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This is a wonderful idea. Please write this. Annon or Kyuun, please personify that statue into character art

Maybe tone it down a little, but if everyone else here is comfortable with that much text for the TF, then hell yeah let's keep going. It's one of my favorite aspects tbh.

Regarding timelines, don't sweat it too much. This entire thing is pretty much bottlenecked by my efficiency which is AWFUL and we've only just started writing/programming the actual bimbo elements of this story.

Do what you can, and if I SOMEHOW get the game to a point where every single thing is done except for your bimbofication scenes, then we can talk.

This is quite a lot.

I could make a bigger text box just for the transformation scenes since, wow, there is a lot more here than anyone else has been writing, but it's really good stuff. One thing I would say is maybe some dialogue or internal monologue would be nice, as it would give a better image to the player of her mental changes and how she feels about this.

But honestly, this is quite above and beyond what I was expecting. Good work!

I suppose the question then is do we want to trim it down so it's more in-line with the rest of the game, but have tranformations/sex-scenes be special occasions with more text?

I like it, it's real bittersweet without being too brutal. 

Everyone's just been posting WIPs and such here in the community page, since this is such a group effort we don't really have any reason to keep things secret at the moment.

It would be easy enough to change her 'homebase' to some other place. Maybe SCC or someplace more fun?

Well, there's ten of them, and while it's just Twilight (and probably Cheerilee) for the demo, there will be more girls in a future final build. So at least five more, maybe ten more, hell if we're feeling extremely ambitious, twenty is probably a maximum amount possible.

So that means we may need 50 of these in the final game, probably closer to 100 of them, and VERY UNLIKELY up to 200 of them. With these numbers in mind, honestly just write however much you feel is comfortable. The way the game is built I can basically load in as many text boxes as you need. 

Looking at my own code, my bad.

That last conversation actually isn't in the game yet, sorry to get your hopes up.

As 10 is the end of the route the questions are not necessary.

The formula you followed for the non-bimbo route would pretty much be the same. Having a uniform gameflow makes the game easier to make, and easier to play.

Right now it's just Twilight, with plans to bimbofy Cheerilee coming along.

Bimbofication scenes happen in the evening, with nobody else around, not even the player. The player still gets to see it though, because that's fun.

Step 1-5 of Twilight's bimbofied appearance can be found here: https://itch.io/t/93577/twilight-promo

It will go up to step 10, but we don't have art finalized for that yet.

Replied to Annon in Bimbo Twi Design

Sounds just fine to me, you'd have to discuss the details of the cutscene with Snacks.

As a programmer, it'd be as simple as just having the art display, so unless you're talking like actual animation, it would be very easy to add whatever you come up with

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Love everything I'm seeing here, personally I would shoot for option 3, but option 4 is completely do-able if you provide the art assets.

I would suggest doing 6-10 of the pigtails, and then if you really want to,  go ahead and do a set with twin-tails/normal.

i can't believe we've been working on this thing for nearly two months and we're only just getting into the actual tf

no wonder there are so many unfinished projects on tfgamessite

Cutscenes likely refer to unique interactions that can't be accomplished by just putting the character art on the background. Dancing at a club, for example.

Incorporating other characters and having their dialogue change based on whether or not they're bimbofied is easy enough to do on the coding side. If you guys are willing to write/draw it, I'll be happy to put it in the game.

The sprites we have for now are her pre-bimbo state I believe, they're 1-5 on a scale of 1-10 of Bimbo level

This story would begin as soon as she hit level 6

I like where it's going, it's more gradual than I expected which is a very nice pace for it. One thing you may want to include (if not here than in later conversations) is that being changed into a bimbo, while invisible to outsiders, is perceptible by the victim. So maybe that's a direction it could go down? Or at least is mentioned in one conversation? Just some ideas

Bimbo trivia can also be the same questions she knows she should be asking, but are much easier because of how ditzy she's become, and perhaps some even change into overt requests for sex.

Also, to help bring flavor into the game, little scripts for Cheerilee for each question would be nice.

Here's an example of your first question, the Socrates one, expanded into a full script, as well as given a 'bimbo variant:


These are all good ideas, I will add modifiers to the formula

Replied to Annon in Twilight Promo


Replied to Annon in Twilight Promo

Looks great!

Yeah I've still got the PSD for the old ones... want me to send them your way so you can edit them later if you have to?

Annon posted some art for bimbo Cheerilee, a fun idea, but I feel the best way to explore is to incorporate the trivia mechanic from Persona and have the questions change with her outlook.

I've already tweaked the game to let me plug in trivia questions during her class, all I need from the writing team are some fun pop quiz style questions that a teacher might actually ask of a student she believes isn't paying attention, and some that are a bit more overtly sexual.

Once we get four normal questions and four bimbo questions, I'll go ahead and add them to the game, about one a week seems reasonable.

Posted in Twilight Promo

Adapting the Twilight converstion 6 to the game, could use the following art assets for her:

  • -Twilight, frazzled, nervous/afraid
  • -Twilight, frazzled, angry

The first thing is a fun idea, but tough to implement since the 'lore' is that nobody notices the bimbofication except for those that have already been bimbofied. That way we don't have to write a thousand variants of the same dialogue.

Putting h-scenes at the end of s-links is a good idea, but could have tone whiplash issues based on the ending you get. See:

Bimbo Good Ending - They're happy and sex obsessed, they'll fuck you

Bimbo Bad Ending - They're sad and sex obsessed, they'll fuck you

Non-Bimbo Good Ending - They're happy and grateful, they'll fuck you

Non-Bimbo Bad Ending - They're sad, they might fuck you because they hope it might cheer them up?

Having bimbo level determine how early h-scenes trigger is a good idea though, and since bimbo scales 1-10 it's easy enough to implement.

So the sex scene math could be like: 

if (bimbo level)+(conversations you've had so far)>10 {sex scene is available}

This would let you access a sex scene either with a non-bimbo with a completed story, a bimbo you've barely spoken to, or somewhere in the middle. Maybe the art for the sex scene is the same no matter what, but you gain additional dialogue if you've completed their story?

Replied to OP in A new title?

I really like Arcana Girls and Master of Studies and More, Airhead Academy is still a strong contender

>Todd Howard's Wild Ride

oh lord

Replied to Lie Lian in A new title?

I'm gonna put this one in the 'best we've got so far', but I hope we get something better. It isn't quite spicy enough... though I suppose when other h-games I enjoy are called like, Overwhored, and Artificial Academy, I guess settling for a mild name is just part of the genre

UPDATE: The new Twilight conversations are buggy as hell. Will fix this soon and roll out a new version

That's 100% possible.

Right now whenever an NPC is supposed to spawn the game does some quick checks to see if they're supposed to be there, if you're ever in the library on weekends for example, Twilight will not appear.

So it would be easy enough to also have it check if your s-link is at a certain level, and remove her accordingly.

Opening a new area is also just fine.

The only part of this represents any challenge at all on my end is building an inbox for the player to receive messages on, but that's no real heavy workload. Feel free to write it, I'll work on incorporating it

Replied to C. Snacks in A new title?

Airhead Academy sounds fun, and harkens to one of my inspirations, Artificial Academy.

Seduction of Canterlot is nice as well, very classy, though I'm worried about putting anything MLP-related in the title, no longer out of legal concern,  but more because it would scare away people that might want to just fuck busty sluts as they'd think it's about horses, as well as disappointing people who actually do want to fuck horses who would be given the wrong idea.

Unique interactions based on if the S-Link has already been cleared might be do-able, they'd certainly have to exist for sex scenes to function.

After finishing incorporating Twilight's story into the game, I'll see what I can do system-wise to enable this.

Created a new topic A new title?

'Bimbo Horse Academy' has always been a placeholder title

Anyone have any better ideas, PLEASE?

One thing I would add: You start every s-link with 'You decide to spend time with Twilight'. This is fine, and is where it will begin, but you could also open with customized pre-read first if you like.

For example, when you click on Twilight and are about to start S-Link 3, you get this message first:

"Twilight is hard at work in her usual place by the counter, with a pile of books on either side."
"She doesn't seem to notice you..."

Then you get to choose whether or not to spend time with her.

It's a nice way to let the player know 'hey, this isn't the default message, meaning story will happen here'.

But if you don't want to write them, they're only two sentences anyway, I don't mind knocking them out.

So with the addition of the cell phone, and 6/10 of normal Twilight's story being written, we should really work out where the H moments of our H-game go. Some things I'm considering:

-You can booty call a character up at any point after their S-Link is completed. If you got a Good End it is guaranteed they will come over for a sex scene, if you got a Bad End their willingness to visit will be RNG weighted by their own Bimbo level and your Charm.

-Random chance they can just call you up, weighted by how many conversations you've had by them, their Bimbo level, and your Charm

Any other ideas?

How 'special' a special end are we talking?

If it requires more art assets, that's something you'd have to discuss with Annon, but if it's something thats triggered by a variable or something minor that uses already existing art, hey, I can work it in.

In order to keep things simpler to write and code, all character storylines are determined by their own stats (Int, Fit, Charm, Guts, Bimbo). These stats can be affected by the player and the player's stats as well, for example studying with Twilight helps both raise Int the higher their own Ints are. So instead of stress maybe Twilight's story is tied to her Fit and Int, with a good ending resulting in her having enough Int to pass whatever exam but also enough fitness to not have her stomach eating itself out of undernourishment and exhaustion.

something like that

Love everything I'm seeing here... and the 'issue' of having to write four different endings per character doesn't exist, as the game is already being built around that.

Essentially every character story is either a normal story (Twilight working herself to exhaustion in preparation of a big exam) or a bimbo story(Twilight enjoying her new body and attitude too much to actually study as she should be maybe (we haven't decided on this one yet)), and each of those stories has a good/bad end.

Some more things we need:

Little micro conversations with Twilight when you call her. Her responses for when you ask to hang out, study, and fuck. The last one will probably have to have a whole scene dedicated to it, as well as a threshold of where your s-link/stats need to be at to trigger, still haven't worked out the specifics.

Would it be possible to make the bed and computer on transparent PNGs? That way I can import them in as sprite objects and make them clickable by the player.

Also, could you work with Annon on finding a clean way to put the Violet Room door in the player's bedroom?

(Edited 1 time)

An unknown voice would work... but the player would still need to click something in the room to activate bimbo spells, so it may be easier to just give them a person to talk to, especially since all the dialogue happens after you choose what spell to cast.

Also the OP has been edited to add a few more things we still need written.

Created a new topic Bug Report

This is the thread for playtesters to tell me how broken the game is, and where it broke, so I know to fix it.

Some anon suggested doing playtesting at TFGamesSite, which I would but, well... there's no TF in the game yet.

SO UNTIL THEN: I'm stuck with y'all and you're stuck with me, let's try to make a good ass game together.

tl;dr, bug reports, put em here

Honestly, I've only beaten Persona 5. Put some time in P3 though. Additionally, I've only seen season 1 of MLP so I wasn't sure if a better character than Discord could be utilized. In general, one thing I was thinking for overall story progression is there is some subtle influence giving the player this bimbo power, and the unique thing about the player is they affect the world little by little. Whereas someone else has some other fantasy, perhaps not bimbo related, that affects everyone in the school all at once. Every month the player would have to deal with one day like this, confront the person who created it, and talk them out of it. 

this is just one idea, mind you, but it does seem a fun way to work in lots of little things (like scitwi, jungle amazon hierarchy, maybe some kind of sports thing or maid deal)

Another thing I was thinking was the ending of the game, which could effected by how many s-links you've completed:

Mostly Bimbo S-Links - The player is incredibly selfish, but not necessarily hostile. He has created a world of happy, simple-minded sluts who live for him but also each other. A utopia, depending on how you look at it, where everyone is too dim and horny to feel bad about anything.

Even number of bimbo/non-bimbo s-links, or no s-links, or not very many s-links - The player is selfish, but also selfless. He cares only for himself, but not enough to demand society change for him. He can keep whatever sluts he has made, while everyone else forgets he ever existed, as he exists in his own personal isolated hedonistic paradise.

Mostly non-bimbo s-links - The player is incredibly selfless, but not necessarily altruistic. He has a created a world of happy, successful women, who live for each other, but also are deeply indebted to him. A utopia from his perspective, as he will have friends in high places no matter what career he pursues. 

IF WE'RE DOING A PERSONA THING - I would view this as a commentary on how we view society and friendship as 'morally good' when they're just as much tools for survival as everything else we do, and how we're all kind selfish, but as long as we're selfish together, it's ultimately for the greater good of us all.

but since we're making a pornographic transformation games about busty sluts, i don't care if that subtext gets cut

Created a new topic Story/Writing General
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All purpose thread for discussing over arching elements of writing and narrative. For all the NPC bits and story elements that are too big or too small for individual s-link threads like the one C. Snacks posted

Some of the things we need:

  • Actual identity of the Violet Room host. Some magical character from the show re-purposed for EQG?  Someone who found a magic thing from Equestria that slipped through? An OC? Idk, but I can only use Todd Howard for so long.
  • NPCs and their flavor text. We already have art assets for some teachers and Crystal Prep girls, who can just stand in the halls and spout quick tips and bits of fluffy lore. The only thing we don't have is actual dialogue. Some of that would be great.
  • The overall story. Why can the player create bimbos? Can anyone else create bimbos? If so, do they have access to the same Violet Room or a different thing?
  • Bimbofication scenes. Twilight increases in Bimbo level whenever bimbofy is cast. She becomes a bimbo at level 3 (ending the normal story and starting the yet unwritten bimbo Twilight story), and maxes out bimbo level at 5. So we need at least four scenes of Twilight becoming more of a bimbo in the evening/night, at whatever location doing whatever the writer thinks it most enjoyable.
  • Flavor text for the Cell Phone. Every contact has like two lines or three lines of description. This should describe the character's personality, and a vague idea of what their goal is.