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Please, please, please make some sort of online version of this?  I see (after reading) there won't be a Mac OS X port, but could you please turn this into something we could use if we don't use Linux or Windows?

Maybe make it available on Homebrew or something?  Sure would be nice to use this!

Hi!  My name is Kirk Markarian and I compose electronic music and design SFX for video games, with an ever-growing portfolio provided below. With 27 video games under my belt, I really enjoy working in this particular field of music composition.  I've also composed for several films, animations, licensed music, etc.  There are several pieces of music via the links below.

I create many electronic music styles, from standard to abstract.  I do not compose classical, neo-classical, or acoustic music.  I also design all of my own sounds via various forms of synthesis or Foley recording, unless otherwise specified.  I work quickly for my clients and spend the time to get to know their requirements as I compose their tracks.  I stay ahead of schedule for rapid results and speedy turnover.  I'm adept at balancing multiple projects.

Check out my reviews on LinkedIn!

25 years composing and designing sound with synthesizers & computers
27 Video Games - Composition and/or Sound Design

Contact: or PM me.


Video Game Soundtracks -

Video Game Sound Design:

Marble it Up:  Mayhem -  

Various other games (each track is a full set of SFX for the game) -


Thanks for checking out my post and portfolio!

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This is really beautiful - is there any chance that a version could be created for Mac OS X, or online, or javascript - some sort of standalone that would work on a Mac?

I ask because this application can make some rad percussive sounds and it would go GREAT in Renoise!

Tired of the usual? Me too! I am an electronic music composer and create unique compositions for games that require a different style of audio. Contact me via DM or via my website @

I've never seen/heard of any.  Would be interesting to learn about.

Works great!  Thanks -

How about this - I think I made the folder public?

Here's the file with the public option turned on:

I haven't changed the sample rate, btw (is there an option to do so?).  I just opened the Tracker, made a pattern, and exported the result as .WAV.  Was a strange thing to hear.

Exported .WAV, sounds about 2 - 3 steps below the tuning it's at.

Maybe in a future version?  As a composer, I do not VJ, nor do I do live performance with my audio.  It sure would be fun to load my audio file and use it to trigger the patterns, though.

OK!  That works - thank you.  Will this be changed in future updates so those who do not know to do this will be able to open it?

Thanks for the help!  That didn't work either.  I'm really not hard-pressed to get this application to work.  Although it's very nice, I'm a graphic designer already, and can do most of this by hand quickly (after 18 years of making clipping paths, 13 of them spent clipping around 100-tooth saw blades, 50-tine rakes, bricks, and other textured items).  Here's pics of what I got, though.

option-clicking to open the file and access the app internally

no problem at all, thank you for working with me 🙂

Howdy frankiezafe!

No luck, I did input that master disable code, and it's still the same issue.  Maybe OS X is just being fussy?  Even Chrome makes me "accept" the file, unlike other files I download.  I hope this will eventually get fixed, as I can see it being a very nice tool for album cover art, amongst other types of digital artwork!


Yep, still not able to open, tried both methods just like the last time.  Sorry it took so long for me to reply - had stuff to do/had to sleep :D


Not an issue of security, it just doesn't open.  Even when I command-click on it to open the package internally.  Still, won't open.

I like the browser-based tool!  Still wish it would output .SVG - I can totally see this as a way of creating backgrounds for things.  Yeah, I can do it by hand.  Do I want to?   Nope   :D:D:D:D:D:D 


Crashes on  OS X Mojave, app does not open.

any possibility of this app saving as .SVG?  It's a really nice looking set of pictures, would LOVE to be able to stretch these out a mile if necessary or animate them as .SVG.

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A brief game with a few puzzles to solve.  I'm a music composer and a graphic designer, this is my first released "game".  I'm sure it sucks.  I'm just glad I'm able to work with RPG Maker MV and NOT make a game where one would have to fight dragons, save princesses, gather treasure, and worry about mana, HP, MP, or any of that.  Just a weird little game/story.

All art and music/sfx made by me.