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Oxide Tracker

A chiptune music tracker featuring an envelope-based instrument editor for making your own 8-bit sounds. · By Paranoid Cactus

Hey, you ever coming back to this project?

A topic by NNNontendo created Nov 22, 2022 Views: 310 Replies: 3
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Paranoid Cactus - 

This is a neat tracker - sure wish you would come back to it someday.  


I will be coming back to it and expanding on its features. I actually need it for the game I'm working at the moment, so hopefully it won't be too far away.

Are there any specific features you'd like to added to it?

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These were earlier comments:

1.  Loop the pattern to the longest track's settings.  Say I have two tracks, one has 10 steps, the other has 15.  Loop to the one that has 15 steps versus 10.

2.  An envelope editor that allows for extremely short sounds - could make clicks/pops/etc.

3.  A way to edit the theme by hand (maybe exists already?)

4.  Track polyphony, instead of using multiple channels (this one is probably hard).

5.  Sample Import with Granular effects / reverb / delay

6.  Deleting notes does not shift the pattern up.

This is the type of music I'm currently making with Renoise alone - no plugins until the mastering stage:, I'm looking into other means to keep the tracker composition style, and I really like the way Oxide looks/feels.  Very similar, but with possibly more potential due to less folks pestering 'ya for changes :D

I have a feeling that this could become a very secret weapon for those that want to compose even more abstract styles of music, along the lines of glitch/clicks 'n cuts.  Especially with multiple metres in a single pattern - so many abstract polyrhythms!