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If I buy this does that mean all the players can join or will each player need to also buy a copy to play?

I ran a my first session of Fellowship 2n Ed recently and setup was good and everyone is excited to play. There where a couple of things we stumbled on during setup:

1. It's very unclear who "The Squires" people are that they are supposed to be creating facts about. It's also tricky for the Squire to answer why they are in the Fellowship unless they go last.

2. The rules state that Bonds can be created with any named character but the Fellowship Playbooks states bonds should be made with Fellowship members.

3.  The Quickstart reference guide is Group Questions > Bonds > Rumours but Guided Establishment steps go Group Questions > Overlord Bonds > Rumours > Fellowship Bonds.

The rules for the 6th version of Wounded keep it together read

6. When you are confronted by the horrendous, supernatural, or mind-shattering, roll+Steady. On a 10+ you take -1 the next time you keep it together. On a 7-9 you gain a break or wound a move. On a 6-you black out, the GM will describe what unfortunate circumstances you wake up in.

In this context what is a "break"? It's not mentioned anywhere else in the rules as far as I can tell.

I'm livestreaming this game with some friends and I'm building an (honestly horrifying) Google Sheet for working out dice rolls as commands for roll20 dice rolls and have some rules questions that have come up whilst I was doing that.

The Ability "The Me That Believes In you" says you can use it 'at any point' so does that mean you could trigger it during another players turn?

Does the cape multiplier stack with the other Equipment (ie if you have a cape and an upgraded Weapon you would get 4x2 red energy)

Does the +1 effect of "a book" apply before exploding sixes?

Lastly there's no examples of play for a Tragic ending in ghosts of the past; which leaves what "one major adjustment to their character" might be. is it safe to reasonably assume it's to change a few things on their character sheet (powers/abilities ect)?

This game was a delight. My group played in a google sheet and had a lot of fun building mood boards for various parts of the city. The rules are great for creating opportunities for colorful and creative collaboration whilst keeping tight enough focus that nobody felt lost and we finished with a very complete feeling city.

This was really rad and surprisingly exciting on those big 50/50 gambles. The 2x2 hint feels very strong compared to the other as it basically means you can always profit using a pass.

Really fun simple rougelike. Some of the rule combinations where really interesting (although some of the rules need a tiny bit of tweaking to not feel unfair when they kill you esp blue tiles). It feels like a really good coffee break game similar to desktop dungeons.

11/10 best anger directed at past versions of myself the videogame.

Honestly I find the depictions of both mental health and violence pretty tasteless in this game. The way the game depicts murder and the lack of meaningful alternatives in game play implies either the game wants me to murder a bunch of people harming the characters mental health or to turn off the game and do something else. The message is pretty much a bleak "Let psychosis get worse, or do nothing"

The fact the music is so damn good makes the main mechanic so perfect. Love the inclusion of the dash mechanic. This seems like this has a lot of speedrun potential too!

The art style/audio in this game is really cool and a big standout. It feel like it lacks challenge since there doesn't seem to be a fail state and you can just swap the gold tiles directly to win.

This game is kind of fun but sometimes it's hard to tell why you are dying.

The game crashes for me on the first dialog option after talking to the girl.

This is a really fun concept. A couple of weapons feel a little too weak due to the lack of feedback (delayed grenade expositions and the number of shots it takes to explode barrels); but it's still really good.

Don't be fooled by the cute presentation this game is almost as fun as it is stressful.

The harpoon physics feel slightly but it's kind of fun once you get the hang of it.

It's really slick and I love how the game slips out of control trying to manage your inputs later on.

A good game if you think Space Team is too easy and you don't have any friends.