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an alchemical roguelike with randomly generated component-based herbs which you process to create useful potions
Submitted by Paweł Ślusarczyk (@PawelRoguelikes) — 1 day, 54 minutes before the deadline

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  • Wow. What an effort. It has depth, difficulty settings, difficulty, thought. You really did an excellent job here. The alchemy system is inspired, and feels remarkably like a board gamey puzzle which works into the game rather than being a mini game or separate to the game.

    My only critique is that I struggled with the no-keypad controls, and would have really appreciated mouse support, or vi keys.

    Took me about 2 hours to beat. First hour was on medium, then dropped to Easy.

  • Very nice job for a 7DRL! You play an alchemist trying to save his dying wife with just the right ingredient. It generates a new overworld island to explore each time, covered with collectable ingredients, each with a number of randomly assigned effects. There are also monsters and animals (not all hostile!) from which to harvest yet more ingredients. The in-depth multipage help menu system with its sample screenshots is a great boon, otherwise it would be quite to difficult figure out the intricacies of what's going on here. In short, there are numerous alchemical processes by which to mix, remove, add, or otherwise mutate the various properties of an ingredient. So many possibilities! The tools required to apply these processes are scattered across the island. This is a good game, suffering only from a bit of quality of life issue in the UI that otherwise slow down the play experience. In a game where much of the key content is randomly generated on each playthrough, quick and easy access to information is vital. A drag-drop UI would be perfect as well, though it's understandable that's outside the bounds of what a 7DRL can normally provide.

  • I enjoyed discovering the ingredients and figuring out which ones are needed for each situation over the course of a run.

    I wish that instead of having to carry around all the equipment that I could find and pick up a piece of equipment and then have that process become available in a crafting menu.

    The gameplay aspect of taking simple ingredients and combining/processing them to create powerful potions was fun and fits well with the witcher theme.

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Really nicely done. Kind of like a better version of Elder Scrolls' alchemy without all the other boring stuff. Also reminds me of Big Pharma except for the fact that I hated Big Pharma. 

I'll admit to getting a little obsessed for a day trying to figure the Ultimate Strategy. In the end I managed to pull off a win (my first and probably last) on normal difficulty in about 1500 turns (could you call that a speed run?). SPOILER: Fumes + Adrenaline + Fry Pan = OP ;)    

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I literally stopped time for a few thousand turns using a Fume 11, Adrenaline 11 potion made mostly on the frypan. More than enough to collect what I needed to win. The only problem was my potion was too powerful. I ended up standing by my sorceress with my finger on wait for a few minutes so time could start again and I could begin concocting the antidote... :P


With such extensive usage of adrenaline I would definitely call it a speedrun ;)

You found out a nice strategy and I bet there are other ways of getting enough power to beat any kind of danger. But that's what I like roguelikes for — rewarding cleverness and improvisation.

Thanks for kind words!

Jam Judge

I beat it! There's a video up on if you're interested