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Oh dear lord… Will watch this issue, thanks Rémi!

Thank you so much!

Thank you a lot! We are working on a full release, hopefully it will be much bigger in content than this version!

Expect some teasers in a couple of months, and release… in a year maybe? with all our other projects.

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Sorry to hear! First time hearing about this, and I even tried linux+different browsers… Will take a look at some point, thanks for the heads up!

What’s your distro+browser?

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Thank you for kind words and detailed feedback!

Yes, the idea of bringing one card to the next run is neat and it’s already planned for full release… along with many other changes! Some of them are so impactful we don’t feel like gamejam version is representing final full release, that’s why we don’t want to make this version officially a demo (although it already kinda works like one).

Also we are not drawing too much traffic to Steam page for now, as we are both working on other game (Robot Detour) and slowly preparing grand reveal of new Burn With Me look and feel :) Afterwards we’ll do more marketing and pour more love into Steam page, maybe even with a demo!

Thank you! Unfortunately there is only this much you can do solo in 2 days.

But we have in mind a full proper game on this idea and mechanic! We are just waiting for time when we won’t be working on something else, and will return to this concept.

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Да, будет!

(they were asking about localization in full release of the game)

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Thank you so much! Nuclear package with nonetheless solid experience and with some surprises is what we aim for in most of our games, glad we delivered :)

Good to see you back! And with such a banger too!

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Thank you! And also thank you for the screenshot, now I can show players proof I was not the only one who cleared Hard 😅

You just need to learn all the tools and find the right Exodia…

Thanks for playing! Hard difficulty is indeed hard, but maybe it shouldn’t be just one build that could beat that difficulty…

That’s definitely a fun build, haha!

Very glad to hear you enjoyed playing, and thank you for the video! Hope you’ll be looking forward to full game here and on Steam! ❤️

Thank you very much for playing, and for streaming! It makes me very happy to see people play our game :)

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Our Ludum Dare 55 entry, which turned out to be more addictive and balanced that we thought.

Biggest problem right now is the abcense of a good tutorial, but if you pay attention to the order in which you place cards, all will be good :)

Hope you give this game a shot, and have fun!

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Hello everyone! For the last half a year, I’ve been developing Robot Detour with my team.

It’s an arcade puzzle, and it looks like this:

And like this:

Cool, right? You can already play the demo which I’ve released today! 🎉

Hope you have fun time playing it, and will look forward to full release :)

See you around!

Thank you! Yes, there is a secret final level there, which turns the level design upside down… You can try for yourself, or if you are not feeling like it there is a full walkthrough in the next comment thread.

It’s worth trying for yourself though, if you are up to a super hard, but interesting challenge!

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Yeah, now I’d probably do this differently.

The reason for such decision at the time was an idea of a special check at the top that decides if you can go to the final secret level inside tower. You can try for yourself, or just take a look at this walkthrough to see what I mean.

Great job! And thank you for the kind words :)

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Very glad you liked this little game!

Speaking about the end - tiny spoiler ahead - last strokes should form a specific symbol; I wanted also to highlight this in some way (by painting ground/some other effects), but decided against it, because in some cases player fail right before the end and it would look strange.

Thanks for playing! Yes, the gradient in palette was really suggesting some nice stylized shading, which we leaned into :)

I returned to gamedev this year, made 5 games already, and this 6th game is a testament to what I and my team have learned during this year.

It's a small, one-screen one-level game made for a puzzle advent calendar. As usual, with some fresh ideas and surprise at the end.

Acknowledge mistakes.

Find correct strokes.

Remember forgotten ritual.


Play it for free:

There is exactly one ritual to recollect.

Thank you!

Thank you for making all these games! I adore your style and game design/level design choices.

Glad you liked it!

I made this game in 2 month, as I wanted it to be just a simple experiment with old-school gameplay and graphics. So I guess that I achieved :)

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Fox Tower was my first project made with Godot, and today it was blessed with its final update.

Difficulty rebalancing in final&secret levels, visual tweaks and gorgeous new key art!

Fox Tower is a small (but hard!) game about climbing a hill... and even a tower, if you are persistent enough! Precision platformer with a gimmick mechanic you have to learn and master through 3 main levels and 1 secret.

I would be more than happy if you gave it a go. It looks good and easy to pick up — or drop, if it's not your cup of tea ;)

Cool variation of "Hardest game", loved that one, and this one as well!

The only critique would be that I'd love more responsiveness: cube stops a bit too late after I release the arrow, and in such a precision based game this is too crucial.

Ok, this one is the most addicting of all entries. 41'400 as my second try, will see if I can go further.

It's actually my first trijam, and I am heavily impressed with what people are pulling off in such a short span of time,

Awesome work!

My best is score is 46, becomes too hard at that point haha. Maybe if the grid was orthogonal then my reflexes and peripheral vision would kick in and I could go even further :)

Super addicting, props to you!

Thanks a lot! I also really loved this idea, even though it's underdeveloped in terms of playability now, haha

Thanks! Yep, that was the final goal, to make this an addictively hard game... but unfortunately had no time to fix the super high difficulty in 3 hours, so will do that after the jam ends. would take just half an hour, but that's half an hour too much now :,)

Very cool idea! It does not play good now unfortunately, but with a few balancing tweaks this will become a nice arcade, I can assure you!

Wow, mega impressive!

Appreciate the aestetics, mood and the ability to "dance" with T-poser, actually going wherever you want if the movement is good.

Don't appreciate the fire burning down faster than I gather wood :( Death is too certain :(

This is "high risk high reward" distilled to perfection in such a short period of time, good job!

Although mechanic was a bit confusing at first, I learned what to do, and it's actually a pretty clever idea for a game! Well done!

I think this is the best mechanic I've seen this jam, good job! Enjoyed it till the end, would love more levels :)

Suprisingly very fun game, awesome job!

On top of special ice/lava walls later on, in general you are not supposed to extend you legs to full extend. That means trying to stay close to the center between the walls, and also not putting any leg too much further down than the other one. This is hard though, I did not have enough time to balance haha, will do it after the jam ends.

You can take a look at gameplay in the video on this page, and hopefully give Downgrade another go!