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Hi there!  I hadn’t even thought of it that deeply.  I was just pondering semi-generative microsound/lowercase/glitch/granular music - there is a software called “Forester 2.0” that is controllable, but it’s based on the Max/MSP framework and requires that to run.  

I don’t make video game music (anymore), so Wwise is not what I’m looking to use.  Just kinda wondered what would happen if the size of the file could be reduced by removing the sound bank and opening it up to user material.

Would it be possible to reduce the file-size and offer a blank .bnk file where the end-user could substitute their own audio resources?  This application could be another way to create music as well as the ambient backgrounds that it was intended for.

Understood!  It's a great little app :)

This is really nice!  Two requests - the capability to turn the lo-fi on/off and the capability to have this pop up as a regular-sized app window (I'm on a Mac and don't want this to be full-screen to start).  It is really nice to hear the Rebirth sound again!  If not able to turn off the lo-fi effect, maybe could we have it at 12-bit, 22050 for a more 'cassette' sound?

This would be a fun tool to use with the capability to load 4 separate audio files and mutate them in a standalone format.

Sweet!!! It opens :)  Thank you

Still the same results, tried not only using the 'control' key paired with a right-click, but option and command as well. Oh well.

Intel, unfortunately.  It's still running very strong.  Thank you for checking!

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This looks neat, got me inspired musically, that's for sure!  Unable to open on my Mac using the instructions above - have also opened the file internally, but only get a Terminal.

This looks and sounds beautiful!  Is there any way to turn off the reverb and add our own samples?  Is odd-time possible?  It looks like it could be.

I have a feeling that this could become a very secret weapon for those that want to compose even more abstract styles of music, along the lines of glitch/clicks 'n cuts.  Especially with multiple metres in a single pattern - so many abstract polyrhythms!

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These were earlier comments:

1.  Loop the pattern to the longest track's settings.  Say I have two tracks, one has 10 steps, the other has 15.  Loop to the one that has 15 steps versus 10.

2.  An envelope editor that allows for extremely short sounds - could make clicks/pops/etc.

3.  A way to edit the theme by hand (maybe exists already?)

4.  Track polyphony, instead of using multiple channels (this one is probably hard).

5.  Sample Import with Granular effects / reverb / delay

6.  Deleting notes does not shift the pattern up.

This is the type of music I'm currently making with Renoise alone - no plugins until the mastering stage:, I'm looking into other means to keep the tracker composition style, and I really like the way Oxide looks/feels.  Very similar, but with possibly more potential due to less folks pestering 'ya for changes :D

Paranoid Cactus - 

This is a neat tracker - sure wish you would come back to it someday.  

Oh, please please please make this accessible for Mac OS X?  I love these voices!

Neat!  Thanks for the tip -

I may be using Emergence outside of a DAW - in fact, most likely.  I use plugins in batch-processing software.  In the DAWs I use to compose music, I use their native tools.  A rare occurrence, I guess :)  So, yeah, in case I did want to use the plugin IN a DAW, it would be nice to transfer the preset to wherever I'd like to use it.

A beautiful granulator!  may we be able to save presets?  That would be lovely :D



Any news?  Been a while :)

I'm unable to open the Mac OS X version, this is all that I get -

Is there something I can do to open this file?

Yep, the mathematical squares/cubes/etc.  They'd make great album covers, especially if it's just the shape that gets exported, not the X/Y/Z axes (axis plural).   Similar to the image I've attached. 

Vector export of shapes with and without graph would be neat!

Any possibility of loading an audio file of some TTS voice instead of using a microphone?  Say I'd like to use a MaryTTS voice (or DECTalk) and have the audio file move the character's mouth.  Is this possible?

Lastly, some sort of envelope editor that allows for extremely short sounds - could make clicks/pops/etc.

Thank you!  I also noticed that the main settings do not affect the individual pattern settings.  Let's say I set the Metre to "5" instead of "4".  The individual tracks do not also change.  This is actually REALLY cool if it's implying that I can have individual track lengths/metre/tempi within a pattern, and they would repeat until the pattern is either looped back to step zero, or the next pattern is triggered.  Like, holy cow, even Renoise doesn't do that!

Some quick requests for speeding up the process -
1.  Pattern Loop Playback - doesn't seem to do this, even after reading the directions.  Plays the pattern once and stops, have to keep pressing spacebar to hear it again.
2.  Mouse-drag values (would be nice).

Love the font and UI - really well-done!

The game file crashes, not the .app, but if I edit the game file to say version 7.10 instead of 5.xx, it will play, but it is shrunken in odd ways - the walls lose their shape, the players are halfway through the floor, and the screen is still 8x8.  The 16-count blocks DO work though, just buried in odd ways.   I'm imagining that the changes in the .app itself are probably just to adjust the size of the playing field to fit, and update the source to be up-to-date with the main Bitsy source code.  This is coming from a non-programmer, though :D  I know there's more to it to build the .app structure.

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Thank you for the quick response - yeah, I should have read the page better. I apologize.  I meant drag 'n drop.  It would be nice to see the instructions right on the screen, for dopes like me who don't read the page :D

Anyhow, it looks great, especially in black and white, almost has that 'ambient occlusion' look to it, or as if it were made with Lexaloffle's Voxatron engine.  Very cool!  Would it be possible to add a 'File' menu to the game engine as well, so one could open other .bitsy data sets?  I tried to drag 'n drop another .bitsy file on the screen, but no dice, it doesn't open the other file.  Not without a full quit and reopen.

I can see this as very useful for creating quick video games for audio artists, with the capability to add links in messages, and audio as BG music.  Looking forward to seeing if this'll come true. 

Also, would the higher-resolution version of Bitsy also work in this?  I thought I found one the other day where you can have double the resolution, a 16x16 panel.  Maybe I just imagined that...

Aha!  Here it is:

Doesn't work on Mac OS X.  I can place the game within the .app, but it just plays as an ordinary 2D version, just like the original.

This could be used to generate all sorts of low-poly textural assets.  If I were to make a 3D RPG (not that I would, or do), this could be a sort of tile generator.  Make different low-poly shapes available, like circles, spheres, pyramids.  Heck, even mushrooms (or really large water towers!).  Pretty rad stuff.

please please please make a Mac version?  This is just beautiful.

that does help - DOS TTS voices are relatively different than modern TTS, as they’re synthesized, versus sample playback.  I was more curious to know (and should have specified) the license for the TTS voice.  For commercial purposes, they’re usually an open-source voices.

just curious, which TTS voice is used in this application?  Huge fan of TTS.

Were you able to get LabChirp up and running on OS X?  I'm a Mac user, would love to have an executable file for sound design!

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Please, please, please make some sort of online version of this?  I see (after reading) there won't be a Mac OS X port, but could you please turn this into something we could use if we don't use Linux or Windows?

Maybe make it available on Homebrew or something?  Sure would be nice to use this!

Hi!  My name is Kirk Markarian and I compose electronic music and design SFX for video games, with an ever-growing portfolio provided below. With 27 video games under my belt, I really enjoy working in this particular field of music composition.  I've also composed for several films, animations, licensed music, etc.  There are several pieces of music via the links below.

I create many electronic music styles, from standard to abstract.  I do not compose classical, neo-classical, or acoustic music.  I also design all of my own sounds via various forms of synthesis or Foley recording, unless otherwise specified.  I work quickly for my clients and spend the time to get to know their requirements as I compose their tracks.  I stay ahead of schedule for rapid results and speedy turnover.  I'm adept at balancing multiple projects.

Check out my reviews on LinkedIn!

25 years composing and designing sound with synthesizers & computers
27 Video Games - Composition and/or Sound Design

Contact: or PM me.


Video Game Soundtracks -

Video Game Sound Design:

Marble it Up:  Mayhem -  

Various other games (each track is a full set of SFX for the game) -


Thanks for checking out my post and portfolio!

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This is really beautiful - is there any chance that a version could be created for Mac OS X, or online, or javascript - some sort of standalone that would work on a Mac?

I ask because this application can make some rad percussive sounds and it would go GREAT in Renoise!

Tired of the usual? Me too! I am an electronic music composer and create unique compositions for games that require a different style of audio. Contact me via DM or via my website @

I've never seen/heard of any.  Would be interesting to learn about.