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Not entirely sure if I’ll keep up with this, but I’m going to try build a little game over the month. This thread is for little progress reports on my game but more importantly I hope it serves as inspiration for you as you work on your games. With that said, let’s have a good jam!

Super original take on a game that could have been professionally made for mobile devices. Love the huge variety in blocks available, and the chaos that gets made as you progress. Loved playing this charming little timewaster!

super polished and incredibly awesome LEARN2FLY inspired game! While the playtime is short, it makes up for it with it's creative and downright funny upgrade descriptions. Clearly a high skill ceiling with the magnet upgrade.

Very fun platformer! It would be nice if the dice showed up faster so I could easily grab the best positions. Besides that, super fun.

The game also ran very slow (might've just been my browser though).

Interesting comment about framerate. We encountered that when building the game but it always seemed fine in the export.

incredible game! five's across the board

Loved the shooter aspect! I really enjoyed the variety of weapons and difficulty curve. Somehow I managed to have a door close infront of me rather than behind me, but it wasn't an issue as the enemies pathfinded to me anyway. The music and sfx brought me back to my childhood watching lab rats on disney.

Overall, stupendous game!

Unfortunately, linux. Very cool game nonetheless

This game is incredible! A factory builder with multiplayer? Progression? made in 48h?? Seems too good to be true. This game has the polish of a 30$ steam game, while being a jam game. HUGE props to the devs!

Loved the hand drawn aspect! This was also the first shooter I played for the jam, so props on that. The music and especially the sfx were really well done, and this game could have easily been from a much longer jam. Super impressed!

Extremely fun roguelike! The art was so cute and enjoyable, I feel like this game could make a great mobile rpg haha :D

Very fun little shooter! I really enjoy when you shoot one shot and can hit multiple chips :D

(ps: my highscore is 63)

(I didn't make this game)
You have to click on a red die to unselect it in order to select a new one, this confused me first too but eventually I got the hang of it

Pretty neat little strategy game, albiet too easy for my tastes. Very cool!

LOVED this game! It was so fun to play, and the movement which first seemed challenging is totally possible to master.

despite not being the most original game, I really enjoyed it. The mechanic where certain tiles don't work for certain sides of the die made it a very enjoyable puzzle game

VERY solid game with a lot of juice! I assume the you lost screen was rushed due to the deadline, and while the game is a bit cut off on my monitor I had a blast playing as long as I could!

Interesting game! I wasn't exactly sure how to progress but I enjoyed running around and collecting the balls anyhow. One issue I had is that the controls felt too slidey. With space held down it felt good to play, but you can't start moving if space is already pressed

Very cool game! 

I really enjoyed the difficulty curve and it feels very fair. Good job on making any box reachable before it flips if it's on the correct one. My only concerns are that the art was very simplistic, and the speed boost is a tad uncontrollable

hi! This is very common feedback. The game was released without a win condition and with some buggy text because of running out of time, but I’m working in a post jam version thats  easier to play, and hopefully more fun. I hope you’ll play it!

i only need help with a few larger sprites such as the title screen and the end screen. reply if interested.

after some issues with window display size i'll be tackling player movement today.

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Hello! Starting a devlog 3 days in because I'm starting a game 3 days in. Unfortunately I went camping this weekend and had to miss the start, but thankfully I created a fusion 2.5 project well in advance. Now that I'm home it's time to get started! On to the game, I'm working on a demake of blockheads since it has simple enough controls for a 64x64 version. I am not sure how far I get but I'd love to have procedural generation and world saving as a minimum.

Thanks! I didn’t have much time for polish but i enjoyed making it.

the sound is awesome! thanks for making this game!

very cool game, wish it was longer

nice game! Really fun.

great job making it work with mobile!

that’s totally fine! Your game sounds amazing btw. I can’t wait to play it.

It’s been 24 hours since the jam started and it’s time to see what you have so far! Post screenshots or full bookmarklets here!

theme announced! Good luck.

Theme will be announced at the start of the jam

maybe I’m just dumb then. Because I actually prefer using game frameworks where I have some freedom over my editor and such. For instance I love löve because of its freedom.

this looks a lot more polished than other js based game engines, however it requires a download of a program. Is there a way to get just the lib?

Good luck!

the movement feels a little jerky. otherwise its fun and the attack feels smooth.

fun, but i'm really bad. love the aesthetic.