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Lachlan Kingsford

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I gave your game a try, and had a win. If you're interested in checking out the playthrough, it should be available on YouTube in a few minutes time

I beat it! There's a video up on if you're interested

Well done on finishing. If you're interested, I put a playthrough of my attempts up on YouTube

Well done on finishing. If you're interested, there's a video play through I put up on

Hiya - 

I made a blind play-through video of your game. It's up on

TL; DR: You did exceptionally well. There are a few little niggles, but it was a valiant effort.


Heya -

I gave your game a blind playthrough and put it up on

Really great effort.


Thank you for your detailed response. That fills in a few of the gaps - and I'm keen on giving it another try. I'll let you know how I go.


Sorry - exception starting game:

* Yikes!(Human, Cloaked Dancer)         *
Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at RLGame.PlayerStatsPanel.Draw() in D:\Workspace\C#\RLGame18\GameFiles\Panel\PlayerStatsPanel.cs:line 28
   at RLGame.RLGame2018.Draw() in D:\Workspace\C#\RLGame18\GameFiles\7DRL18.cs:line 434
   at RLGame.RLGame2018.Game() in D:\Workspace\C#\RLGame18\GameFiles\7DRL18.cs:line 127
   at RLGame.RLGame2018Launcher.Main(String[] args) in D:\Workspace\C#\RLGame18\GameFiles\7DRL18.cs:line 685

Had other successful runs though

Heya - I recorded my experience playing your game. You can watch (if you'd like to) on Youtube.


Heya - I recorded my experience with RogueWave as I was playing it. Really well done. 

I recorded my gameplay and put it up on Youtube. Sorry that it took me a bit to get on top of what was happening! Excellent effort overall.

My complete experience is up on YouTube (linked). Really complete experience - well done.

Does it happen consistently? I found one crash level bug on creating the game, but happens very occasionally - but on both versions.

Huh. Thanks for that - I'll have an investigate. Slightly concerning... can't drop back to one version just yet!

(1 edit)

Thank you! I agree entirely. I didn't even consider the idea of colour.

I wanted visual and audio response to both - but I didn't get time. I'm hoping to add it in to the 'enhanced' edition over the next couple of weeks. I also really wanted bloopy noises, but again - time.

I like the idea of a screen shake. I think I want to combine it with a bit of goo or something when your Jelly is attacked - as I don't think it's really clear enough yet.

Wish I knew what was up with the generator. I didn't roll my own for this one. I think I'll have a look into a workaround.

Thanks again for your feedback, and for playing!

- L -