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Hello, I'm a artist with 2yrs of gamedev experience, my focus is to draw cute anime girls! :3

I come looking for someone wishing to hire for my services

Here are some examples of my work below, made specifically for Visual Novel usage:

For more of my works, check my portfolio website:

As shown on the website, i can work with backgrounds but not with the same quality :p

Prices and payment methods are to be discussed privately for those who are interested.

My discord is Orc Wizard#2018

Have a nice day!

Strive has got to be one of my favorite eroges i've played, and I'm always looking at the updates on this forum post, I just wanted to say you're doing god's work Aric

There's a special trick to it :3

Thx for the comment and playing!!

I think the blurriness on the menu its my fault cuz i made her art with a waaay bigger resolution than the game's, then it lost some quality when it got resized >_>

About the magic, i had some friends comment me that too, guess it could've been explained better :x

Valeu mano! É, daria pra botar um dash, mas aí a gente ja tinha backstep, daí não sei

Thanks man! Yeah, i guess we could've put a dash, but we already had the backstep so i dunno

I loved the character's art & animations! 

The only things i felt were off were the grammar and how slow the text skipping was >_>

But other than that it was nice, the only way i managed to beat the boss was spamming the shoot button faster than my health managed to deplete when i touched her, since i couldnt find a way to deal with the barriers :p

I liked the idea of crystal magical girl, but the controls were a bit clunky and could be better explained, like how it took me 2-3mins before i realized i could spam moves as long as they were different moves and werent currently happening.

Also, the keybindings mentioned on the page are mixed :p

 the enemies felt like they had too much hp before i got annoyed at how they werent dying, specially the boss, i got him to half hp and he started his 2nd phase by moving faster, i didnt had enough patience of to safely kill him at that point...

Agreed i could've done better with the art, but once it was decided that we were going with simple shapes, there wasn't much i could do since i had to make everything on the same artstyle, also, backgrounds aren't my strong point :p

Not much to say about this game besides that i freaking love it!

Specially how u actually made the rewind mechanic actually be useful where lots of ppl just threw it into their games without thinking.

Yoooo this surprised me so much, it was so good to play it! Got stuck on the level where ducks appear and gave up eventually >_>

Came for the funny title

Stayed for the itneresting mechanics and different theme usage, 5/5

I like how you can interact with your own clones and push them around

And its really funny to see them dawdling around when u got 9-10 copies of them wandering the map, i had a good laugh xD

I really liked dodging myself on this one! It was rly fun xD

It can be really punitive depending on who u crash with tho...

I was at the "purple" stage and got hit my the white me and got sent back to the beggining of the game, quite frustrating :p

I really liked the graphics, very pretty! I like the design of the main character :)

But a instruction telling you that a double jump exists on the game would be nice, took me a few tries to figure it out :c

Tha madlad actually did it xD

I really wanted to get to the end so i could see the boss, it looked rly cool when u showed its bit on discord, but it was too hard to get to him and i eventually got too annoyed and quit >_>

The lack of time really shows up on the tiny bits of the game since u were too focused on thr animation :p

Great game!

Nice game! I like the idea of using the hook for the theme! But the controls weren't very precise tho, and it got frustrating eventually :p

(1 edit)

5 starts on theme for not making a "things go back" interpretation xD

1 star on audio for making me deaf

10/10 would play again if i figure out all the rules xD

It was nice, the lighting was rly cool, tho the way the rewind was implemented felt a bit off

(1 edit)

Nice little game, loved the music and was surprised for having 3 levels

But having to use arrow keys with mouse is rly annoying

And i dont see the point of needing to hold the mouse button if the player can just constantly hold the button and then stop when he needs to recharge, might as well just make it automatic

I enjoyed this more than i thought i would xDD

I liked that it takes reference from flappy bird and basically improves on it, really fun little game

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Hey, I've seen your post and just found out about this jam, i'm interested in forming a team :D

Mostly for experience value and the tortuous fun that is participating in a GameJam >_>

I'm basically a jack of all trades in developing (except sound), but i'm mostly used to being an artist

hit me up on discord if anything Prass#2018

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The title says it all, I started production on my game with adult content and was wondering if there was a discord server related to this, its always fun to have a place to discuss and share ideas with fellow developers on such a genre that's not really as popular as the others.

If anything, my discord is Prass#2018

Sent you a friend request on discord. I have just finished games college last month and was looking to work on something, i'm mostly a 2D artist but i have a fair confidence in my 3D modelling and texturizing skills

Caraca muito bom, só foi uma sofrência pra aprender a jogar kkkkkk

Didn't knew that, thx

But her being the only girl who actually cares for you is what makes me like her :c

Also, her anal scene is way different then the regular one, i gotta admit that she looks kinda like Smeagol on that one because of her eyes

I know, the princess cares for you, but its just because she wants to use you to ascend to the throne... And Mother doesnt count

(1 edit)

The game still needs a lot of polishing, but I really like the concept of the game and it's really promising.

So a little review of my experience, because I really want this game to be finished and get improved:

My biggest complaints are the completely 180º art differences from the manga arts for when you're talking with the characters, to the realistic hentai CG's

(I was really expectant when i realized i could do "stuff" with the handmaiden on the begginning because "peasant girls" are my thing and she looked cute on the manga style... only to start the scene and have that total shift in artstyle)

And the differences to artstyle between hentai CG's themselves were also a turnoff, which most of them weren't my cup of tea (regarding to artstyle, not the scene itself), i only liked the Farmgirl(the one where she's stuck on the wood planks) and Fangirl scenes.

Also a little detail, i can't take the huntress seriously at all with her angry face for how derpy it looks... And apparently there's a bug where i haven't even visited the thief sisters, and after some days i couldnt visit them at all because of the message that said to wait for them, even thought i never went there.

Now, putting the criticism aside. And also containing spoilers for the game

- When I started the game and saw, well... "Daenerys"... with that smug face and all that talk about using me to get powerful, it annoyed the hell out of me and I wanted to kill her on the spot, too bad i couldn't since i was just born... at least biting her was satisfying :v

And it was rly funny trying to listen to her while her face was full of spit(which, honestly, looked like cum, 99% sure it was intencional, and i loved it)

- I honestly kept laughing for 10mins straight when the merchant said "When does a fucking dragon get off to someone stripping?!" the voice acting just made it better

10/10, killed her anyways because she wasnt my type.

- Thief sisters are best "sis's" and i instantly liked them and it never ocurred to me to harm them

And after they saved me from the Inquisitrix's charm spell i didnt even get mad when they didnt show up with my share of the gold later on, they earned it... even tho they put me in that situation themselves... wait a minute.. those bitches!

- Also i really liked the dialogue/choices for when you are charmed by the Inquisitrix

when the scene started i just wanted to kill the inquisitrix on the spot, but i thought it was weird that i didnt had that option, then i selected to tell her to fuck off, but every option had my dragon answering "Okay lets talk", i was like "wtf, maybe they havent implemented those dialogue choices yet"

Then as the scene went on i realized it was a charming spell and got mindblown

- Really liked the farmgirl scene as a hentai scene itself, too bad she wasnt virgin because she likes her horses a little too much

- At the convent, when the Abbess offered to take the Nun's place herself, i just refused because she wasnt my type, then i started giggling like a little girl for how petty the dragon was by refusing her and her reaction of "why noooot...", lmao

Also the nun scene was nice, when the game said i had to return there to finish my business i was rly hoping to get more nuns, but it was just the Abbess...

- "Okay Dragon-me, theres a campfire there with a sole little girl alone at night, we are going to fiercely drop and do a majestic and threatening pose while roaring, shes gonna piss herself, we are gonna do our business to her, it will be like the farmgirl situation, its gonna be awesome"


Me & The Dragon: Whot

At first i thought she was full of shit and just pretending to be nice to me and then kill me in my sleep, like how 99% of the cast would in her situation.

But i still loved her, and her h-scene was really cute, tho a little weird by how realistically young she looked at the CG

Then i was just checking how she'd react if i gifted her to the other groups, and when i gifted her to Mother i realized how innocent and pure she was, and that she actually loves the dragon with all her heart.

Best girl, 10/10 would kill/sex-enslave "Daenerys" who hatched my egg and its the last of her line of dragon tamers, and replace her with the random little girl who just likes dragons and make her my queen

P.S: The function to go back the text and choices with the mouse wheel is the best thing ever.

(1 edit)

Game doesn't stop the Sex action when reaches 0, and further clicking on interactions will make it go "-1, -2, -3, ..." and clicking on stop doesn't work either, its just keeps piling up that message

Probably something regarding consent? Which i didnt have(i guess? Just downloaded the game, still trying to figure out how things work), when started

Edit: Did with another slave, it worked normally, the issue seems to only happen with the "first partner" you receive

The mod is really good and improves on the game's general experience, i was excited about the incest thing, but when i tested it (with both sister and daughter) i felt it still needs work around it.

Btw, for some reason, the default name that any of your daughters calls you is "Son", sure you can change that with no problems, just wanted to point it out.

Also, something that people already adressed here and i'd like to adress too, is the issue with breast increase and lactation post-pregnancy

As you can see in the image, its clearly broken, Lol

And also, no matter how long u wait, lactation simply wont stop, and i couldnt find a way to, and breasts sometimes wont reduce at all, i used potions to reduce them but they grew back on the next day, and i tried again and they stayed small.

Still didnt test the dark crystal yet tho...

In the end... Amazing mod! I'd really hope if you keep working on it and fix the bugs! Really excited to see the Jail interaction on possible later patches :)

Oh I didn't knew that, i guess that was the problem

I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong in the game, but recently i've been getting no Magic Essence/Nature Essence/Taintes Essence from sex with Fairy/Dryad/Demons at all, and before i used to get them at least in 100% ratio, except with demons, but its been at least 20 or so days, + 5 in another save having sex with them, rape and consensual, with and without preservatives(on me) and im not getting any of those at all


My Discord is Prass#2018

Heyo! I don't know if you are still looking for it, but i can work with pixel art and some manga-ish illustrations, i have some experience working with games in unity due to college and i'm looking for some work to increase my portfolio!

I just stumbled upon this game while looking into web games and Oh My God, this game waaaaaaay surpassed my expectations! I'm not into tentacles myself but the way this game depicts them is so amazing and (sorta)wholesome!

And having my own army of tentacle monsters sure feels amazing i tell ya, i only played around to round 9 and i'm sure I look forward to be playing more