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Love the personalityy of this game, congrats on a job well done!! The kleidoscope background was out of this world, huge props!

Wooww!! One of my favorites so far. The double gravity idea is super cool and a very fun application of the theme! GORGEOUS artwork! Overall just a great job, lots of attention to detail, lots of polish. Congrats on the excellent submission!

Very nice!! Like a symmetry-infused Line Rider :)
Had a lot of fun with this one, congrats on the great game!! 

Really fun and original concept!! It took me a minute to get the controls down, but had a great time once I did. Tossing a bunch of worlds back and forth with the tilt thrusters was surprisingly cathartic. Started to feel like galactic gordon ramsey tossing down with a planetary frying pan haha 馃

Congrats to the whole team on a great submission!

Very fun and cute game!! Love the peaceful bgm and simple aesthetic. My two braincells were really cookin in the later levels haha. Congrats!!

Well done!! Kind of has the spirit of a game like Ikaruga if you replaced inversion with symmetry., which is really cool. Having the ships be able to wrap from inside to outside and vice versa was a nice touch. Super impressive for a one-person team, congrats!!

Ducks wearing sunglasses?? Hell yeah, say no more

Fun vibe and game! Even more impressive this was your first GWJ. Congrats!!

Such a creative concept! Symmetry can be tricky to make fun IMO, but you nailed it while staying incredibly true to the theme. Well balanced and executed. Great job ya'll, I had a lot of fun with this one :)

Great job!! Symmetry is a hard theme to work with IMO, but you thought of a clever and fun way to approach it. Difficulty felt just right. Well executed! Congrats to the team, ya'll crushed it! 馃

Super cool idea!! Like others are saying, I found it to be a little too difficult to judge depth and ended up getting stuck on the 1st level, but thought the overall concept was pretty great. Very impressive that you did this all as a one-person team during your first GWJ! Congrats!

Cool idea and implementation! Definitely requires some patience, but I found it to be quite zen :)

Loved the brick sfx and their overflow physics when not being plastered. Had fun just holding down the mouse button and watching / listening to the grid fill up before learning what I was supposed to be doing haha

Well done!! Really enjoyed the art and presentation. Some audio might've gone a long way, but for a one-person team on your very first GWJ?? Really great job, congrats!!

Really enjoying the stationary aesthetic! I also had trouble with the hitboxes / difficulty, but regardless, really cool concept and execution for such a tricky theme! Even more impressive that this was your first game jam ever. Congrats!!

Loving the aesthetics!! Incredibly polished. I'm not the best at puzzle games, but had a good time with this regardless. Congrats on the great entry!

Congrats on the submission, even if you weren't able to finish it! What is there felt promising. GL in future jams!

Such a cool little game, its heart really shines through!

The folding mechanic's exact rules still elude me a bit, but I was able to rely on my intuition to clear the game without much trouble regardless. LOVE the attention to detail though, and how polished everything feels!

The little intro splash animation? the monochrome palette? the particle effects? the background music? the sfx? SO SMOOOOOTH 馃グ

Excellent work, you really have an eye for game design!