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Airhead Academy

(18+) Dating sim where you can romance your classmates, or transform them and just let them follow their newfound lust. · By BimbosonaDev

Bookish Babe to Bubbly Bimbo - A Story of Twilight Sparkle

A topic by C. Snacks created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 966 Replies: 40
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A [possibly temporary] thread for the writing of Twilight's Bimbo Route.
I figure the other thread is getting a little weighty at this point, but it's still not quite done. Because individual perspectives on how to handle the Standard and Bimbo routes may be a little different, I'd like to avoid crossing the streams, at least for the time being.  So, since this is the main draw for creating the project, what kind of stuff should be going on? Where are we going from here, how far, it's all important to figure out where we want things to end up. As such, I'll probably be putting a lot of brackets in these bins until we can figure a few out, just to provide myself and anyone reading them some points of contention and change.
Or, If there's something you're really aching to include, lets see what we can do to get it done, yeah?

S-Link 1 https://pastebin.com/0m29tzhE
S-Link 2 https://pastebin.com/J9cy1qNm
S-Link 3 https://pastebin.com/BpGFntXQ

7-20 - Thread Created, S-Link 1 Added
11-20 - S-Link 2&3 Added

So here's what I'm thinking for the first S-Link: https://pastebin.com/0m29tzhE

The idea I'm trying to get across is that this is sort of a transitional S-Link, in that Twilight still retains a lot of herself and also these new, slightly wild, feelings that she doesn't know what to do with. If there's enough push for it, it's possible to keep some of the book-nerd qualities, but tone them down in favor of more 'fun' things.
I was also looking to have her language alter a bit during this period from the other S-Link, to show a continued change from the character, so let me know if that's too much, too soft, or just enough. And any other input is appreciated as well.


I like where it's going, it's more gradual than I expected which is a very nice pace for it. One thing you may want to include (if not here than in later conversations) is that being changed into a bimbo, while invisible to outsiders, is perceptible by the victim. So maybe that's a direction it could go down? Or at least is mentioned in one conversation? Just some ideas


All of those tie into uncertainty i was having: about how aware the subject should be, and also what other sprite changes are going to be available.
If we've reached the end of the bimbo TF with the sprites we have available, i can go back and rework things a bit, but knowing which one is the cutoff will help in that regard and I can work around that. Since I'd like Twilight to keep at least a bit of her cleverness, as she gets more daring, eventually she's going to realize what's going on, but my hope is that she's already well on her way to embracing a new nature at that point.


The sprites we have for now are her pre-bimbo state I believe, they're 1-5 on a scale of 1-10 of Bimbo level

This story would begin as soon as she hit level 6

Exactly what I was hoping to hear. So I'll go ahead with being slightly ambiguous regarding her shape until we're settled on a more permanent appearance, with intention to go back and change.

Ah that's interesting.

Would that mean we would go for 5 different bimbo stages as well? For (6-10) like we did with (1-5)? 

Or just have her bimbo form be the same throughout the (6-10)?

First thought of the latter option, but it's no problem to go with the first as edits are so, so easy.  Liking the idea of still gradual changes, The question is more how the writing will go along with it.

Was also wondering if there's any specific wishes for her normal bimbo TF. Can make one today and got some ideas, but if there's any wishes, gonna go along with it.

Could be fun to have her wear glasses at  1 s-link to make her look super smart again.

Very much enjoyed it, but yes there's quite some topics to discuss.

Should there be cutscenes? Can do some illustrations if needed but they're also extra work on the writing part.

But at least this seems to have a good direction. Some answer encourage her to stay smart some encourage her to go wild.

It's really difficult not trying to make a bunch of branches in this specially when other bimbos might enter the scene.

Gonna try to make a suggestion and hoping it's not too convoluted.

- Maybe at some point you're not allowed to visit twilight at her home because Velvet is too worried about her slutty daughter (compared to when she was a shut-in and easy to tease). So you'll have to spend some bimbo points on the mother or something to access the next S-link.

What do you mean by cut scenes? When and where? I don't mind the additional work, as this is the stuff I've been waiting for, but knowing where and what we're thinking would be helpful.

My general thinking with the questions isn't so much a branching bimbo route, but one that encourages her to act out, at least a little bit. That's why more weight is given to the S-Links that encouraged a more positive approach to the changes. For now, I'm thinking that continuing to work the Twilight/Pinkie angle is most helpful, although that's certainly up for discussion this early on in the Links, and even going forward as well.

I like the idea of having to change Velvet too, just because it forces the Player to indulge in using their power a bit more. Kind of like the one where Twilight freaks out earlier. Something similar could be done with Cheerilee or Pinkie Pie as well: depending on how involved we want to have those characters.


Cutscenes likely refer to unique interactions that can't be accomplished by just putting the character art on the background. Dancing at a club, for example.

Incorporating other characters and having their dialogue change based on whether or not they're bimbofied is easy enough to do on the coding side. If you guys are willing to write/draw it, I'll be happy to put it in the game.

The cutscenes are reffered to the thread where things should get more risque.  As in Library BJ, Twilight being encouraged to jill off at SCC, her home invitations (blocked by Velvet at some point) etc.

But again that all depends on what is agreed to be written and illustrated, don't have anything specific in mind.

And also special cutscenes if you've met following requirements.

Like the idea of doing something with Pinkie. We already have her sprites, so there can be Bimbo  Twilight catching up with normal Pinkie  and that would go as an s-link would normally go. 

If however Pinkie at the time had her own lv 6 bimbo stage it can cut into a threesome as a thanks for the player to bring them back together as a cutscene.

Don't think what's been written here is the biggest mountain of work, but it can quickly derail if we don't put limitations. But would like to hear thoughts on these ideas. 


I see, thanks guys.

To begin, I'm not opposed to the extra work at all when it comes to the bimbo arc, mostly because I know which side butters my bread. I'd really like to do more involved if-then related stuff, I've just held back because this is a demo. But one or two couldn't hurt, and adds an element of depth and possibly replayability. Or at least save- scumming your way through to see all the bimbo interactions.

Taking that into account, I guess we need to be looking at advanced forms for all 3 of the support characters?

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>Advanced form of all 3.

So let's say they turn into actual bimbos at level 6. Or was it 5?

What we could do since this is just a demo have them all be possible to bimbofy without needing S-links.

>Pinkie Pie 

What we could do for Pinkie Pie is meeting her at SCC, but your conversations are rather much the same. (to not focus too much on her). But once you have used your spell on her 5-6 times she changes into a bimbo like twilight and the threesome can be achieved.


Would not need a bimbo form, but once she gets to the last level (before changing into a bimbo) she'll be more than fine with Player and Bimbo Twi in the house.


Same with Velvet, so at her last level before turning bimbo she's fine with bimbo twilight and player fooling around in the library.

But if we choose to go with these two needng to be bimbos for that to happen that'll be fine to if you would rather have that, might make things easier storywise and in programming it's either/or.

Ah yeah, one idea that slips to mind would be to have a scene with twilight casually topless in the library at some point. Could easily edit sprites for that.

That would be a laugh, and a great excuse to get Cheerilee irate. It does feel odd having Twilight's meeting place still be in the library, so this could either work as a way to set up a new location (home, perhaps?) or keep her in the library with a similar suggestion to the one with Velvet earlier where you change Cheerilee to the point she doesn't mind so much any more.

(Edited 1 time)

Ah yeah absolutely doesn't have to be the library, but would be possible to have cheerilee in it, but could be somewhere else as well. 

Absolutely up for drawing the supporting cast as bimbos if needed.

Still curious how the S-Link mechanic will work from now. You talk with twilight, then s-link, and then to continue the story you need to use the velvet room for the next S-link? (Presuming her leveling up from 6-10 is neccessary?) Or now the S-links are more than enough to push her transformation with words alone.

The story itself is all up in the air right now, still plotting a course. But I'm never opposed to more bimbos, I just don't want to get greedy, or have an abundance of unused assets at the end of the demo.

As for the S-Link itself, I believe, and Dev can correct me if I'm wrong, it relates directly to the advancement of the story. Whereas with BrainLight Dorkle it was helping her get her stuff in order to get into the McGuffin Program, with HeadLight Twaddle it will be getting her comfortable with her oversexualized body, and the needs it has therein. And the success or failure depends on her own stats; I'm thinking Charisma is the primary in this case, with INT taking a second - the higher both of them are, the more likely she's going to stay, uh, reasonable. As in she's able to stay in control. Not sleeping with everyone with a pulse. Or, if you like that kind of thing, ending up as a school bicycle. Point being, once you get to this storyline, Twilight is going to be a bimbo. How she gets to where she ends up, that's for the S-Links to tell.

That is an interesting idea about the S-Link being tied to Twilight's slide down the storyline. We might be able to associate additional transformations with S-Links (maybe not 1-to-1, but by S-Link 7/8, if she could finally reach her Bimbo 10, that would be something like what I'm thinking), but that's a coding thing, so I don't want to stray too far into that.

Understand. Absolutely don't mind having more bimbos either. Gonna propose that if you wish to write some bimboliciousness for pinkie, cheerilee or velvet if the story demands it on your end, then the art asset can easily be provided once it written or confirmed that's the path it'll go. Since we're limiting ourselves it doesn't sound too bad.


It would be easy enough to change her 'homebase' to some other place. Maybe SCC or someplace more fun?

I wrote a thing earlier, small bimbofication scene for Twilight to transition from base form to stage 1 bimbo. It's pretty heavy on the lewd, and the formatting definitely needs to be changed to make it viable for the game, but let me know what you guys think. It's just a rough draft right now anyways, pieces can be changed without too much issue at all. I wrote it to be kind of ambiguous so that it can be inserted into the story while also not necessarily impacting the central narrative.



This is quite a lot.

I could make a bigger text box just for the transformation scenes since, wow, there is a lot more here than anyone else has been writing, but it's really good stuff. One thing I would say is maybe some dialogue or internal monologue would be nice, as it would give a better image to the player of her mental changes and how she feels about this.

But honestly, this is quite above and beyond what I was expecting. Good work!

I suppose the question then is do we want to trim it down so it's more in-line with the rest of the game, but have tranformations/sex-scenes be special occasions with more text?

Sure! I was debating whether or not to write in some dialogue for her since I wasn't super sure how it would be formatted in the context of the game. If internal dialogue is something you're interested in doing, though, I'm more than happy. It'd make the piece a little more punchy, I think.

I suppose that sort of depends on whether or not people want to focus more on the bimbofication, or the end result. Shorter, more poignant pieces would help the pacing of the game. Since text games are wordy by nature, people may prefer a little more brevity here. Are we feeling longer, or shorter scenes? 

(Edited 1 time)

First of all, wanna say really appreciate the energy and helpfulness you've provided, it's really motivating to keep things going.

Just wanna make sure we're on the same page on how the bimbofication works. There are 10 bimbo levels, but so far it's been set to have her turn into an ''actual'' bimbo at level 6. 

So when you said ''from base form to stage 1 bimbo'' did you mean from level 1-2 or from 5-6 in what you wrote? 

Seems from you prvious comments you meant it was from level 1-2, but her chest sounded like it expanded to level 6 in the story?

Wouldn't be too difficult thought to change the art to match the bimbofication writing, if we decide to go for a more gradual change. 

But was hoping to hear if you had in mind to write the changes for all 10, or just from 5-6 and then from 9-10 (where she will have a good end and bad end change)

But again thanks alot for your interest in contributing, you've done splendid.


I meant 1 to 2. I can tone down the level of expansion though, that wouldn't be very difficult at all. I was going to just have a second round of more pronounced breast growth when we got to that point. The change was meant to be from a B cup to a D or a DD, and then for 6 it would likely be DD to a G, but I can tone it down a bit more if that's what's preferred!

I'd be happy to write all the way from 1 to 10 if you wanted me too. I can't make any promises for timelines, as I'm moving apartments pretty soon, but I'm more than willing to pitch in for the cause. 


Maybe tone it down a little, but if everyone else here is comfortable with that much text for the TF, then hell yeah let's keep going. It's one of my favorite aspects tbh.

Regarding timelines, don't sweat it too much. This entire thing is pretty much bottlenecked by my efficiency which is AWFUL and we've only just started writing/programming the actual bimbo elements of this story.

Do what you can, and if I SOMEHOW get the game to a point where every single thing is done except for your bimbofication scenes, then we can talk.

Excellent! I'll get started on the next few stages then. I'm not sure how wordy they'll be yet, but I'll just write as much as I think is appropriate, and I can alter it after the fact, pending approval from everyone!

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You're an excellent sport to this whole project.

What you wrote right now. Would say the first one could absolutely be used. The only sentence to make changes to would be to remove the ''-''->((Pounds of))<- firm teen tit meat grow upon her chest, ''

Would say the best cause of action is for you to just write and not feel like you have limitations. The transformations could have various length, making them short or longer depending on what you feel.

only thing to maybe keep in mind that these can be done s cutscenes with an illustration. 

But the more various poses/locations she's in, the more art needs to be drawn. 

(So say all her 1-5 stages happen on her desk then only 1 illustration is needed (with edits (no problem))

(If all 1-5 stages happen on either her desk or bed then 2 illustrations are needed and so on.)

But don't let that stop you, So gonna say just try it and then let's see if anything needs change in the workflow. 

Sure! I was kind of thinking that somewhere along the line her desk could do double duty as a vanity/work space, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, I was planning on writing this next sequence under the assumption that she won't actually notice the changes itself, but she will notice the changes in her day to day life because of them. For example, her breasts being strangely needy and sensitive recently, or the leering gazes of boys as they eye her chest in passing, something that likely hadn't happened before. If people have any input as to whether or not this seems like a good idea, it'd be much appreciated. I'm just kinda working off the cuff right now to see what fits and what doesn't.

Oh yeah that also makes sense. All your ideas sounds pretty neat, feel like you should just go for it. But otherwise if there's any doubt C.Snacks is the one to consult!

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Stage 2-3 is complete! Let me know what changes you'd like to make!


I'm going off of the 1-6 chart that Annon posted earlier, by the way, in case anyone is wondering


Oh wow, fast as the wind. Quite detailed loving it. Specially how the objects changed as well.

Gonna request the next change to only be max a page long if you'd like. Thinking more is better but just out of curiousity. Wouldn't want you to burn out.

But gonna try and make an illustration now and share it when it's up for editing. This is gonna be fun to draw.


Here's a promo image so far for the cutscene. It takes a while to set up the layers, and also need to add shading and more deck objects (maybe a poster at the door?) but edits can be done from here easily.

Gonna work on the edits for what has been written so far soon enough.


Alright, if anything in the backgroud needs adding do tell. Gonna work on the transformation sequances now following the scripts given.


Done! First 1-2 transformation complete, this was really fun, but time consuming. In any case wanna hear what everyone thinks of this


Tried to include all text, where there's written (No-Text) can stay like that, or there could be added at least one extra line to fill the void. Either option works.

Gonna go for the 2-3 next.

I like it! It does a really well in accentuating the eroticism of the situation, I'm very pleased with the way it's come together. It's also inspired me to make the first section flow a little bit better, so I'll do some minor edits at some point in the near future. Excellent work!


Appreciated! Here's the second 2-3 transformation edits


Happy to have you on board.


I'm really enjoying the fairly slow piece-by-piece transformation you two have, and the sequence you've put together, Annon, is miles better than Twilight's sprite changing with a click. Thanks to both of you.

Zip File - (Edited the last two images where she lost the pen in her hand) 


Zip File again for the level 2-3


Two new S-Links

#2 - https://pastebin.com/J9cy1qNm

Wherein Twilight's physical changes take a backseat to her beginning to acknowledge that maybe the something more she referenced earlier relates to exploring new experiences.

#3 - https://pastebin.com/BpGFntXQ

Wherein Twilight starts investigating what it's like to flirt while doing something familiar and gets physically closer, and more comfortable, with the Player.

I'm not entirely sold on either of these as a final draft yet, but they're certainly in the spirit and general direction of where things should probably go.  Twilight exploring new things in the world, and about herself, feels like it fits very well.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Now for some game-related discussion that I hope gives some direction, and opens up doors to possibilities:

Things are probably going to escalate pretty quickly over the next couple of S-Links as Twilight has to wrestle with her increasing urges. What I'm really looking to do is to feed into her investigative sense where she wants to learn something new, fueled also by the changes to her body and her mentality. So, here's a rough idea of what the next few Links will look like:

#4 - Emboldened by her actions so far, Twilight and the Player rendezvous in the library stacks again. Twilight is a little more bold this time around, explaining she'd like to understand both of their bodies a little bit better. Lots of heavy petting, groping, and ending with a kiss that really throws Twilight for a loop. She sends the Player off, needing time to think.

#5 - After due consideration, and a little time to stew in her hormones, Twilight is ready to try again. And by 'try again' of course that means take things up a notch. She orally pleasures the Player in the library, not quite ready to kiss again, but wanting to explore more. After concluding with Twilight, the Player notices Miss Cheerilee staring after him again.

#6 - The Player enters the library just in time to see Twilight and Miss Cheerilee in an argument. Although it's more Miss Cheerilee reaming Twilight for being irresponsible, and saying she's already left  a concerned message with her mother. Twilight is banned from the library until she cleans up her act. Twilight complains to the Player about how more people seem to be taking notice of her, but she doesn't seem to mind too terribly much [Twilight's daytime meets move to either SCC, her house, or another more 'fun' location, further S-Links require access to Twilight's house].

Here's where things (might) get tricky. Because this is a game with a bimbofication aspect, I think there should be times to take advantage of it. So, my general thought is that #6 can actually be split into one (or even two) different routes.

#6.1 - [requires 2+ castings of magic [or a certain stat-associated level of bimboness] on Cheerilee]  The Player encounters the argument again, but Twilight is allowed to get her responses out this time. Miss Cheerilee, obviously a little confused and shaken, eventually relents that, as long as things don't escalate any further in the library, she will tolerate this misunderstanding. Twilight's mother is still made aware, but Twilight remains at the library for her daytime meets. Further actions require access to the Sparkle house.

#6.2 - [very optional - requires bimbo'd Cheerilee] The Player encounters the argument again, but this time it's about how Twilight is hogging the dick to herself. This makes miss Cheerilee very upset, and she requests a round with the Player. After some initial reluctance, Twilight agrees. After the blowjob, (possibly double?) Twilight admits that it wasn't that bad, and maybe sharing is fun too. Twilight remains at the Library for her daytime meets but requests any further actions take place somewhere more private. Twilight/Cheerilee bimbo blowjobs unlocked in the library.

Of course, I'd like to have benefits and drawbacks to all of these instances. For example:
#6 - Twilight loses X INT when kicked out of the library - helps the Player push toward a corrupt Twilight since she's not allowed to study as often as she has been prior - Slower INT gains going forward too
#6.1 - Twilight does not lose any stats, helping the Player sty on a more pure route - Twilight blowjob unlocked in library
#6.2 - Twilight loses X Charisma when competing with Cheerilee - same reasoning as #6 - Teacher and Student blowjobs unlocked in library

If that's at all possible, I think it would help to position players to get the ending they want or, if nothing else, force them to find a balance between scenes, grinding stats, and endings. And, because this is the last 'scene' in the library, all three branches immediately converge back into the main story, hopefully relatively seamlessly, afterwards. In each of these, Velvet will have at least some idea that something has gone wrong with her daughter, so will be reluctant to have you over. More on that in later post, if it's determined something like this is within the scope of the game.