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I’m not sure I can do that. I’m on Linux, so I’m not sure that py2exe works without Windows.

It works now! And wow, how amazing. Takes some practice to get airborne and stay there, but really really fun. Kind of reminded me of some of the minigames in Saints Row 4, in a way.

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It’s my understanding that you can make bug fixes to your submission up until Oct 5. I believe that’s what the organizers said in Discord.

Also, since this was made in Unity, is there a way for you to export a Linux version? I think I heard it was easy to do in Unity. I’d love to try the game.

I had a blast, it was really fun and clever. Funny that I missed the boost meter, silly me.

Thanks for a really great game!

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve updated the game with a numbered requirement, and I’ve changed some conditionals in the code to avoid warnings and errors.

Yes, on Linux. Python 3.7 and Pygame 1.9.6

I got a segfault just before the time trial starts. I filed an issue on Gitlab for you.

Looked great up to that point, though!

I couldn’t get to the 3rd platform, but I like the idea of vertical platforming. Nice work!

Nicely done! I had fun with this one.

I encountered a few errors:

  • print statements lacked parentheses. running 2to3 -w fixed this.

  • the music file in your package looks for ABMusic.mp3 but the file is named abmusic.mp3

  • I believe you should call pygame.mixer.init() right after pygame.init() in the initializeDisplay function

Amazing. So much fun, and such a sense of discovery.

You might want to mention in the README that -std=c++11 is also required to compile on older systems.

What a great game! I got her airborne eventually. Lots of fun!

Really fun game. Is the use of B (boost) limited? It doesn’t feel like it’s always working for me in the web player, but then again maybe I’m just a speed freak.

Such a fun game. The discovery of the ability to launch yourself off the ground with the force of a rocket was AMAZING.

What a great game! The abrupt insta-death is tough, but I love the game play and the music and the concept. Well done!

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Yes, I wrote and ran it on Linux.

I’ll update the README with better instructions. Do you have python 3.7 or better installed?

Try specifically using python3 instead of just python as the command to start the game.

  1. Use Python to install the requirements:
$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Start the game:
$ python3 ./