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Twilight Promo

A topic by Annon created Jun 09, 2017 Views: 491 Replies: 25
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12 PSD files

That link already expired. Weird. Hope this one works instead https://ufile.io/9ezbk

https://ufile.io/qsbmq Shaded, thicker outlines, just 1 file

https://ufile.io/q7c3h Teacher Sprite

Twilight Full Size 


Other Teachers Small size


Main 5 Placeholders http://www.filedropper.com/mai...

Main 5 Crystal Prep girls placeholders http://www.filedropper.com/cry...

Dean Cadance Placeholder http://www.filedropper.com/dea...

How can I help? Availability is 2230-0330 UTC and most of Wed and Thur.


You writing or drawing?

Drawing . Here are some edits I made of Annon's work.  


Oh you posted THOSE. Well, it looks great.

Time availability is appreciated, but this doesn't really require any real time collaboration.

Honestly we only really need art assets as the story demands it for now... and that sort of all comes down to our writers.

Unless you want to draw backgrounds or HUD elements

Ok, I'll go ahead and do some backgrounds until you or Annon want me for something else.

Loving the enthusiasm. But it's just nice to know you're around to help.


No prob Bob.  Here's a background of the character's room so far. Let me know what to change or add if needed. I'll try the violet room next.


Oh these are really good! Without doubt useable well done.


Good stuff Kyuun, I'll be sure to add it to the next build.

Floppy disk for the Save/Load area


Here's the pdf for Cheerilee, Pinkie and Twilight Showstyle with various expressions.



Here's a zip file containing the final images of Twilight in the usual style. Changed her outfit to go along with the design changes of the other character.

There's 5 files. Each file she's still non-bimbo, but changes a bit more. This could be used for the violet room, so when you increase her bimbo stats by 2, you switch to the next sprite.

Also send the ones in showstyle above with different changes, so that's all on the non-bimbo twilight done.


Adapting the Twilight converstion 6 to the game, could use the following art assets for her:

  • -Twilight, frazzled, nervous/afraid
  • -Twilight, frazzled, angry
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Done and done! Is the nervous/afraid good enough? Thought if she didn't smile she'll just look sad.

Also fixed the 5th stage frilly version, and added eyebags. But forgot accidentally and ruined the non-frizzly versions. Hope you still have them.


Looks great!

Yeah I've still got the PSD for the old ones... want me to send them your way so you can edit them later if you have to?

That would be appreciated



Thanks a bunch!