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8/9/17 Update

I've been terrible about updating this thing!

Over the past week, I've fixed the bugs in my A* pathing, an initial implementation of thirst, and being able to build all manner of things. Including ladders, so the poor buggers can climb around; they can also build beds, anvils, and such. There's a GUI system in there too now, and that took a while to implement, but at least you can see what you're doing.

Tonight I also added a day/night cycle. Because monsters come out at night...

#LOWREZJAM 2017 community · Created a new topic Dwarf Dive
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For this jam I decided to totally bite off more than I can chew and have a go at creating a Dwarf Fortress-style dwarf management game, one that feels like it was originally on a C-64 era computer. I'm building it in C++ with the Allegro graphics library.


Quite a successful day of implementing the A* pathfinding algorithm, and instructing the little fellas on the finer points of digging. I should probably teach them how to drink beer next, or at least get them to fend for themselves a little. I got A* working, so how hard could rudimentary AI be...? :/

Going camping tomorrow, so no more updates until Sunday.


Currently have a tile engine working, with sprites, mouse interface, and a simple job system. The dwarves will take a task and execute it, and the only task right now is a request to move somewhere. It's been tricky remembering how to do smooth movement with a strict timestep, and keeping simulation logic cleanly separated from all rendering logic.

Next up is getting them to dig, and I suppose some form of A* or Djikstra path-finding would be good...