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Roll the dice... with your life!
Submitted by cmrnprry (@n0t_cameron), AverageStardust, nobody5050 (@nobody5050) — 3 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
rolling dice is the main mechanic

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I like this game's take on the theme. The main problem I had was that I found it hard to actually use the dice for combat. I thought it was fun to have them for the dialog.


Cool idea ! A bit too fast for me, still a lot of content, loved the way you talk to NPC !


I liked the amount of polish here. The HUD was nice, the power-ups, the shops, there was a lot of depth you managed to fit in during the deadline! Great job! My one bit of feedback would be that personally I do not think that you should be able to decide what you roll, since that's sort of the point of rolling the dice. It'd be very humorous (yet also frustrating) to miss a roll on buying stuff from a shopkeep.


I liked the art. The combat however became just a frantic button mashing because the enemies were way too fast and the dice took a while to damage, so I'd just run around throwing dice hoping they died before me, it was a bit fun because it was so hectic. The die throwing to speak was a bit frustrating because the speed was too fast and I almost never managed to speak the lines I wanted.

At some point the manuscripts stopped showing text, so I don't know what came after the map where the previous text said it would be the beginning.


You should feel proud of this game! Super fun, super immersive, with a great dice mechanic! Also SO much dialogue, which was an awesome touch. Amazing job!


This game was really fun!! I found myself most interested in the dialogue, trying to talk to the characters and not say something horribly rude while also trying to learn more about the world. I can't believe the promised riches were a lie 😭. Gameplay was exciting but also I feel like it was a little too hard, and demanded a lot of mechanical skill from me which I do not have haha. I think the font could be more legible too, the harsh text bothers my eyes little. Overall really cool game, and very creative take on the concept, I haven't seen anything with this kind of dialogue mechanic yet, and I love the ability to control what side the dice lands on.


Great to hear you loved the dialog. I wish we had a better font too, but by the time we had dialog we were kind locked into low-res pixel art. You live you learn.


Wow so much dialogue! I might work on making it a little easier to read as I was struggling to but wanted to keep reading!


The conversation system is so unique and genuinely fun, i would love to see it more fleshed out in an expanded version. I think there is some sort of audio bug though because i had no sound. That being said even without sound it was pretty fun.


I had fun setting up the conversation system, and I think our writer loved writing for it. We might have to make something in the future with it. There were no audio bugs, we just didn't have time for any sound.


I really enjoyed the conversations with the characters, was a second before I understood you control what the dice landed on. Couldn't get past the desert level, guess I'm just a dirty leech ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But the game kept my attention for a good 20 minutes so I say that's a success :)

The game also ran very slow (might've just been my browser though).

The game also ran very slow (might've just been my browser though).

Interesting comment about framerate. We encountered that when building the game but it always seemed fine in the export.


Sorry to hear about the lag. If you don't mind, what browser and OS were you on?


Chrome & Windows.


The game was developed on Windows and Linux with V8 (basically Chrome). So you’re getting lag on the ideal platform, that’s weird. Sorry, I can’t do much without profiler data.


Hey all good still enjoyed what I got to play :)


Definitely enjoyed the core mechanics here. I found that trying to control throwing meter was hard to do while running around avoiding bats... It felt like there was many competing challenges for the player to think about at once -- maybe too many. In most situations, I'd need to run-to-avoid, hold the throw button, and hope that the die would get thrown a reasonable distance. whew. When it happened how I imagined, it felt great! Other times I just felt like I would rather run for my life and tap the throw button randomly until I succeeded.

Long story short --> Mechanics concept are great, but could have an easier warmup area to master the required skills.


Interesting mechanic and surprisingly, a lot of content ! It's really difficult though, I couldn't finish it.

The camera scrolling in the direction you are moving seems like a good idea, but it has a bit too much inertia, and given the low-res graphical style, it start to hurt the eyes on the long run.

Still, I liked playing it !


Love the throwing dice physics, the game is super fun to play!


Old arcade effect, Pretty neat and fun to play


nostalgic game


Surprising amount of content for a short jam, really fun. The dice graphic is great and the journals made me want to see what was at the end!


Great work!

First of all I loved the art, you did a great job!

I also love the idea of using the same dice rolling mechanic to talk to people, it adds an element of skill to dialog.

My feedback:
- Make the dice explode sooner (or on contact). My strategy ended up being just running and throwing because aim didn't feel very important.
- The dialog is quite hard to read and enjoy, because enemies don't give you any space. Perhaps hide NPC's out of reach of enemies, or pause during dialog.

Overall fantastic work, keep it up!


The concept is pretty creative, I wish the dice would explode a little sooner, it's kinda hard to hit the enemy, a little sound effects would be nice too


Overall it was pretty good. The dice rolling mechanic is extremely interesting and well made. The movement and camera however weren't great. A few suggestions I have are to make movement of players and enemies slower and turn off camera smoothing.