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Also, the glock is probably my favorite.

Wait, how did you access this!?

How are you doing?

Stealing!?!? That’s a crime punishable by death!

Let’s go!


Let’s goooooooooooooooooo

the amount of ! makes me cringe

I can do music if you need! I won’t have much time, as I am also making my own game, but I’ll make something ok!

Looks really good!

I’m really excited for this one, but have tight time constraints. Hopefully I can make something. :)

This is fun! Getting Heave Ho vibes.

I may take this week off. I felt a bit bad yesterday, and it just got worse and worse and worse. Next week, I’m back in!

Starting today!


Really excited to try again! Hoping this time goes a bit better. :)


Sorry about that! Not a very efficient coder. :) Thanks for checking it out though!

Man this is great!

I do not believe so.

Nice! Very polished fun game! It would’ve been fun to expand on the concept though. Also this is taking time out of my dev time so I should stop. :)

Nice! I always miss the big game jams! :)



Love it!

Looks sick!

Let’s goooooo!

  1. :(

Let’s gooooooo. Once I fix my pc I’m playing this.

Not at all!

Thanks for the feedback! I am shocked not many talked about the auto-run, I thought it was a life saver. :)

That did seem to be a common issue. Thanks though!

I haven’t had a time to rate games yet, but this one is for sure going on my list of immediate plays.

Thanks for playing my game! Also, I’m really not that good at art, and I need to improve, so simple shapes seemed the way to go for this one.

Yeah. Thanks for the feedback though!

Thanks! I do have a copy of it.

Thanks a lot! :)

Good job to everybody who finished. I just wrapped up my game, exported it, and submitted. This was a fun learning experience, and it was nice to do! I implemented a simple leaderboard, so challenge your friends.

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