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Great work! I think the level design is fun and the main mechanic works well with the theme. For next time, I'd recommend polishing your character movement a little bit more. Granted, you did great work on that, but features like "coyote time" and "jump buffering" would help make the jump feel more responsive and satisfying. In addition, the font choice looks cool, but unfortunately is VERY hard to read especially for people with reading difficulties like dyslexia and the like, so I'd recommend at least including an option for a more readable font. Other than that, good work, solid game!

Good level design, but I think the character controller could use some work. I recommend tweaking the values to give a higher movement speed and higher jump, as well as adding features like "coyote time". Good job on finishing the game! 

The controls and gameplay are hard but interesting! It was very satisfying to master the movement but the button placements were a bit strange, I think left/right click or space could be better. Great work!

Good work on the art, music and main mechanic! The controls were very difficult though, even if that was your goal, I think you could have polished it more. Overall great work though! Feel free to check out my game too by the way (:

Super charming little rougelike game! I love the world generation and different weapons, and the art is great too :D! I'd love if you could check out my game too by the way

Here's mine! (:

Here's my game, hope you enjoy it!

I'd love it if you tried my game if this is still open! :D

Thanks for the feedback! There was an option in the menu for turning down the volume of the music and of the sound effects, if thats the issue you can just turn it down there.

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Glad you liked the map, and yeah, the ending is meant to keep you guessing! I'll keep in mind you feedback about the movement.

Great to hear! Glad you liked it (:

Oh man, that's really embarrassing that I didn't notice 🤦‍♂️. Great work!

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Super original mechanic! It's really refreshing to see a top-down platformer game, and the way you interpreted the theme was really cool! I loved how you made the "checkpoints" a quick flash into reality, and the jump sound made it really satisfying to parkour around.

I do want to say, some of the platforming challenges were a bit finicky, and I felt like I lost for no reason even when I shouldn't have because the jump was hard to judge. I do understand that this problem is pretty inherent to the unique approach of a top-down platformer but I still wanted to point it out.

I also think you could have shortened the levels a bit, I do feel they dragged out a bit too much. 
 Overall this is a super charming and fun entry and integration of the theme, great work, and keep it up!

One of the best games from this jam I've played so far. The art and UI design is super beautiful, the main mechanic not only fits the theme amazingly but is also super fun. I do think maybe a timer showing how long you have left to catch the criminal would be beneficial, and the difficulty is sometimes a lot, but overall a super polished little 30 second experience with tons of replay-ability. By the way, feel free to check out my game as well (: 

Really cool main mechanic! The movement is a bit slow and sluggish but the art is pretty charming. I'd love if you tried my game as well (:

Super charming art and great main mechanic! Absolutely amazing work, this could easily be a full mobile game release. I'd love if you'd check out my game too by the way (:

Great simplistic art and chill music! I really liked what you did with this and I think this could be an awesome mobile game if you decided to release it! I'd love if you tried and rated my game too by the way (:

The satisfying feeling of seeing the titans was one of my main goals coming into the jam! I recently was traveling and saw some massive mountains and wanted to imbue that sense of scale into the game. Hoping I did! I'll take your advice into account for next time, thank you very much (: here's mine. I'll check yours out! here's mine! Hope you like it (: here's mine! I really hope you enjoy it if you try it out :D

Yknow, this is one of the most encouraging pieces of feedback I've gotten! I set out to make a mysterious game and it looks like I succeeded! Thanks a ton! 

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Haha that's a pretty funny coincidence, cause I also made a binding of Isaac inspired Rouge like! You can check it out on my page if you'd like ("Inferos public beta") , I never ended up finishing it but it's got a good bit of content in it. That might be why I made the connection! Either way, great work on the dungeon generation haha. Also, I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my submission (:

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Well it's certainly well fitting to the theme hahaha, not sure if it's very game-y though. Good work on finishing the game, and I'd love if you could check out mine too!

Here's mine! Gonna play your game now (:

Here's mine! going to play your game now (:

haha don't worry, I know how to use unity  😂 I'm doing all those things, unexpected issues happen 💁‍♂️

Great adhering to the the theme, but I did feel that the game design was a bit random, seeing as there was no way to know when a platform is real and when it's not.

Loved the style! The gameplay way also interesting, I liked the binding-of-isaac style combat but I think it should be a lot more fast paced. I felt everything was just a bit too slow. Great work overall! I'd love if you could try and rate my game too by the way (:

Super interesting mechanic for sword combat, and I loved the sarcastic story haha. I'd love it if you could check out my game too by the way (:

Not sure why the movement felt jerky to you, that might be a lag related issue. Glad you liked the atmosphere I went for!

Super pretty game, loved the art, music and feel. I think the platforming controller was a bit wonky at times, but overall the game is super fun, to play, great work!

Great concept and I love the charming art, feel, and sound design! I do think the game is a bit repetitive and would probably also benefit from a score counter.

Awesome game! I really loved how unexpected the twist is. Great implementation of the theme too! I'd love it if you tried my game too by the way (:

I love it! A super charming little game with satisfying art, and sfx, an interesting mechanic, and cool game design! I wish you would have made it a more level based game, just so I could play more of it. i do think the theme implementation is a little weak though. Overall amazing work!

I really appreciate it!

Great work on this game! The visuals and polish on the movement really brought the experience together! The platforming was a bit finicky at times though, maybe work on those a bit more next time.

Great work! I loved the artstyle, and the polish, but I couldn't really understand the point to the dimension shift. Was I missing something? Or does it just change the art? Anyway, awesome game, felt super satisfying. 

Haha great concept. Giving me strong untitled goose game vibes. I had a bit of a problem with lag which hurt my enjoyment but overall I love the concept and if you polished it, this could be a very cute full game release 

Good work, and great mechanic concept! If I were to suggest improvements, I'd say limiting the player to one screen is a bit annoying, and I'd maybe make it a big level where you have to dodge around enemies and such, because at the moment you can get your score super high without any effort. Great game though!