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Here's a video with Kyzrati giving a try to Res furtiva:

Can't move it. Tried dragging this button by several points, but it remains in place.

I checked on Firefox and Chrome (in Windows) with same effect.

Looks promising, but I don't know how to start the rocker. The launch button doesn't do anything, apart from playing a sound.

Amazing style, addictive, funny, with good learning curve — I had lots of fun with it.

Two possible bugs I encountered:

  • “Quit to main menu” button doesn't do anything,
  • Knice doesn't strike twice despite what its description says.

Also I haven't figured out two things, maybe they need clarification:

  • melee weapon descriptions don't seem to tell if they can strike diagonally or not (or maybe it's ')'s that can?)
  • how to replenish replenishable stuff?

Have seen the video. Very interesting game. The real-time movement and combat on massive scale was pleasant to watch, especially with smoke from rifles covering the battlefield.

It's like DoomRL without RL part ;)

Very atmospheric, very polished, also very addictive.

Ha ha, you got me at the end :D Nice little story.

Hi, just letting you know that Osnowa 0.2 is out. There are mostly fixes and refactors, but generally it should be easier to work with the project now.

Thanks for your comment and for bug report (I haven't discovered that)! Nice to finally have some feedback about the game from players.

Also good to hear you liked Osnowa. The more people will be using it, the more hope there is for its further development :) And please do write on GitHub or Gitter ( if you have any problems with it. During 7DRL two developers (including me) were using it and I made some notes about bugfixes and improvements — going to apply them within next days, so stay tuned.

Just bet it! Score: 300.

This game is addictive. With (almost) each death I learned something new and was greedy to try one more time and utilise my knowledge.

It's very well designed. The ballance is great, despite so different characteristic of each scroll and monster.


Wow, that right mouse button tooltip works great. I somehow omitted it while reading the instructions. Thanks alot for other info you've written down too.

Eldar already gave lots of good feedback about the game which I agree with.

Nice to see an application of Osnowa in HoM&M-like game.

Still waiting for your feedback regarding usage of this tool ;)

By the way if you want to enable Fog of War in Osnowa, you just need to change the switch in ModeConfig asset to Undiscovered.

Interesting proof of concept that emojis can represent the world map. Maybe it's a way to make modern teens play classical roguelikes like ADOM :P

Also big plus for the idea of phone as message log.


I really like the puzzleness and balance of this game. The gameplay is perfectly fit for 7DRL scope.

It's frustrating though to guess what various elements of the game do. While it's easy to get the behaviour of the enemies, it's much harder to find out what many of the scroll effects are about. Same with UI elements, upgrades and monster statuses. Maybe it's your aim that the player should find out all of these things, but I think that more documentation explaining the symbols and colors would improve the playability alot. Looking forward to try it again out when I know more :)

I liked the implicitness of this game. Emotion descriptions maybe could be even more mysterious. From the other side, would be good to know if the ending I found was the only ending or should I look for more. Maybe yes, looking at the fact that this game has 80 MB ;)

Eldar — I think that Knowledge is [SPOILER!] showing location of one of Deaths.

Infinite loop in level creation happens quite often.

Also — I never saw better minimalistic represantation of death than simple red "7" :)

I liked the visual style of this game (apart from unreadable font:) playing nice with music.

The puzzle is cool element of the game and very roguelike'ish.

There are maybe too many bullets to find around the map, it's very easy to proceed if you only find a gun.

Oh, I took the information about “exactly 4 wheels” literally and didn't even try building bigger single wheels out of multiple wheel components. Maybe it's just me but making it clear in the instruction for building the vehicle could prevent such misunderstanding.

Regarding not being able to move — I think I had a look at UI elements before giving up and quitting the game in this situation, but probably I indeed just omitted the inventory limit (I was aware of its existence and how trunk works beforehand).

Ha, making a map on a piece of paper came to my mind, but I eventually didn't do it. Why? Probably because of a thought that the game shouldn't demand it from me in these modern UX times. Wonder if I'll ever make such a map again.

Nice accomplishment for making a pure roguelike from scratch during 7 days. I'd say the Satsuma Dragon and other monsters stronger than it are too powerful. Can't imagine beating them and without XP from beating them it seems impossible to me to beat the Citron King.

Was fun to play! Didn't know I can fear the speed in a turn-based game.

I liked the construction process of the car. But it's impossible to make one with so many wheels like in the screenshot, right?

I'm not sure if it has been fixed, but I stumbled upon a bug that makes me unable to walk (after leaving the car) if lost some wheels.

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Nice game :)

At first glance it looked to me like a roguelike version of Don't Starve (but more chilled out, contrary to typical games in this genre).

Interesting how the sounds play with typical roguelike look — it's a nice mixture and it's making it easier to understand what's going on.

The world is big and it's not easy to find the way back home or to explore new places. Maybe some system of navigation would be useful. Might something as simple as a minimap or maybe some signs or magnetic field emitters you can construct in various places and then use an item (compass?) which would tell you what direction they are at.

Maybe I was too lazy or too little curious, but didn't feel like growing plants is very important for me since I had enough nutrition from berries. I was missing an overall goal like preparation for survival or for exploring a dangerous place.

A few UI annoyances:

  • I'm not sure how to easily quit the construction menu. I automatically press Escape which makes me leave the full screen.
  • Much of the screen space is wasted. Even with full screen, the game takes only half of it and the sides are also empty. Fortunately it's part of the website, so I can just use browser zoom.

It's very far from roguelikeness... but procedurally generated pinball might be a relevant genre in the future :P

Was pleasure to play such a polished (in terms of esthetics) game made during a week.

Visually it's great, also combined with card effects, combat and overall/detailed view switching (great solution!). Different types of characters and the need for combining their strengths gave me lots of fun.

A few comments regarding balance (and one possible bug):

  • During three runs (two short ones and one of them won) I never found a berserker.
  • Wizard seems to be overpowered since he can fire two powerful attacks and then be quickly switched.
  • Ability to discard a card without any penalty also might be too strong. Thanks for this it was easy to protect the weak/injured characters.
  • Maybe a card count limit (or stricter one if there is any) or more interactions between cards would make me think about actually building my deck. Without this, I just happily accepted all the cards and that seemed to work well.
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It'll be my fifth 7DRL and third one (in a row) where I can almost fully focus on work.

The rough idea for the game:

It's time of war and the city player lives in is occupied by a totalitarian enemy. The player is part of resistance movement and is specialized in thefts. The gameplay will be something like in Thief and Commandows series — a sequence of missions in procedurally generated areas like mansions, military camps, streets. The missions will mostly be about stealing and sabotage. Sneaking will be important because the player will be weak comparing to his enemies.

A thought to make a game like this came to me half a year ago, but the design and story ideas blossomed in my head mostly during last weeks. Of course there are too many of them for seven days, so I'm wondering how much I get can from it. Probably the toughest part will be to create a level generator — stealth games are often like puzzles and it's not easy to write something that generates puzzles.

To my help comes my Osnowa framework which is getting more and more polished — it already lifted much effort from me during my last 7DRLs when I created Artifex gladii and Quinta essentia. The first public version was released a month ago. I'll be also giving support to one guy that decided to use Osnowa for his 7DRL.

This year I wanted to try cooperating with other people. I managed to find a tester, two artists and a musician. Looking forward for effects of this collaboration!

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Recently I published initial version of my Osnowa framework on GitHub.

If you want to make a 7DRL and are somewhat familiar with Unity, but don't want to start from scratch, Osnowa can help you with stuff like tiles, turn management, field of view and ECS.

I'm offerring my support during the jam for up to developers using Osnowa (assuming you'll let me know first).

It's an early version, but with some guidance I think it may be useful (at least some parts of it).

Feel free to check out the docs on GitHub and send me a message if you're interested.


Thanks for the comments. Balancing the issues you mention would cost me very much time though (because of crazy technical debt caused by the challenge's pace), so I'm not planning to fix them.

Still, it's a good game-design exercise to try to think what could make the alchemical processes and effects better. I think that especially  improving the fumes' offensive potential would be fun.

Sorry, but this sounds like a bug. If it was presented as quinta essentia in your inventory, she should be cured. Lift curse property with any strength and without kill effect should be enough. Moreover, it should disappear from your inventory after being used. 

I hope you weren't disappointed very much. Congratulations for finishing the game anyway.

With such extensive usage of adrenaline I would definitely call it a speedrun ;)

You found out a nice strategy and I bet there are other ways of getting enough power to beat any kind of danger. But that's what I like roguelikes for — rewarding cleverness and improvisation.

Thanks for kind words!

Cool. Thanks for checking!

Should be working now. I think the RAR file was the only culprit. Also I changed the rendering engine in Linux to OpenGL Core, because some glitches were reported for Vulkan.

Probably it was caused by the fact that I packed it to a RAR. I just uploaded a ZIP, could you please try again?

Great to see a fellow!

Podrzuć jakiś kontakt na Forum padło tak nagle, że straciłem wszystkich ludzi z oczu.

Ouch, thanks for reporting! I can see a non-empty Quinta essentia_data directory in the archive. Can you give me more details or suggestion for a fix?

Thanks for warm words. As for the scope of the game, it was doable because I based it on my own engine which I've been working on for over a year. I heard many things recently about difficulties in creating roguelikes in Unity and it encourages me to reveal my engine and make it open-source.

Thank you for precise bug report, I'll look into it.

And yes, I'm Deaven from old :D A ty kto?

I got sucked in and had lots of fun with this game.

By the way, I founda  bug: even if you have more than 1 apple it always works as if you had 1.

Great boardgame look and a home-made 3D engine? Nice.  I keep fingers crossed for the development of this game.

Thanks for recording the gameplay. Was fun to watch and there was some useful feedback for me.

Cool, I'll check it out :)

Lots of fun. I guess the snake/netacka genre will never be dead (or at least will live for looooong;).  Also a nice combo of graphics, music and polish.