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Honestly, I've only beaten Persona 5. Put some time in P3 though. Additionally, I've only seen season 1 of MLP so I wasn't sure if a better character than Discord could be utilized. In general, one thing I was thinking for overall story progression is there is some subtle influence giving the player this bimbo power, and the unique thing about the player is they affect the world little by little. Whereas someone else has some other fantasy, perhaps not bimbo related, that affects everyone in the school all at once. Every month the player would have to deal with one day like this, confront the person who created it, and talk them out of it. 

this is just one idea, mind you, but it does seem a fun way to work in lots of little things (like scitwi, jungle amazon hierarchy, maybe some kind of sports thing or maid deal)

Another thing I was thinking was the ending of the game, which could effected by how many s-links you've completed:

Mostly Bimbo S-Links - The player is incredibly selfish, but not necessarily hostile. He has created a world of happy, simple-minded sluts who live for him but also each other. A utopia, depending on how you look at it, where everyone is too dim and horny to feel bad about anything.

Even number of bimbo/non-bimbo s-links, or no s-links, or not very many s-links - The player is selfish, but also selfless. He cares only for himself, but not enough to demand society change for him. He can keep whatever sluts he has made, while everyone else forgets he ever existed, as he exists in his own personal isolated hedonistic paradise.

Mostly non-bimbo s-links - The player is incredibly selfless, but not necessarily altruistic. He has a created a world of happy, successful women, who live for each other, but also are deeply indebted to him. A utopia from his perspective, as he will have friends in high places no matter what career he pursues. 

IF WE'RE DOING A PERSONA THING - I would view this as a commentary on how we view society and friendship as 'morally good' when they're just as much tools for survival as everything else we do, and how we're all kind selfish, but as long as we're selfish together, it's ultimately for the greater good of us all.

but since we're making a pornographic transformation games about busty sluts, i don't care if that subtext gets cut

Created a new topic Story/Writing General

All purpose thread for discussing over arching elements of writing and narrative. For all the NPC bits and story elements that are too big or too small for individual s-link threads like the one C. Snacks posted

Some of the things we need:

  • Actual identity of the Violet Room host. Some magical character from the show re-purposed for EQG?  Someone who found a magic thing from Equestria that slipped through? An OC? Idk, but I can only use Todd Howard for so long.
  • NPCs and their flavor text. We already have art assets for some teachers and Crystal Prep girls, who can just stand in the halls and spout quick tips and bits of fluffy lore. The only thing we don't have is actual dialogue. Some of that would be great.
  • The overall story. Why can the player create bimbos? Can anyone else create bimbos? If so, do they have access to the same Violet Room or a different thing?

That looks GREAT, really going back to the Red Room inspiration for Persona's Velvet Room, I love it.

Although, is it possible to just put up the fog as its own image on transparency at 100% opacity?

If so, I'd be able to put it in game and have it appear over the Violet Room Host NPC before you click on him.

The Location Changing Icon is the little green dude in the corner. Honestly it can be whatever you want, a person moving, a car, a bike, a map, as long as the player looks at it and knows 'oh I click that to move'

The hearts are the hearts that appear when you select dialogue options. I think just a nice pretty heart is probably good enough for this.

Good stuff Kyuun, I'll be sure to add it to the next build.

Created a new topic Art Asset Request Megathread

So with Kyuun, and Annon, and whoever else wants in, I decided it may be best to just make a thread summarizing art assets the game needs, and people can just sort of post 'oh I want to do that one' to claim it, and then you can provide it.

Art assets currently required are:

  • Classroom (Background: 1440x900)
  • Library (Background: 1440x900)
  • Twilight's Bedroom (Background: 1440x900)
  • Violet Room (Background: 1440x900)
  • Sugarcube Corner (Background: 1440x900)
  • Location Changing Icon (HUD: 100x100)
  • S-Link+ Hearts (HUD: 200x200)

This post will be updated as people claim assets, post assets, and I can think of what else is still needed.

LOVE it so far, really helps build character.

I really like the idea of requiring bimbo magic, but I still would prefer if it remained optional... and yes, I'm aware of how counter-intuitive that is considering the subject matter, but it helps the player feel like it's their choice.

So maybe you CAN use bimbo magic at least once to relax her a bit to go along with the party idea, or your Charm needs to be high enough to convince her. Since it's much easier to just cast a spell and call it done, most players would go along with that anyway. This way, players are still compelled to use bimbo magic, but are in no way required to. 

Alternatively, we could give the player another way in by starting Pinkie's S-link, but I feel that could overcomplicate this little proof of concept game a little too much.

Oh you posted THOSE. Well, it looks great.

Time availability is appreciated, but this doesn't really require any real time collaboration.

Honestly we only really need art assets as the story demands it for now... and that sort of all comes down to our writers.

Unless you want to draw backgrounds or HUD elements

You writing or drawing?