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Dwarf Dive

A topic by NixieCraft created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 238 Replies: 2
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For this jam I decided to totally bite off more than I can chew and have a go at creating a Dwarf Fortress-style dwarf management game, one that feels like it was originally on a C-64 era computer. I'm building it in C++ with the Allegro graphics library.


Quite a successful day of implementing the A* pathfinding algorithm, and instructing the little fellas on the finer points of digging. I should probably teach them how to drink beer next, or at least get them to fend for themselves a little. I got A* working, so how hard could rudimentary AI be...? :/

Going camping tomorrow, so no more updates until Sunday.


Currently have a tile engine working, with sprites, mouse interface, and a simple job system. The dwarves will take a task and execute it, and the only task right now is a request to move somewhere. It's been tricky remembering how to do smooth movement with a strict timestep, and keeping simulation logic cleanly separated from all rendering logic.

Next up is getting them to dig, and I suppose some form of A* or Djikstra path-finding would be good...

This looks pretty cute. I've had a soft spot for management games where you specify tasks and then they figure out how to do them ever since playing Lego Rock Raiders on our first PC. Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

8/9/17 Update

I've been terrible about updating this thing!

Over the past week, I've fixed the bugs in my A* pathing, an initial implementation of thirst, and being able to build all manner of things. Including ladders, so the poor buggers can climb around; they can also build beds, anvils, and such. There's a GUI system in there too now, and that took a while to implement, but at least you can see what you're doing.

Tonight I also added a day/night cycle. Because monsters come out at night...