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This is cool! Nice work with this, everyone!

I really like how the spider body bounces around when you stop moving XD

I think you forgot to list a command. When you press K the RoboSpider dashes forward, being faster than the average movement.

PS.: Nice history.

Well done with this entry. I like the clean 3D.

Nice game. I like that it has plenty of sea creatures and a collection where you can see them. I like that the enemies can go for other enemies and fish, and not only for you. The controls are pretty nice too. All in all, awesome game.

Cute cat and nice running animation. I must admit it took me a while to understand what I had to do exactly and how to make the eating fill more the hungry bar XD

All in all, I think it was well done, but it would really benefit from a better music/running sound, because it gets a little annoying after a while.

Nice game! And harder than it seems at first. Very good.

This is a pretty nice take on Tetris! Good job!

The only thing I didn't like is the menu music. It was giving me a headache. Thank you for adding the option of muting it.

This is pretty good! The 3D rendering is perfect for the resolution limitation. I really liked the control scheme. It's easy to understand but at the same time it's hard to get used to it in the beginning, so you need to practice a little to get good at it. Also, the art and music are pretty good.

Nice game! It's cute and I liked the art and the gameplay.  Good job!

This game is so fun! It's really satisfying to rob the human of it's meat. It took me some attempts to understand that I had to go chewing the meat as I run, so I found it confusing at the start, but it's really nice. I like that the human says "good one" when he catches you after you succeed instead of being angry, like he knows this is a game for the dog and congratulates him... (Wait!... Oh shit, he knows...)

Nice game! The gameplay and visuals are well done, and it has a nice difficulty and a nice music.

Nice game! The gameplay and visuals are well done, and it has a nice difficulty and a nice music.

Thanks for playing!

Like you, I don't have one of those advanced brains, so my high score of 17 seconds is more from luck than anything. The rest of the time I die in 4 to 8 seconds top XD

Wow! This must be the higher score someone got in this game yet! Well done!

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, this game was a fun experiment and I think it could be very good. Though it is  really hard to divide your attention between two screens like this, so I will have to find something less challenging to use with this kind of mechanic if I want to make a more enjoyable game.

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Thank you for playing! We're together here. I suck at it too XD

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

About the synchronization, I decided to make it this way because I thought the rhythm of the spawning sounds felt nice like this.

And don't worry, I suck in this game too XD

Thanks for playing! That's not a bad score, actually. On the majority of my runs I get less than that. My current best is 17 seconds, but I have no idea how I did that :v

thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, I  find it pretty challenging too :P

So, a Qix/Xonix-like game. Good. I like this kind of game :P. It's well  done, but I think some sound effects would do it good.

nice charming little game! I really liked the illustrations between each level. They help to show the personality and determination of the little bird.

Very good game! It's harder than it seems, and is pretty fun too.

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Thanks for playing!

 Hm... I wonder what game you saw that's similar.
I had the idea of a split screen game when I saw the page for  STEREOGRAM. I didn't try to play, because I already feel my eyes tired all the time and I have no desire to make them give up life (I like to be able to see, thank you), but I found the idea of a split screen game interesting and ended coming up with this.

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the engine I used, DragonRuby GTK, exports html5 builds

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Good platformer game. The graphics, gameplay, sound effects and music are well chosen.

Only thing I didn't like is the way those dogs jump (just because I struggled a lot to pass that first one :P). They jump pretty far up, and it took a while to me to figure that they just jump if you're close to the ledge next to them. I think you could make they jump lower. This way the player can jump over their jump on that situation, and it should feel more natural.

Good game. I like the idea and the execution, though I agree with eliotythekid that the lack of sounds make it feel incomplete (though my entry has the same problem if not worse, as it has no sound at all XD)

Thanks for playing. I had a lot of fun doing this project. I though of putting some sounds, but I was not in the mood for searching for good sounds to pick. Maybe I will add some later.

wow, good game. Really loved the art, animations and gameplay. Great job!

If you accept suggestions, I think you should put a checkpoint nearer the on the sky fragment. Maybe on the upper exit of the cave. When I was playing, there were many times I died trying to get to that part and then I had to go back from the cave checkpoint to there. It was pretty frustrating.

It sure looks more natural now. I had no round where I could just span Hook and get away with it this time XD

Again, great job with this game :3

Thanks for playing again! Glad you liked the changes. I have some more to do... Now I just have to put my arse back to develop it some more XD

yeah, AIs are quite hard to get right. And I guess AIs in fighting games are specially difficult to balance out.

Good addition. It would be interesting if you added a new ending for when you die for the lack of energy. It could be just a message, like "you starved" or something like that.

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Ok, this is an amazing game! The animations are well done and fluid. The sound design is pretty good. As Akzidenz said, the rounds are pretty brutal and it feels like the game makes good use of the time constraint. I liked that when you block one attack you receive chip damage. It adds a little to the urgency.

The IA is kinda strange though. In some rounds it just avoids all your attacks and kill you mercilessly; in others you can keep spamming Hook and the IA just keep getting hit. I did it in 3 consecutive rounds :P

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Thank you for playing! Glad you liked. I feel like I could had polished a little more actually (changes in the dragon sprite, for example - this one is a sketch I made a while ago for a game I ended not finishing), but I ended focusing on another project.

Also... A trackpad! I really didn't expected anyone to play purely in mouse scheme with a trackpad XD. I ended introducing the mouse scheme because I wanted to make this game touch friendly and to make it possible to navigate the menus with the mouse. In the end it stuck as a way to play the game, as it feels just nice to play it using the mouse in junction with the keyboard.

Well, I will see what I can do... I think I will have to add a setting so that mobile players (if there is any) can change it back if they want. Though I guess it actually wouldn't interfere... I will experiment a little bit.

Again, thank you for playing, and stay strong, trackpad warrior!

thanks for playing, and glad you're liking the story :3


Interesting. I like the walking cycle.

Good little game. The art and music are pretty good.

Ok, this was amazing man. Awesome job with it! Was it inspired by Minit? Both games have this mechanic of reseting after some time.

Oh my! That's a pretty interesting twist you did starting at "slide back". It sure made things harder in a way I wouldn't predict. Good job with this, and the aesthetics are really good!

Great game. The timer is beautiful (praise the Sun!), and the music is just perfect.

I'm addicted and somehow got lucky enough to get a high score of 8877.