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Eagerly looking forward to your return chief

Most development updates are posted here, as well as more up to date community discussion: https://discord.gg/V4FNA3n

Please join us if you're really interested in the development of the game, thank you for your continued support!

It's like just as winter ends it seems we all have some obligations or occurrences that just pop up... still, I'll keep working on it as long as there is still content to implement.

Sorry for being so quiet on this, but Annon's right: you're doing good work here, chief!

And seriously, thank you so much for formatting it for dialogue boxes.

I'll see about adding your work to the next update, if not, the one immediately after!

At this point we've got writers for the conversations, as well as a writer for the bimbo TF scenes, but they're kind of flakey.

The biggest thing we could use help with is a writer for sex scenes, though being able to write more bimbofication scenes would also be a great help.

Hey we're several months later and I'm only getting around to adding Cheeri link 1.

Like pick up the pace a LITTLE, but don't feel pressured, you've still got months of time before I need more Cheeri content

that's always been my excuse for not worrying too much about the shitshow that is my code

'its game maker studio, how much slowdown can it possibly cause when running a VN?'

nice to hear from someone else that this line of reasoning isn't COMPLETELY insane

Honestly what with the game being subject to DMCA any damn day now, I've been meaning to release an open source for a while just in case. Especially considering my recent technical issues, MAYBE I should do that. I will go ahead and start releasing the source alongside all future builds, starting with last weeks build being put up now because who knows what could happen.

That being said, boob jiggle isn't super outside of the realm of possibility with the current build, and honestly more represents artistic limitation than anything. You may want to talk to Annon about that. 

ADDITIONALLY: as this game has no game design document, it has been a mad scramble of coding as I went along, and as a result of that (and my self-taught upbringing) please be aware that the source code is a complete fuckfest, total shitshow. I have no doubt a determined individual could dig around in there and optimize it, but I dare not place that burden on anyone's shoulders.

Right now the main priority for me is Bimbo Twilight stuff, don't worry!

All y'all make whatever you want at whatever pace is comfortable, I'll knock it out when I can boss

I don't have art assets for Twi that high up, so yes she defaults to Cheerilee for now.

Have you pushed Twilight beyond Bimbo level 5?

Hmm, I'm willing to bet trying to study on Saturday doesn't work since the library should be closed, and the SCC thing is being handled by the same code. I will look into this.

Can you copy the ini for your save file into a pastebin so I can load it up and take a look?

Yes, for now the background doesn't change and Velvet is used a placeholder for Pinkie

What dialogue options are you choosing? What time of day is it when you're doing these things that lock up?

The first one will be fixed in the next update, I'm unable to replicate the game getting stuck after the phone number though, I may have fixed it by accident while fixing the first one.

That's because once the bimbo level hits 6, her bimbo route would start. Because the bimbo route has not been implemented yet, it puts you in a loop of no new s-links being available. Once the non-bimbo route is finished (at least one ending will be added next week) I'll add the bimbo content this entire game has been revolving around and that should finally actually do something.

Yeah the entire thing is bottlenecked by me, the programmer, and since I'm just doing this as a hobby the updates tend to be hella slow. While I am adjusting my schedule, for now, on the writing side, there's no rush. Take as long as you need to.

So one thing that's unclear is what factor influences how exactly we trigger a good end.

Is it based on Twilight's Int or should it be about charm (to show she's spending more time with her friends) or fit (to show she's at least taking care of herself)?

I too love a lot of what I'm seeing here.

S-Link 3 might need an 'if then' thing for if you've already spoken to Twi a bit, but it might be fun to gain social points with Twi by having this conversation with Cheerilee first.

That being said, Twilight is the focus, so this stuff wouldn't be seen in game until far down the line.

Fixed! This was a weird one, a new build will be released soon with patch notes detailing what was causing it for anyone interested.

(Edited 1 time)

I've tried replicating this bug based on your instructions, but I can't seem to force it to happen.

Could you try deleting the save folder altogether (C:\Users\***YourNameHere***\AppData\Local\CHSr012) and see if it still occurs? Maybe you're loading a save from an incompatible version that's causing issues.

EDIT: Are you trying to save/load with mouse or keyboard controls?

Starting the game initializes the variables, loading the save overwrites them with whatever was in the save.

Since the game isn't changing rooms, that's why New Game isn't working.

This is only when you try to load a save from the Violet Room though?

Absolutely, a simple matter of not letting the player choose other couple endings once they're already on one.

The bugged conversation has been fixed.

The bimbo art for Twilight doesn't exist yet, and Cheerilee is what art is loaded when content does not exist. This will be fixed in the future.

I have no fucking clue what that save shit is. Does it crash or just not load?

It looks great! Love it, will work on integrating it.

As for your 'multiple couple endings' thing, again, it helps a lot that we're stealing a lot of design choices from Persona.

In the Persona series, having multiple romances usually results in you choosing one to spend time with on Valentine's Day. The next day, every other girl you've been cheating on calls you out, resulting in a comedic and humiliating response. This seems like a good way to handle That Situation.

I love the idea of where the magic came from, very fun, but yeah, super not a priority at the moment. Super fun though, please hold onto it.

As for management, we are getting a lot of writers, so yeah, if anyone wants to divvy up who gets what, that'd be great.


bruh its just me

This is a wonderful idea. Having two NPCs that are aware of the changes due to also being influenced by whatever magical force would be a fun way to have static characters the player can talk to about the magic so things can occur and a story can evolve.

That's... very strange.

Maybe it's an issue with variable initialization? Can you click the phone after loading a save or on a fresh save, or does it cause this problem every time no matter what?

Hmm it doesn't crash for me...

Like just clicking the phone in the top right causes a crash? Can you copypaste the error message?

This is a wonderful idea. Please write this. Annon or Kyuun, please personify that statue into character art

Maybe tone it down a little, but if everyone else here is comfortable with that much text for the TF, then hell yeah let's keep going. It's one of my favorite aspects tbh.

Regarding timelines, don't sweat it too much. This entire thing is pretty much bottlenecked by my efficiency which is AWFUL and we've only just started writing/programming the actual bimbo elements of this story.

Do what you can, and if I SOMEHOW get the game to a point where every single thing is done except for your bimbofication scenes, then we can talk.

This is quite a lot.

I could make a bigger text box just for the transformation scenes since, wow, there is a lot more here than anyone else has been writing, but it's really good stuff. One thing I would say is maybe some dialogue or internal monologue would be nice, as it would give a better image to the player of her mental changes and how she feels about this.

But honestly, this is quite above and beyond what I was expecting. Good work!

I suppose the question then is do we want to trim it down so it's more in-line with the rest of the game, but have tranformations/sex-scenes be special occasions with more text?

I like it, it's real bittersweet without being too brutal. 

Everyone's just been posting WIPs and such here in the community page, since this is such a group effort we don't really have any reason to keep things secret at the moment.

It would be easy enough to change her 'homebase' to some other place. Maybe SCC or someplace more fun?

Well, there's ten of them, and while it's just Twilight (and probably Cheerilee) for the demo, there will be more girls in a future final build. So at least five more, maybe ten more, hell if we're feeling extremely ambitious, twenty is probably a maximum amount possible.

So that means we may need 50 of these in the final game, probably closer to 100 of them, and VERY UNLIKELY up to 200 of them. With these numbers in mind, honestly just write however much you feel is comfortable. The way the game is built I can basically load in as many text boxes as you need. 

Looking at my own code, my bad.

That last conversation actually isn't in the game yet, sorry to get your hopes up.

As 10 is the end of the route the questions are not necessary.

The formula you followed for the non-bimbo route would pretty much be the same. Having a uniform gameflow makes the game easier to make, and easier to play.

Right now it's just Twilight, with plans to bimbofy Cheerilee coming along.

Bimbofication scenes happen in the evening, with nobody else around, not even the player. The player still gets to see it though, because that's fun.

Step 1-5 of Twilight's bimbofied appearance can be found here: https://itch.io/t/93577/twilight-promo

It will go up to step 10, but we don't have art finalized for that yet.

Sounds just fine to me, you'd have to discuss the details of the cutscene with Snacks.

As a programmer, it'd be as simple as just having the art display, so unless you're talking like actual animation, it would be very easy to add whatever you come up with