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Muy bueno!
Captura la esencia de la FADU muy bien.

Y quien diria que fadu y la estética GC se llevarían tan bien!


Damn then
Congratulations to you!
Awesome work!

Definetly had that feeling
Good job and good luck with future projects!

Wow! I really cant believe you made this in 48 hours!
Awesome game, congrats to the team!

Really liked the concept, so fun!

I feel like this was A LOT to do in just 48 hours!
Also, i know is pre-existing, but i loved how the music fits!

Really fun concept!
We may or may not started screaming at each other of pure frustration haha

Really cool game!
Awesome concept, and really polished!
Had some Mgs3 deja vus haha

Really liked the idea.
I would like if it were a little faster
Also loved the music! so much peace

Really cool idea! also surprinsingly long gameplay!
Had a vibe that i was playing a classic newgrounds game all the time
Well done!

Really cool idea! You literally run out of control!
Also really cool art and music!

Absolutely loved it!
Fun mechanics and a lot of levels!
And i absolutely loved the mix betwen pixealrt with 3D Aesthetics
The only bad thing i saw was the indistinguible that the key is in contrast with the arrows
Besides that, i think is awesome! Good job!

Cool idea!
Its a little hard to get the tempo quite right, but i enjoyed it!
I love how he fall as if he was a character in family guy haha

At first it is so frustrating, but i then you kind of get used to the controls and it is awesome!
Well done! :D

Really cool mechanic, really cool art, really cool game!

I liked the gameplay idea
Its like Toho meets the "Congratulations, you played yourself" meme
Also liked the theme about mental health :D

Really cool idea
I like how all the backgrounds are variations of the same
Also love the parody music! It gives a really psychodelic dream vibe

Really enjoyed this game!
I was glad there was actually a way to win and it was not only a really depressive analogy

Also loved the artstyle!

I honestly did nothing diferent!
On my 3rd try it just decided it was time for me to play it! haha

I was finally able to play!
Really like the idea and specially the artstyle!
Congratulations to the team! :D

Really cool game!
Really liked the designs!

Once you get how it works, is awesome
Very good concept!

Only have time for 13?
Thats a lot!
Very funny and original game, i really enjoyed it!
At some point the music just stops, but that is just a bugardo

I couldnt get past after the disc drive open
Nevertheless, i loved the art, and would have like to see more of this game!

Really interesting and varing mechanics
Also good art!
Good job!

Loved it!
Funny, aesthetically beautiful and charming!
Very good job!

Very well presented!
Also i feel like the idea has some good potential!

I really like the concept! and the game has good presentation!
But i feel that maybe it would be better if the dogs should have more impact over your movement!

Really liked the idea!
Found it a little hard to understand at the beginning, but eventually i catched up
Well done!

You should have seen the trickshots i pulled of in this game
In my 50th try
Really cool game!

I enjoyed it!
Maybe a little repetitive, but really charming !

Very cool game! I really enjoyed it
Good job to all the team!

Really funny!

Loved it!