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thanks for playing and also for hosting this Jam! I had a lot of fun creating this, and I'm glad you liked :3

The filler is, like the player, upgraded in some levels. It gains the ability to jump walls, so maybe this is what gives it some personality.

About the bug you found, strange... The function to reset the level manually and when the player is killed is the same... I will have to look into that. Well, more bugs to fix later XD

Again, thank you for playing!

This game seems pretty cool. It's pretty hard to understand where you are going though... So I didn't got far in any of the runs. I think the controls could be remapped (I know you mapped them this way to mimic a nokia layout, but I don't think they're ideal for this game at all...). Overall, it's pretty solid game.

Oh! Thanks for playing and reviewing it! A shame that you couldn't get past level 7. I have to remake some levels to tone down their difficulty.

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Nice exploration game. I finished with a score of 1640. The score is kept when the game resets btw.

That ending :V

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Thanks for playing! You got a pretty nice run!

Yes, this is one of these games where you die, memorize the pattern and try again and again.

That's a good question though. Maybe freezing the game when a level starts so that the player can analyze the level before starting the level could help without compromising the experience much. Maybe I'll implement after the judges rate all the submissions. I also wanna create more levels later.

About the font: yeah, I need to change to one that's better for displaying numbers.

the visuals on this are stunning. Well done!

Glad you liked!

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nice roguelike. It was pretty well done considering the time frame.

Got to floor 7 before getting the bad decision to explore more of the floor instead of going to the exit and died of starvation on floor 8.

Oh, nice game! Like Gawain said, it's a bit relaxing. In 5 sessions my best is 226.

Ok, this is an amazing little cute game. So far one of the most polished that I've seen in this jam. Well done!

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Also, nice number of deaths for a first run. Well done!

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Thanks for playing! Glad you liked, and nice number of deaths for a first run.

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Thanks for playing! :3

Yeah, I figured the respawn bug when I was testing before. While it was not intentional, I kinda liked it so I let it in XD.

I'm always getting a feeling that I underestimated the time and deaths the people would get. Probably cause I got pretty good at these levels while testing xD. Maybe I will need to change the phrases at the end again... But I need to get some statistics first

ops... About the sound, the sound on my PC for some reason was not working... after solving it, I played again, and the sound design is pretty neat. Well done!

wow, this is pretty great! Nice concept

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Pretty good little game. Good job with the art. The demons are really cute XD

To have a good jumpscare though you need sound, so this game failed on delivering that, at least to me, unfortunately.

what a cute little game :3

well, now it's way better to understand, but you will no doubt be eliminated :/

nice game! It's pretty fun and challenger

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nice game! I got a highscore of 1276 with 15x

nice game!

Thanks :3

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Amazing game! The art is so good!

Nice and wholesome :3

a little difficult to understand what is going on, but pretty nice

Oh, a Xonix/Qix inspired game! Nice! Pretty well made

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this is quite a nice puzzle :3

Ah, I added it yesterday. I didn't want to make a devlog for something so small, then for now this will do XD

Good game! I loved the voice recordings. They were a nice touch. 

I played on linux and had problems with the performance going down when there was some enemies on the screen. In the case of this affecting multiple users, this problem may be due to collision checking. I had this same problem in my game when I had 6+ enemies in the game and the way I found to mitigate it was:

1. checking collisions with what is on screen only

2. reducing the number of wall colliders (in the start of the level I grouped the colliders of the walls).

It got very fun since you updated. I played on the browser and got to level 5.

There's still the problem with the performance, but it's not a big deal since it's on the browser (the problem with the performance actually helped me, since it makes the balls more slow XD).

There's a thing about the performance that I find it curious and therefore think it's relevant to point: when you get to the next floor the performance gets a little better, even though the combat state seens to remain unchanged.

The graphics interface and controls are pretty polished. Good job! I can't wait to see what this will become in the future

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

I will make a loading screen or something in the near future.

wow! amazing game! I'm terrible at it, but nonetheless, amazing!

The idea is pretty good and I loved the song. Good job with this game!

Nice prototype. 

Looks like it can be pretty fun if you add some goal.

In the future. maybe you can find some other way to get the enemies in the combat, because the way it is now, you can stay still and clear the enemies before moving to the next square. This makes it more easy and therefore the idea is inviting, but also makes the game boring.

Also, its probably because of the multiple collisions checkings, but when there are multiple enemies and balls, the game slow down a lot.

All in all, this looks neat :)

Nice job! This is pretty fun :3

A little bug-report: for some reason, the sprites of the bullets and the pick-ups of bullets don't appear on the linux build (they appear as the chess-board pattern). It may be related to linux file names being case-sensitive. So checking the names of the files and how you call them in the code to make sure they are exactly the same should fix it.

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Hey! I played again some more today. I played for about 3 times. Not much, but I think it was good enough to check some things.

The problem with the lives and portal seens to be gone, and the ajustment of the spawning of the ships fixed the problem that I had of being shot when I was trying to orienting myself just fine. I also didn't had problems with the game freezing.

For me it looks perfect now. Good job! :3

Nice art style and ambiance. It's pretty informative too. As someone with dogs, I agree 100% with this. Good job with the game :3

Nice! The music mixed very well with the game.

Thanks for playing and for the warm review!

Haha. Yeah, including the run mechanic made it too easy to run away XD. It was included to let the player get around more fast, as some players said to me that the walk speed made it take too long to get around the level.

I need to think of some mechanic to make sure the player don't abuse it. Maybe I will turn the zombies in Usain Bolt when the player run away from battle XD