progresses, keep it up!

Nice game! I'm not much of a platformer kind of person, so I don't know how to judge it very well. But it seemed pretty polished overall. I played it for about 10 minutes or so and gave up near the spiky spinning wheels.

Thanks so much for trying it! Let me know if you ran into any issues or have any feedback.

This is great! Perfect minimalist game, decent difficulty ramp for a 5-10 minute experience.

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I like the idea of automatic zoom to aid the player! I might have to try that for my game as well... it's hard for new players to control the camera correctly (especially in 3D).

Reading through your dev logs is like finding my mirror universe self. I went through the whole thing as well if figuring out scale, stable orbits and n-body for ship, etc.

If you use discord, feel free to add me (Oarc#8695). I'd be happy to have another dev to chat to about similar issues we're dealing with or bouncing ideas off each other. No pressure.

Hah thank you! And steal away, there isn't much original in my game... Mostly "inspired" by KSP and similar games, just miniature and simpler.

I'm just trying to make more significant progress on my hobby project that I've been working on for a few months:

If you like Kerbal Space Program (or any space flying / orbital sim games) give it a go!

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Fun little game, might be more fun if the physics for the pins was a little more realistic after they got hit? I didn't understand why sometimes the bowling balls wouldn't roll down on one side and I had to go to the other side to get a ball.

Due to the perspective, it's hard to tell where the ball will launch if your player isn't in the center of the screen. Maybe that's intentionally part of the challenge, but you could add a UI component that indicated which direction the ball would travel to make it easier for the player to judge direction maybe?

(Found your game via a comment on the marathon jam page.)

Thank you! UI is hard and I'm still trying to refine the controls.

Haha wow, thank you! It's still a prototype/demo (no audio, placeholder UI, placeholder models, most content missing). I'd like to finish a v1.0 this year if I can. 

That was pretty neat! I had no real issues playing the game in my browser (won't put any spoilers here, but took me a 2-3 tries to figure out how to keep advancing).

Was a fun short adventure and well implemented. I could imagine this being expanded upon with more story and other features if you wanted to. (executables / file editing / etc.)

I love the additional of the talking animals! Nice artwork for that! One thing that might help is giving an indication of some kind that you need to return back to the planet you got the mission from originally to complete it. Wasn't hard to guess that I needed to do that but wouldn't hurt to make it clear in the objectives or something like that.