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hi! This is very common feedback. The game was released without a win condition and with some buggy text because of running out of time, but I’m working in a post jam version thats  easier to play, and hopefully more fun. I hope you’ll play it!

i only need help with a few larger sprites such as the title screen and the end screen. reply if interested.

after some issues with window display size i'll be tackling player movement today.

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Hello! Starting a devlog 3 days in because I'm starting a game 3 days in. Unfortunately I went camping this weekend and had to miss the start, but thankfully I created a fusion 2.5 project well in advance. Now that I'm home it's time to get started! On to the game, I'm working on a demake of blockheads since it has simple enough controls for a 64x64 version. I am not sure how far I get but I'd love to have procedural generation and world saving as a minimum.

Thanks! I didn’t have much time for polish but i enjoyed making it.

the sound is awesome! thanks for making this game!

very cool game, wish it was longer

nice game! Really fun.

great job making it work with mobile!

that’s totally fine! Your game sounds amazing btw. I can’t wait to play it.

It’s been 24 hours since the jam started and it’s time to see what you have so far! Post screenshots or full bookmarklets here!

theme announced! Good luck.

Theme will be announced at the start of the jam

maybe I’m just dumb then. Because I actually prefer using game frameworks where I have some freedom over my editor and such. For instance I love löve because of its freedom.

this looks a lot more polished than other js based game engines, however it requires a download of a program. Is there a way to get just the lib?


Good luck!

the movement feels a little jerky. otherwise its fun and the attack feels smooth.

fun, but i'm really bad. love the aesthetic.

verry nice game! love the graphics and more importantly the music.

somewhat fun, dont quite get what to do but otherwise nice graphics!

fun game! loveee the music. definitely going to play again 

didn't check in yesterday here, but I have a new update. I worked the whole day to clean up code for the restriction which requires me to render a different way.  and I also spent it trying to get various voice actors to record for me. today will be spent trying to get gamestates to trigger voice loops and trying to get my physics to not allow  moon jumps. that's basically all I have to do today then I can start  drawing up the level. :0 anyways ill make a new one tomorrow explaining what I got done. have a nice day :)

so. I did nothing since the last devlog. We cut a tree down yesterday and today so no progress from me. does this mean this is a short devlog? sorry to dissapoint but no. i actually got a guy to make sprites for me! So i will post a couple here. Uhm yeah:

Meet my new character. Thanks mightypancake . he was able to help last minute with full frames for movement and, he also helped with ground tiles

Anyways thanks again for reading this and thanks mightypancake for the art. Tomorrow i should be able to move the sprites into my engine and fix the small gamewindow.

Have a nice day c:

day 3!?!? Wow its already the third day of working on this game, and i realize that i have been kinda slowpokey with making it work. So today i show all progress i have done. First up! I realized that my game had bad phisics, so i switched engines. I actually found a tutorial over at "osmstudios" that helped me fix my engine. One downside is that i have to reimplement the 64x64 pixel game window, but i should be fine. Next up! I was strugling to desing a map for the character to use so i decided to look througjhmy hard drive. I actually found an old map i was using for a multiplayer game i was building. It works great! Uhm yeah thatd all for this morning. I hope to have something implemented this afternoon so i can work on fun features in store. 

Thanks for reading this devlog, sorry about the ramble.

Peace. C:

this looks awesome! Cant wait to see when its finished

alrighty, day 2 is here! Yesterday i kinda forgot about character and worked on my engine. But today i have a character (kinda) too show!! 

Uhh yeah, its not anything concrete yet but. He is cool. I think i will name this test character... uhhhh... bob. So meet bob everyone! Uhh yeah time to work on my engine more. Gotta figure out how to upscale my game without changing number of pixels. I might know but thats what i shall include in the next devlog! :)


alright so now that that's out of the way, what is this game about? well its a platformer, in years past I have seen amazing platformers with many cool little things, so for this jam I am trying to emulate that  with this game. basically I just want to have fun making the game I hope to make that show through in the end result. but yeah for now that's all I have. I am going to go work on some character design, uh yeah, hope that jack lets me keep this thread alive

LOWREZJAM 2019 community · Created a new topic devlog

no. please no. nonono.  well it looks like I reset the entire paragraph I typed... not going to make that mistake again. I have to type this shorter this time. anyways idk if I even am able to make a devlog thread here but I saw somebody else made one and am using it as motivation to complete this jam. more in next post

both of these are great guides, thanks for this guys!

looks like a cool engine, i wont use it for this jam but will def look for it when i dont have a predetermined engine 

download the zip and run the included python file.

if your game engine itself creates a file that is bigger than the 4Kb limit that will be excluded during the judging

Still thanking you

more like both games take a quality drop for both being made durring the jam

Put the thing in the wrong place, never fixed it, it’s fine