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yes it is.


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looking through all of the points, this was not true for mine. for the dark area, you have a flashlight. you can use it by right-clicking. for the audio, you need a good headset for this. for top to bottom of the game was reviewed more than 10 times, before realising the game, I completed it 12 or 13 times.



okay don’t worry you will get other chance on 24th oct.

Yes bro

Can you run a android emulator on your device?

Sorry to hear this but now it will be free for next 7 days, Now you can get the complet game for free instade of a demo.

Yes, No problem I will put this game on 100% off for next 7 Days.

Don’t you have any comments?


This is a new horror update to the Door series. It goes like: A alone boy in his room, sleeping, suddenly a thunderstorm occures, and he wakes up. He find himself in a complete different room, now he looks for some way to get him out of this house, but he found a unknown room with walls and roof covered with titles. And he met…

Game page:

Game trailer:

Download the game guys it is a good game i think

The Door! is my dream game series in which the 4th part is in development.

Now this has nothig to show but a lot to tell about.

The Door!4 is going to be a horror game. You are a prisoner inside a prism and finding the way to just somehow get out of it.

The game will have multiple phrases and horrible scenes which lead to The Door! 4

Nitish Thombre In. Dev.

Yes this are bugs but the game was released now but the development was ended in march 2022 because this problems but i made it published because this game was going to be "The Door! 3" not "The Door! 3 [Alpha]"

a day for a  creators with respecting each other where a day go in a line passing by the month for a look what the month became in the community which was a person with respect to the hard work.

Make sure you follow me to get the up date of this upcoming  game


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It was me at this time I own 3 inded games named as the door! This games was not made for earning money where as I just made them for my learning and Improving my skills and my power to create games on my own some how I got on this stage that I could barely get time to do something new in my subject. Cause today I am at the age of 14 years and now I some how think that the life which is too much big I just ended my life's goal succeeding in it. My games comes in top 1000 games on itch today and with that done no more price will be ever add on my first 3 games of my life anymore cause this arr now priceless.

Truthfully Thankful to you


Nitish Thombre In. Dev.

Thank for your feedback I will improve this all points soon, if you will still find some problems so feel free to tell them again.

Thank you

Nitish Thombre In. Dev.

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Good Job! as I have said I Will add your name to This page! 

Yes! Why not, just wait until tomorrow to get released!

Write me some comments on this game, let's check how I spent one month on this! , ?? 


I made a game The Door!which was the first complete game release of my life. I never thought that I will finish the game in 2 days, Yes  I made that in two days, but I was not happy with the game graphic so I worked for one week and made The Door! 2 which was fun for making that playing, I never got time then as a schoolboy of 9th grade I have to study hard but after giving final exams I was having 15 days in my hand but before that time, I have made The Door! 3 completely but due to some issue in the graphic pipeline it was only running on my PC and if you will boot it another computer it was giving problem as the bloom eff. was not working properly. 

So I redid the entire game and as the game was not having anything new so I added a The Maze Update in The Door! 3. It made the game hard as from the start of the game series it was made hard to beat, and the thing in this maze is that the walls run behind you and which makes this thing more complex to understand and the world's biggest Minecraft player will also think before taking any step.

Now as you can think now I am in 10th grade I had stopped my game development for the next three(3) years maybe you will think I am dead but it is not like that I have to focus on my studies now, But don't think I will not come back I will with the new game :

The Door! 4

But for now, The Door! 3 is the new game :D

On Sunday 24th Aprile.

The 3D Maze makes it more fun!

I am Still at the age of 14 iDk what is going to happen in the future.

visite the game page here:

Thank You,

Nitish Thombre In. Dev.

on 24th the game will be released to download.

Building it for android mobile is ok to me but mobile doesn't have RTX and we are only the person responsible to take care of your devices while using our games and apps, and because of the game's graphics mobile will be not able to handle the load. It is ok if you play the game on an emulator but as my knowledge says it will be not just you downloading the game there will be other people also who will download the game, this is the region that stops me from building the game and uploading it, so that why I'm actually forced not building it for android. I am so sorry. Alex.

Nitish Thombre In. Dev. 

Play my game it is hard that milk!
The Door! 2

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Play my game it is hard that milk!
The Door! 2

On upcoming 24 This game will get released make sure you follow me to get notified 

The Door! 3

Thank For visiting



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ANd yes Sorry to dani even

not a bot 

And I Uploaded the games to play!

It has 50+ Downloads But no one commented about the game


OK i am building the game for Mac and Linux even

If you got the files from some one so how you are uploading this files on itch i say no don't do it