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The next Creator Day is July 29th!

I don’t think I’m allowed to make the entire body of this post “The next Creator Day is taking place on Friday July 29th.” I mean it’s true, we are hosting the next Creator Day on Friday July 29th but I should probably write more here.

Creator Days are our semi-regular way of giving back to the community. For 24 hours on the 29th (midnight to midnight PT) we’re not taking our cut of any sales on the site. Yep, that means that outside of fees and taxes (we don’t have any control over those!) your favorite creators get all of your purchase!

In the meantime you can add all of the projects you want to check out into a collection to save for later!

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a day for a  creators with respecting each other where a day go in a line passing by the month for a look what the month became in the community which was a person with respect to the hard work.

pls keep making door 4

Deleted 1 year ago

bah missed it too busy, aargh ;/ 

ah heck yeah. I have a couple things o want to purchase.

Deleted 1 year ago

how did he get suspended..


By being evil


Cool! My asset pack will be apart of it at 50% off.