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Controls were super confusing... I love it! Great work, I love the idea of your controls going haywire. The explanation of the mechanics and physics could be better but overall I love the concept!

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I really liked the idea, but I genuinely couldn't figure out how to get past the first level ): Still, the heart's killing and the spikes healing is really creative. Great work!

Great game! I loved the challenge and the arcade-y highscore feel. Super fun. The snake AI might use some improvement, but otherwise I really liked it! I'd really appreciate it if you checked out our game as well (:

Wow, great work! It's really impressive that you managed to code an entire chess rules engine in just 48 hours.
I'd love it if you checked my game out too by the way (: 

Great work on this one! I loved the art, and the concept was amazing. I found it really hard to shake the heroes off though haha. 

I'd love if you'd check out my game too by the way.

I liked really the UI and art, (though the pixel sizes were inconsistent!), but i was very confused about what to do/how to craft. Overall good work!

Really cute little game! I really liked the art and animations, the attack and jump animations were super satisfying. The combat and "hero" AI could use some work, namely making the Hero's health clearer and adding some feedback when you hit the player. Overall great work!

Awesome stuff! Super creative idea and an incredible execution! I loved the art and the UI was also adorable. Great work!

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Thank you for the high praise!

Sorry to hear about the space button bug, maybe double clicking on the game screen will help? Glad you liked the idea and the game, thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked the story and the art. Incorporating these mechanics into a manager game is a great idea!

Haha, glad the story made you laugh. I'm sure you're right that the mechanics would've been more polished if we just went with one game but then I think it wouldn't be the game we set out to make.

Thank you for the high praise!

Haha, the games themselves may have been a little unoriginal, I'm pretty sure there are about a million "classic arcade game but with a twist" games here. Glad you liked the story, thanks!

Thanks very much! We tried to make the game consistent with the arcade vibe, glad you thought it worked!

Sorry you found the controls clunky, we didn't really have time to polish due to the intense time limit! 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed!

Yeah, I saw that my pacman AI needed a lot of work but I really couldn't afford to spend too much time on it due to the time limit /: Sorry you found the controls clunky but thank you for the praise!

Really cool take on the theme! The movement is simple and satisfying. Congrats! I'd love if you check my game out as well by the way (:

Sick idea! I love the take on the theme and the shield dash mechanic is really fun. Great submition! I'd love if you checked my game out too by the way (:

Great concept, and I really really loved the presentation, but I found the minigames a little confusing and couldn't get the hang of the controls... Overall great submission!

Amazing presentation and concept! Unfortunately the controls were a bit slippery for my taste, I didn't really feel in control. But otherwise this game is truly awesome!

Great work! I love the concept, and the presentation.

haha the pong one is possible, but there's a trick to it! Glad you liked the concept! Of course, you can imagine why some of the features in the games are a little unpolished and why there are only 3 of them... 

I loved how the game looked, and the mechanics are quite creative! I'd love it if you checked out my game too by the way (:

Awesome how well thought out the story is, and I liked how it fit with the theme! Great work!

Thanks a lot!

Pretty interesting take! I love the UI and animations, and the gameplay is really interesting with unique mechanics. Great work! 

Haha, I love the idea. Couldn't figure out if it was impossible, but i thought it was really interesting how my version of reverse pong was so different to yours. Great work! 

Amazing game! I love the artstyle, the sound is great, and the mechanics are creative and fit the theme really well. The only minor complaint I have is with the tutorial, which was a little confusing and didnt really explain the mechanics that well in my experience. Once I got the hang of it though, it was super fun and engaging! 

I'd really appreciate it if you tried out my game too by the way (:

I got a little lost gameplay wise with this one, but I absolutely LOVE the hand-drawn artstyle! The talk-fight mechanic was also interesting, especially with the funny voice lines by my goblin character. Great work!

Really cute little game! I loved the atmosphere you created with the music and simple (but charming!) art. I do think the mechanics could use some work, I found the switching of the map's direction to be a little unintuitive (though that may be the point), plus it was super hard to predict when i should click the button in order for my character to pass through the gap once it got there. Great work!

Great work! I think the level design is fun and the main mechanic works well with the theme. For next time, I'd recommend polishing your character movement a little bit more. Granted, you did great work on that, but features like "coyote time" and "jump buffering" would help make the jump feel more responsive and satisfying. In addition, the font choice looks cool, but unfortunately is VERY hard to read especially for people with reading difficulties like dyslexia and the like, so I'd recommend at least including an option for a more readable font. Other than that, good work, solid game!

Good level design, but I think the character controller could use some work. I recommend tweaking the values to give a higher movement speed and higher jump, as well as adding features like "coyote time". Good job on finishing the game! 

The controls and gameplay are hard but interesting! It was very satisfying to master the movement but the button placements were a bit strange, I think left/right click or space could be better. Great work!

Good work on the art, music and main mechanic! The controls were very difficult though, even if that was your goal, I think you could have polished it more. Overall great work though! Feel free to check out my game too by the way (:

Super charming little rougelike game! I love the world generation and different weapons, and the art is great too :D! I'd love if you could check out my game too by the way

Here's mine! (:

Here's my game, hope you enjoy it!