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I really appreciate it! The headlights originally were just something that I thought would look cool, but I kept them in because I realized they could have a useful purpose in gameplay :)

Hi, thanks so much! I don't think I'll be doing much else with this game but those are some really good ideas

This game is great! I loved the CRT monitor look and how smooth the transitions were between minigames. Also, thanks for adding subtitles. The one thing I'd change is that I'd make the turn speed in the spaceship game a bit faster, but that's just a nitpick.

I had a lot of fun with this one, and great presentation!

I didn't really know what was going on but moving the level instead of the player is a really interesting concept. Nice game for a first jam, keep at it!

Nice graphics, but I wish it was more clear on how to actually bind controls

Pretty fun game! With some more polish, I could see this being a casual little mobile title.

I really like this one--the art is cute and it's a great idea. Could definitely be expanded on more if it was to ever become a full game. I also found it hilarious that if you bump into something, it goes flying across the house and just explodes. Great work!

Neat game! The visuals were nice and I liked the gameplay, but as someone else said in the comments here, I wish the remote mechanic was more fleshed out. Maybe you could have it so the player could use the remote to turn certain objects on and off whenever the player wants. Overall I liked it a lot, keep it up!

thank youu <3

Thanks a bunch for your feedback! I'll check your game out when I have the chance :))

much appreciated

(Maybe some of the critiques mentioned were addressed already but I'll post nonetheless)

I played it and got to wave 4 so I've seen all the enemy types.

First off, I think that the graphics are really cute, I like them a lot. I also really like the amount of variation in the weapons--it really keeps it interesting. 

If I had to nitpick a bit, I'd say that I wish you could have more than one shot on the weapons, especially the basic gun for how much damage it does. Maybe you could have it so weapons change at random intervals instead of after each shot? Also it'd be cool if there was a "game over" screen of sorts after being killed by an enemy (at the moment, your character disappears but the game continues)

Overall I liked it a lot, a really fun wave-based shooter.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, it's kind of easily cheesable haha

thanks man, i really appreciate it :)

thanks! i realized you could cheese the game during development but i left it in for those who would find it [and due to time constraints] ;)


Thanks so much!

Thank you!

I was going to add them, but I wouldn’t have enough time until the game jam ended. Thanks for the feedback though!

This is pretty good! My one complaint, and this might just be me personally, is that the boxes move a little too slowly. That's just a nitpick though, good job otherwise! :)