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Nino [Gravity Express]

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Hey there, I’d like to help but unfortunately there is no way for developers to create catalog keys. I have not planned any updates tho, so if you use the latest from itch now, you should be set. The files are the same in both stores.

Great stuff as always.

How do you feel about progress? It must be good to be able to stamp a big fat DONE on one part of the game. I feel you have a healthy motivation to keep going while also spending time on other things in life. That’s something to be proud of as single dev, cheers!

By the way, I think I would go with the silhouette ship images although I agree with your arguments.

Do have an idea yet how the player will learn that a horizontal hand on the angle on bow dial is ideal?

Got it. A hint is on the right side of the room

I’m stuck in a dungeon t-section dungeon after evading guards. There appear to be be 3 switches on the floor that do nothing, the door with keyhole is on the left. It is blocked by 2 immovable crates and a third block that I do not recognize. It seems there is nothing in this room that I can do. Am I missing an ability?

Looks cool, any interest in porting this to Playdate? Perhaps I could help, see my profile page 🙂

Looking very good! Nice concept and the entire demo has a professional feel to it. Looking forward to the final release :-)

Wow, this is incredible. It might be a unique achievement. I myself have never seen the 75/75 score. I played all the levels a few times to set the achievement targets of course, but for the survivor challenge, that is not needed because the goal is always 0. Well done!

Very humbling that someone considers my game so enjoyable that they would 100% it. I’m sorry I don’t have a special badge for this added to the game. I hope you enjoyed the endgame after level 25 at least (no spoilers, ;-)

If you want an additional challenge, set background color “trippy” in the settings and try to complete a few levels. But if you value your sanity, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Thank you so much for playing, and I hope you enjoy your Playdate a whole bunch more :-)

Yes, if you bought the game on catalog, the game should be automatically updated to the latest version for free.

Great stuff, keep on space truckin’!

Sorry to hear you missed the sale, can be slow in unpredictable ways. If you have a PayPal account, send an email to I might be able to work something out to get you the game for the discounted price 🙂

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Awesome game.

One of the few games I finished on Playdate. A lot has to be done right for that to happen. It has to be challenging but not too hard; not have annoying music or sound effects, have a little bit of a story, enough content to keep you coming back… Reel-istic has all that and the music is in fact pretty great :-)

I love how at first you try to catch all the fish to make some money, and later those same fish become obstacles because you want to get to the more valuable fish down below. Great mechanic.

I spent about 2 hours to finish the game, but there is a lot more to collect, definitely worth the price.

The only remark I have is that there are some slowdowns in the game, and during the final boss where timing is important, that could be annoying. Perhaps that could be fixed by not changing scenery during that part.

hint: if you feel you are not progressing: save up for longer line, that lets you fish deeper spots with more pricy fish. Oh and make sure you don’t leave veggie-vision turned on.

Hi there!

Updating to any version is fine, you won’t lose progress.

Changelog is here:

I consider the game complete and very stable, hope you enjoy 😊

Hmm, haven’t heard of it before, unfortunately there is no option to ignore the crank when it is out.

If I had to guess, maybe your crank sensor is faulty?. You can test this with the Input Test app in the system settings. Leave the crank docked and then wiggle it a bit. See if it detects your crank to be undocked even when it is still collapsed…

Another way might be to play using your computer. The game plays really well with the arrow keys in the simulator.

I’m happy you are able to enjoy it at least!

Great game!

level 10 had me stumped for a bit because disc moved slowly that I didn’t see it move at first. But with playjam games you always that there might be a bug, even if it works as intended, right? Great job

You could also use colors with different brightness, and use this tool to see what it looks like to color blind ppl :-)

I got a lot of crashes and slowdowns on console, unfortunately :-(

Thank you for the high praise! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Which controls did you use? Tilt, crank or buttons?

That music sounds great. Would be cool to have the lights change on the beat!

Hi there, thanks for buying the game!

Stuck at 99%, that’s no fun… First time I hear of it. I checked some forums, Discord and my e-mail. Doesn’t seems to be a known issue.

I re-enabled v1.1 of the game for download, which is known to work.

I’ll send you an email so we can see what exactly the problem is.

I recommend paying extra for the map and guide.

Not doing that is my only regret. This game is fun, and I love the writing too.

Hey there! Thanks! I just noticed when scrolling through the sales reports that your comment is totally legit; you were the first one to buy Gravity Express. Thank you!

Fascinating as always. I think nighttime looks better than daytime.

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I’m on the fence about this one. The description is clear enough: this is a social sim. You watch characters type messages to each other. It does a great job of getting you to come back and follow along with the story. But there is not much more to it, and I’m feeling meh about it. Guess it’s not my genre. Regardless, I wish it would load in a few seconds max. The actual load time is 38 seconds. That is a very long time for a game that you want to play every day for several weeks to follow along with the story.

I love the music. Great in atmosphere, very fitting. Props to Pichuscute who made it.

Props for giving thought to accessibility as well.

I would recommend this to people who like social sims. For others, it might be fun to try this as part of a bundle or discount. At the moment, it is still sold at full price.

Hey there, version 1.1 is now available, in which crank support is finalized. Very few issues were found since the initial release, which were also fixed.

You should be good to go 😀


Part of the satisfaction may be that the landing sound is pretty nice in itself, and it’s volume depends on how hard you land. Did you notice?

Hey there, I just wanted to note that the pdx seems to be device-only

MacOS simulator says : “dlopen(/Users/ninovanhooff/temp/CrankTanks.pdx/pdex.dylib, 0x0006): tried: ‘/Users/ninovanhooff/temp/CrankTanks.pdx/pdex.dylib’ (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have (arm64), need (x86_64h)))”

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When developing Gravity Express, I kept a more brief and more technically oriented devlog (altough with more frequent updates). I already noticed then that it took a lot of time to write articles and the accompanying graphs / screenshots. So I can only imagine what time goes into research for your game. But it’s worth it! This is a captivating read, and realising that this much care is put into development makes it my most anticipated game and an instant buy when it releases. Keep going!

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I couldn’t answer this question for Gravity Express either.

I intend to track my time for future projects, but part of me doesn’t want to know because

  • It makes my hobby feel more like work. When you don’t track time, you are only concerned with money around the release date.
  • It pushes me to spend time on PR, which might or might not be fun.
  • It makes think about money while I should just be enjoying myself
  • Hard numbers might be disappointing.

“Ah, so you made a model railroad and displayed it in the local church for $1. How much money did you make off that?”

Bedankt makker! Are you Dutch?

Quite an honor! Glad you enjoyed it!

Can confirm.

However, since some rods move randomly anyways and the rods’calculation is suspended when offscreen, it would not be very effective to reset the position on a level restart. So, this is mostly by design

More specifically, new paid games aren’t indexed. Thanks for mentioning gravity Express too.

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Although it is available for sale since thursday jan 19th, it still has not been indexed and is not displayed on

It has already sold 150+ copies and received 5x5 star ratings + comments.

Is there anything I can do to get it indexed, or is it a matter of patience? This is my first game on Itch; i’ve heard that makes a difference.

In Gravity Express, you battle gravity while transporting cargo through abandoned mines.

Clients will demand speedy delivery, fuel economy, and won’t be paying for your funeral. You better find your way fast while avoiding the rocky walls, magnets and cannons that spell your doom.

Gravity Express is available for Playdate.

Yep, it stuck with me ever since.

You should definitely try the Classic setting for audio and graphics 😉


Thanks! Are you hunting for achievements or just enjoying the ride?

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Thank you! Yeah I’m a perfectionist for sure.

The changes I still want to add to the 1.1 crank release are really minor:

  • When docking / undocking : show the button mapping for a few seconds in the HUD/UI
  • Replace placeholder listView scroll sound effects (aka level select bips and boops) by more sci-fi themed variants

So indeed, everyone can just go ahead and use the beta already :-)



Nice! Just a little while longer until the release @ January 20th :-)

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Thanks, that seems to work!

This will do, although the comment box is a bit out of context. You can’t read other replies or scroll up to see the game description or add a review instead.

So a link that would open the game page scrolled to the comment section would be even better, but your answer certainly is fine too.

EDIT: just found out that anonymous users get presented with a login dialog. That will scare to many people away, I think. So my best option so far is to just use my game page then, which is available to non-logged-in users