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Are you behind any kind of proxy?
No. Here's the screenshot from my System Prefs:

Can you access with Google Chrome?
No. There's just code on that page for me. Specifically...

{"errors":["invalid api endpoint"]}

What certificate chain do you see in Google Chrome?
>AddTrust External CA Root
     >USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
          >Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
And it's valid.

Can you access with Firefox?
I don't have Firefox installed, but trying it in Safari results in the same code as Chrome.

Can you install the latest Go from and run

GODEBUG=x509roots=1 go test -v -run TestSystemRoots crypto/x509

Yes. Here are the results...

=== RUN   TestSystemRoots
crypto/x509: kSecTrustSettingsResultInvalid = 0
crypto/x509: kSecTrustSettingsResultTrustRoot = 1
crypto/x509: kSecTrustSettingsResultTrustAsRoot = 2
crypto/x509: kSecTrustSettingsResultDeny = 3
crypto/x509: kSecTrustSettingsResultUnspecified = 4
crypto/x509: Ipswitch,Inc. returned 4
crypto/x509: Developer ID Certification Authority returned 2
crypto/x509: Equifax Secure Certificate Authority returned 4
crypto/x509: GTE CyberTrust Global Root returned 4
crypto/x509: Thawte Premium Server CA returned 4
crypto/x509: Thawte Server CA returned 4
crypto/x509: Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority returned 4
crypto/x509: exec ["/usr/bin/security" "trust-settings-export" "-d" "/var/folders/q4/_9w_7lqd3n55t9p_4p0x545c0000gn/T/x509trustpolicy743388804/admin"]: exit status 1, SecTrustSettingsCreateExternalRepresentation: No Trust Settings were found.
crypto/x509: 2 certs have a trust policy
crypto/x509: verify-cert approved CN=Developer ID Certification Authority,OU=Apple Certification Authority,O=Apple Inc.,C=US
crypto/x509: verify-cert rejected CN=Ipswitch\,Inc.,OU=Ipswitch\,Inc.,O=Ipswitch\,Inc.,L=Lexington,ST=MA,C=US: "Cert Verify Result: CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED"
crypto/x509: verify-cert approved CN=Developer ID Certification Authority,OU=Apple Certification Authority,O=Apple Inc.,C=US
crypto/x509: ran security verify-cert 3 times
--- PASS: TestSystemRoots (0.25s)
    root_darwin_test.go:35:     cgo sys roots: 77.212901ms
    root_darwin_test.go:36: non-cgo sys roots: 151.194094ms
    root_darwin_test.go:106: expired certificate only present in cgo pool (acceptable): CN=GTE CyberTrust Global Root,OU=GTE CyberTrust Solutions\, Inc.,O=GTE Corporation,C=US
    root_darwin_test.go:114: 1024-bit certificate only present in cgo pool (acceptable): CN=Thawte Premium Server CA,OU=Certification Services Division,O=Thawte Consulting cc,L=Cape Town,ST=Western Cape,C=ZA
    root_darwin_test.go:114: 1024-bit certificate only present in cgo pool (acceptable): OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority,O=VeriSign\, Inc.,C=US
    root_darwin_test.go:114: 1024-bit certificate only present in cgo pool (acceptable): CN=Thawte Server CA,OU=Certification Services Division,O=Thawte Consulting cc,L=Cape Town,ST=Western Cape,C=ZA
    root_darwin_test.go:106: expired certificate only present in cgo pool (acceptable): OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority,O=Equifax,C=US
ok      crypto/x509    0.263s

I hope this info is helpful!

Leafo90, simultaneously press COMMAND and SHIFT and 3 to take a screenshot of your whole screen. If you want to take only part of your screen, simultaneously press COMMAND and SHIFT and 4, and you'll get a customizable bounding box you can resize and drag to where you want it.

And it worked! You, my friend, are a rock star! Huge props.

So, I figured I'd post the results of the rest, just in case you need it for someone else. All of the following I did before DL'ing the version that worked.

Following and clicking the lock got me this..

Expanding the Certificate section got me this...

The only certificate that wasn't set to "Always Trust" was "Developer ID Certification Authority". The "When using this certificate" section was set to "Use System Defaults", while the rest of the list was set to "no value specified". Once I changed the initial section to "Always Trust", the rest were automatically set to that as well. It still didn't return "This certificate is valid" though. Instead, it now reads "This certificate is marked as trusted for this account".

On my list of certificates, there is no "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority". So I went through the github link and did this...

iMac:~ NikkiNyx$ go version

...which returned...

-bash: go: command not found

Maybe this was the problem? I continued to the commands in the comment...

iMac:~ NikkiNyx$ security trust-settings-export user-trust.plist

...which returned...

...Trust Settings exported successfully.


iMac:~ NikkiNyx$ security trust-settings-export -d admin-trust.plist


SecTrustSettingsCreateExternalRepresentation: No Trust Settings were found.

The .plist generated by the Trust Settings export is here. I have no idea whether any of this is helpful, but I figured I'd share it just in case. Again, thank you so much for resolving this issue. I hope you'll be able to figure out what happened. Happy Holidays and happy gaming!

I may have found the issue. But first...

I checked in Keychain and all certificates are set to "always trust". (I have no idea how to figure out which one of dozens of certificates is actually for, short of opening each one. Can you specify a certificate name?)

I then opened Terminal and typed in...

spctl -a -vvvv /Applications/

...which returned...

/Applications/ cannot find code object on disk

Upon searching for, I discovered that the itch installation program put it in ~/Applications, which has never happened before. It's always been put in /Applications. I tried again, typing the same command into Terminal with the correct directory, which returned...

/Users/NikkiNyx/Applications/ accepted
source=Developer ID
origin=Developer ID Application: Amos Wenger (B2N6FSRTPV) it seems the certificate is valid. Yet I still get the same x509 error message on login.

I'm wondering if the installation is the problem. Why is suddenly being put into ~/Applications instead of /Applications? And is that affecting how the app accesses what it needs, like a valid certificate? (Note: Moving it didn't help, unsurprisingly. Still couldn't login.)

Except for you, I feel like itch really doesn't give a crap that I can't access games I've paid for. This issue has been going on for several months now, and it's one of the many reasons I bloody hate game website apps. Half the time, they don't work. Plus, they take up a crapload of space to basically function as a folder and connection to the website (mining my gaming habits in the bargain). I have four different game website apps and they all suck.

Sorry, but I'm seriously pissed that I can't play games I've paid for. I do appreciate all the work you've done. Please let me know what I should try next.

Ok, here's what I did...

Using AppCleaner, I double checked to make sure everything having to do with itch was deleted, including hidden files.

I rebooted, then downloaded a fresh copy of the itch install app. The package contents:

(executable) Install
     (folder) Contents
          (folder) _CodeSignature
               (file) CodeResources
     (file) Info.plist
     (folder) MacOS
          (executable) itch-setup
     (folder) Resources
          (resource) itch.icns

I double clicked on "Install" and a popup window entitled "Itch Setup" appeared and started DL'ing and installing. The itch app's window appeared, asking me to login. I tried using my email then my user name, and got the same error message both times:

Post x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Like I said, the only thing I've done since accessing the itch app last is update Java.

Yes. My latest try... I first searched my entire hard drive for any leftover itch files. Found an where I didn't expect it and used AppCleaner to remove it and its files. Then I DL'd a fresh installation app. It didn't get stuck at setup, but I still got that same error when trying to log in.

My computer is an iMac 12,1 running 10.11.6 (El Capitan).
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz.
Memory: 16 GB 1333 MHZ DDR3.

I don't run any virus software or anything like that. Macs are pretty safe as long as you don't download indiscriminately. I tried your suggesting about DL'ing the archive file, but I didn't get a .zip file, just a file my Mac didn't know what to do with. Its name: "Unconfirmed 382498.crdownload".

Isn't there a repository of previous versions where I can DL an earlier one? Because it seems as if it's this new update that's the issue, at least for me. The app was working perfectly before this. Lastly, I really appreciate all the work you're putting into this...thank you!

Any particular reason why you launched the Setup instead of the app directly?
I had no choice. When I download the app from the website, the only thing in the .dmg is install  When I run that file, itch setup starts. There was no option to bypass it. And it repeatedly gets stuck at the screenshot I posted above.

Also, was the app running when you ran the setup?
No. I had used AppCleaner to clear all the old itch files, so it was a fresh installation.

I tried another fresh installation, but still got stuck at that screenshot I posted. So I checked in my /ApplicationSupport and found two folders. The first one, named /itch-setup, contains app-25.4.0 and state.json. I opened app-25.4.0 and it looked like it was going to work, but them I got the same error message when I tried to login. (And I tried logging in with my user name, then my email. Same result for both.)

The second one, named /itch, contains the following hierarchy:

I see the butler 15.17.2, but can't login to the app to choose it in preferences. Also, /itch/logs/itch.txt is the weirdest log I've ever seen. It's sprinkled with emojis throughout, specifically these: 📦 🔧 🙏. No idea if that makes a difference, but I can upload it if you want.

I don't even get to the point that the app opens now. The setup app gets stuck at the screen below, but I can't read the entire message. It looks like it wants me to rename the app to something else.

I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. Personal stuff has gotten in the way of me playing games for the past year. Please feel free to use my comments!

I can't login to the app either. No problem logging into the website (obviously, or I wouldn't be able to post this). When trying to login to the app, I get this error message: Post x509: certificate signed by unknown authority.

This has been happening for at least a month. The only updates I've installed in that time is Java.

Mac OS El Capitan, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM

Ten days later, I still can't log in to the app!!! When is this issue going to be fixed? I even reset my PW, but the app won't accept it.

I'm having the same issue. I can login online but not in the app. That same message pops up, and all my information is correct.

Absolutely brilliant, as usual! I've played all the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape games, and bought every premium game thus far. I'm fascinated with the saga of the Vanderboom and Eilander families. Truly excellent storyline and gameplay that keeps you thinking.

I'm fascinated by the storyline and curious about where it's going, but I'm afraid the low res graphics have defeated my aging eyes. Also, I had difficulty picking up objects; generally, I centered the screen on the object, but had to press "e" numerous times before it would take. Playing on an iMac with El Capitan.

Colorgy community · Created a new topic Interesting...

It manages to be simultaneously challenging AND zen, which is quite an accomplishment. Your idea is original and executed beautifully. I really liked the colors you chose to use, the subdued music, and the overall environment.

I did have a couple of issues:

  • A couple times, the game froze on me after I'd clicked a nova. A few more clicks here and there unfroze it, but I thought you should know.
  • I could find no way to quit the game. Neither "Q" nor "ESC" worked and I ended up force-quitting. (To be fair, I may be an idiot who's overlooking the extremely obvious, a specialty of
  • I found it a bit too easy to confuse the cube and diamond novae. For me, it would have been more intuitive to make the cube a "plus" and the diamond a "minus" with corresponding symbols. (Again, to be fair, you may have had solid reasons for the cube and diamond.)

Overall, it's a fantastic game, and I hope you don't think me overly picky. :-)

This game is stunning! It's beautifully developed, with the levels gradually increasing in difficulty. I really loved the surprise rule change. Graphically, it's simultaneously minimal and eye candy, and I have no idea how you managed that. Well done! Please, sir, may I have some more?

(1 edit)

Thanks! I use Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Also, I'll close then reopen the itch app and try the DL again. You never know. :-)

Edit: closing and reopening the itch app did it, I have no idea why.

I tried DL'ing it via the itch app, but it said there was no executable file. Could you check the package? Thanks in advance! (Obviously, I can't say much about the game itself, except that the artwork looks stunning.)

Ok, I disabled AdBlocker for the itch website, but it still won't download and install. I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions? I was really excited to find your world--writing game. Conceptually, it's logical and user-friendly. It's also a LOT of fun to experiment with different combinations. I'd love to see you expand this to include more landforms, waterways, and adjectives to describe them. Honestly, if you built this into a complete game where we had the option to build things in the worlds, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. (I'm thinking it could be designed similarly to choose materials, shapes, sizes, colors, placement, etc. Even mechanical and power categories to build devices. Just an idea from a Myst

You're welcome! Good word games are hard to find, so I'm really enjoying it.

Really cool concept! I'm having trouble in the ruins, though. I've activated the fifth one, but it doesn't open up the next one for activation. (Sorry to be vague; I'm trying to describe the issue without spoiling the game for others, so I hope you know what I mean here.) Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. :-)

For some reason, it won't download for me via the itch game app. When I click "install," it changes to "downloading," then a message pops up for about a microsecond (too fast for me to read it).

This is weird. After the initial DL, I could see all the supporting files (as if I'd clicked "show package contents"), but there was no .app file. I just tried it again and it DL'd and played perfectly. I think my Mac is messing with It's the second time this has happened.

So, I think it was pretty good. I really liked the game mechanics. Lots of these games have a million keys to control what you do, so your design was refreshing...just walk into what you want. The "teleporting" from the menu to the game and back could be expanded on to create more difficult puzzles, if you were interested in making it more complex. Thanks for the play!

Thank you! It works perfectly now. So far, I love the overall design, graphics and animation, and game mechanics.

Hex: Origins community · Created a new topic Problem...

When I click DL, it takes me to the DL page, but nothing happens. No DL.

There's no app file to play this on a Mac. Macs don't run .exe files. Any plans to make a Mac version?

Er...there's no app file in the Mac version. All the supporting files seem to be there, but no executable.

I'm a word game fanatic, and Obliteracy is a unique approach that is incredibly well-designed, challenging, and fun. The characters' conversations are funny too. Really excellent job!

StuffIt says the archive is damaged, so I can't open the zip file. Could you check it? This looks really cool!

How is this any different from Minecraft? I mean, other than the wildlife, it looks nearly the same. Is it played differently? Different building mechanics? Smaller blocks for better builds?

There's only an .exe application file, which won't run on Macs. *sad*

Macs don't run .exe applications. If you're promoting this as a Mac game, you need to package it as a Mac .app. Which would be great, because it looks awesome.

You can open a .rar file with the free application "Unarchiver." :-)