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Sorry about that. I've added the p8 file to the itch page so you can download it now.

I will be coming back to it and expanding on its features. I actually need it for the game I'm working at the moment, so hopefully it won't be too far away.

Are there any specific features you'd like to added to it?

Sorry, that was a bug that was causing keys to be respawned. All fixed now.

The keyboard maps to a piano like layout where the QWERTY keys map to C D E F G, etc.. Sorry this isn't clear in the readme file, I'll need to update it.

The full keyboard mapping is shown under the 'Controls' section on the web page

This was done for a game jam run by Tom Hall, the creator of Commander Keen, where the main requirement of the jam was to use the art, music and sound effects supplied. So yes, the completely-non-copyright-infringing Captain Neat-O looks like Billy Blaze.

Thanks for letting me know about this. I think it's a good alternative way to getting through that area so I'm going to adjust the level layout to make a valid solution.

Thanks for the feedback. I was worried the boss fights were too tough. I've adjusted their shooting so it's more predictable and easier to dodge, especially for the final boss that would  shoot so frequently that sometimes it was impossible to avoid being hit. I also made the skull boss shake for a second before charging so there's plenty of time to react and get out of the way.

Thanks for the feedback.

1. For pattern loop playback do you mean when you press Ctrl + Space to play one pattern? It would be useful it that looped the current pattern instead of stopping. I'll change that in the next version. In the mean time, effect F will tell it which pattern to play next so if you want to pattern 1 to loop, put F01 somewhere in pattern 1 and it will keep looping back on itself.

2.  You can use the mouse wheel to change values and hold Ctrl to change in larger increments. But yes, mouse drag to change values would be good to add as well seeing as it's something people are more used to.

I've added the .P8 file for download from the itch page.

It's also available to download directly into Pico-8 by typing "load #xzero" from the Pico-8 command line.

The p8/png version is available on the Pico-8 forums here:

Or you can load it directly into Pico-8 by typing "load #ufo" at the command line.

It was made with Pico-8, which is a fantasy 8-bit console with built in code, sprite, map, audio and music editors.

Here's the official website if you want to check it out:

(1 edit)

This is the palette I used:

If you want to use it in Pico-8, here's a table of it: {0,128,2,3,4,133,134,15,8,137,9,139,12,5,131,13}

I want to make so many of the wacky games this generates. Of all the game idea generators I've come across this is honestly the most inspirational. I'm so glad you didn't stop it from generating nonsensical names.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it. Constant shooting is definitely the way to go. It's also a good idea to never rush forward.

Yeah, this game actually came about because I was playing with 3D rendering in Pico-8 and was looking for something to do with it. The characters are done as a combination of 3D models and 2D sprites to retain the retro sprite look.