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Bug Report Sticky

A topic by BimbosonaDev created Jun 28, 2017 Views: 648 Replies: 37
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This is the thread for playtesters to tell me how broken the game is, and where it broke, so I know to fix it.

Some anon suggested doing playtesting at TFGamesSite, which I would but, well... there's no TF in the game yet.

SO UNTIL THEN: I'm stuck with y'all and you're stuck with me, let's try to make a good ass game together.

tl;dr, bug reports, put em here


It doesn't crash anymore after "Spending time with your friends?". But clicking on her in the afternoon after the conversation does not start the last bit of conversation you mentioned. Clicking her does nothing during that afternoon.


Looking at my own code, my bad.

That last conversation actually isn't in the game yet, sorry to get your hopes up.

Its entirely possible this has been mentioned before and I just missed it, but all clicking on the phone option does is crash the game.


Hmm it doesn't crash for me...

Like just clicking the phone in the top right causes a crash? Can you copypaste the error message?

Sorry, I wasn't very clear. Whenever I click on the phone Icon, the game freezes up and stops responding. I can't click on anything and waiting doesn't seem to help, so I have to exit and fire the game up again. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, its been a hectic few days.


That's... very strange.

Maybe it's an issue with variable initialization? Can you click the phone after loading a save or on a fresh save, or does it cause this problem every time no matter what?

I just tried it with the new patch and its working now. I checked the old version, and a fresh save worked as well. No idea what was causing it.


Trying to load from either save slot 2, the violet room, or an older save fails. Upon trying to start a new game, it loaded the older save file up. I'll have to dink around with it more tomorrow and find out what exactly makes what tick.

Also, upon gaining access to hanging out with Twilight in the evenings, the dialogue for doing so ends up looping forever for some reason.

Trying Bimbo Magic twice on Twilight two more times past the fourth (and currently final) time when it's weak/no broken hearts swapped her picture for Cheerilee's.

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After testing out loading/saving stuff, it seems the issue is this:
Make save 1
Make save 2 (current save, making save 1 the second most recent save.)
Close game, try loading save 1, error, just goes back to the title.
Loading the save 2 or a save 3 (save before 1 or 2) works just fine.
Trying to load the botch save, and then clicking new game will load that botched save instead of making a new game.


The bugged conversation has been fixed.

The bimbo art for Twilight doesn't exist yet, and Cheerilee is what art is loaded when content does not exist. This will be fixed in the future.

I have no fucking clue what that save shit is. Does it crash or just not load?

Just doesn't load. Trying to load it and clicking new game will load it instead of a new game though.

Just tested this with the newest title fix, still acts janky.


Starting the game initializes the variables, loading the save overwrites them with whatever was in the save.

Since the game isn't changing rooms, that's why New Game isn't working.

This is only when you try to load a save from the Violet Room though?

Oh sorry, should've clarified that, it's anywhere. Your Room, School, Library, Violet Room...
A good, simple way to put it (which I'm not sure why I didn't just put it this way from the start,) is the most recent save you make doesn't load, but any save before it does.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I've tried replicating this bug based on your instructions, but I can't seem to force it to happen.

Could you try deleting the save folder altogether (C:\Users\***YourNameHere***\AppData\Local\CHSr012) and see if it still occurs? Maybe you're loading a save from an incompatible version that's causing issues.

EDIT: Are you trying to save/load with mouse or keyboard controls?

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Using a mouse to save/load.
Deleted my save folder, lemme go step by step as a just in case thing:

Clicked through intro, named self Dipdo.
Clicked Guts option.
Clicked "Sorry, wanted to go somewhere silent."
Clicked "Make a game of it."
9/7 Monday Afterschool, saved on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd file, in that order.
Closed game, opened game.
All three load, so far promising, let's push it a little more in just in case.
Spend Time with Twilight, click "I was hoping to follow your lead and study." then "Ask what's bothering her."
Save on just the first file, close game, open game.
Clicking on first save causing game to sit at title.
Clicking New Game now loads first save.

So I started up a fresh save file, saving right after the first talk with Twilight. Then I closed it and opened up the save, editing nothing but the PCs stats to see if it would work (changed them all to 8). That done, I closed the editor and opened the game back up and loaded the altered save.

It got through the second talk with Twilight just fine, and nothing weird happened in the first Violet Room either. But the next morning, when I had to either look at porn or study to progress time to do anything else, doing either would completely break the game, because time would just rapidly go forward without me being able to do anything.

I can't get the Good ending in the .23 update, despite having a charm/intel of 16. And in the .24 update, the game get stuck after Twilight gives you her phone number.


The first one will be fixed in the next update, I'm unable to replicate the game getting stuck after the phone number though, I may have fixed it by accident while fixing the first one.

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I also have the game getting stuck after Twilight gives her phone number.

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I can't seem to progress anywhere with Twilight. When she gives me her phone number she starts again right after as if I spoke to her again. 

Also, ever few times I try talk Twilight or do something with the computer the game seems to softlock at the end of it.

BTW, I was the anon who suggested TFgamessite. 


What dialogue options are you choosing? What time of day is it when you're doing these things that lock up?

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It doesn't seem to matter what dialogue I choose, whenever I'm done with twilight, it starts another, regardless of my current situation. I can click never mind to get out of it, but it the same things starts whenever I go to the library.

Edit: I CAN provide screenshots.

The phone glitch was fixed, but the game now freezes when you wanna go to study or SCC in Saturday. Also, i can't pull the happy ending, despite having 16 with Twilight


Hmm, I'm willing to bet trying to study on Saturday doesn't work since the library should be closed, and the SCC thing is being handled by the same code. I will look into this.

Can you copy the ini for your save file into a pastebin so I can load it up and take a look?

Study  but in the computer, in your home.Right now , i can't,but later i try to load it.

I have a problem where Cherelee keeps popping up instead of Twilight, what do i do? 


Have you pushed Twilight beyond Bimbo level 5?

That i have.


I don't have art assets for Twi that high up, so yes she defaults to Cheerilee for now.

Alright, thanks for letting me know.

Not a bug, but couldn't find a better place to ask

I just stumbled on this game, I really like the way you guys are going about the bimbofication, and the fact that even someone who isn't into mlp like me can enjoy it so much. I'd love to help out like others on this forum are, but all I can offer is coding and you seem to have that under control yourself.

I thought I might have some fun and mess around with the code here and there to see what I could do which might be fun, such as see if I can add a breast bounce option similar to nekopara's. Then I remembered you release it as a .exe, so I don't have a source code to play around with. 

To summarise, are you ok with sending me a copy of the code so I can play around with it? Or are you keeping it closed source on purpose, in which case I understand, I just figured it was worth asking.


Honestly what with the game being subject to DMCA any damn day now, I've been meaning to release an open source for a while just in case. Especially considering my recent technical issues, MAYBE I should do that. I will go ahead and start releasing the source alongside all future builds, starting with last weeks build being put up now because who knows what could happen.

That being said, boob jiggle isn't super outside of the realm of possibility with the current build, and honestly more represents artistic limitation than anything. You may want to talk to Annon about that. 

ADDITIONALLY: as this game has no game design document, it has been a mad scramble of coding as I went along, and as a result of that (and my self-taught upbringing) please be aware that the source code is a complete fuckfest, total shitshow. I have no doubt a determined individual could dig around in there and optimize it, but I dare not place that burden on anyone's shoulders.

In theory I should be able to get boob jiggle just with the sprites that are already being provided, though I have only looked into it briefly and skimmed some similar scripts people have released, so I might be being too optimistic.

I might find myself optimising it here or there to make life easier for myself, but tbh I'm pretty used to working with shit code anyway so I'll probably just use it as is, ultimately I'll just be messing around with it when I need a fun break. On the bright side the game isn't processor heavy, so even if the code isn't optimised nobody's going to notice on the player end.


that's always been my excuse for not worrying too much about the shitshow that is my code

'its game maker studio, how much slowdown can it possibly cause when running a VN?'

nice to hear from someone else that this line of reasoning isn't COMPLETELY insane