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Oxide Tracker

A chiptune music tracker featuring an envelope-based instrument editor for making your own 8-bit sounds. · By Paranoid Cactus

Alright, this is a cool tracker!

A topic by NNNontendo created Jan 22, 2022 Views: 243 Replies: 5
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Some quick requests for speeding up the process -
1.  Pattern Loop Playback - doesn't seem to do this, even after reading the directions.  Plays the pattern once and stops, have to keep pressing spacebar to hear it again.
2.  Mouse-drag values (would be nice).

Love the font and UI - really well-done!


Thanks for the feedback.

1. For pattern loop playback do you mean when you press Ctrl + Space to play one pattern? It would be useful it that looped the current pattern instead of stopping. I'll change that in the next version. In the mean time, effect F will tell it which pattern to play next so if you want to pattern 1 to loop, put F01 somewhere in pattern 1 and it will keep looping back on itself.

2.  You can use the mouse wheel to change values and hold Ctrl to change in larger increments. But yes, mouse drag to change values would be good to add as well seeing as it's something people are more used to.

Thank you!  I also noticed that the main settings do not affect the individual pattern settings.  Let's say I set the Metre to "5" instead of "4".  The individual tracks do not also change.  This is actually REALLY cool if it's implying that I can have individual track lengths/metre/tempi within a pattern, and they would repeat until the pattern is either looped back to step zero, or the next pattern is triggered.  Like, holy cow, even Renoise doesn't do that!

Lastly, some sort of envelope editor that allows for extremely short sounds - could make clicks/pops/etc.


Any news?  Been a while :)

Hello? :D