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It could work like that, but it's mainly just some pics that I took to show how they look when in use.

Hey, I've got two fonts up for sale at $1 each, that may be useful in your projects!

The first is called Arcadian, inspired by a design I created for a game concept.

The second is HexaGothic, something I was experimenting with on paper originally.

 Here's a link to each:


HexaGothic -

It's there... it's the Windows Version link. I screwed up while making the post, and the links wound up between the screenshots lol

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Are you up to the challenge?

MDG is a top-down arcade defense shooter that puts you in control-- not of the ship, but DiGTS, the orbiting gun protecting it!

Controls are simple, just click and drag your mouse/finger around the ship to rotate DiGTS! Use Backspace/Back button to toggle pause,  and Escape to exit!

The blue bar is your DiGTS level, and red is your ship's shields.

DiGTS lv. 2

Get it here:

Thanks! I have a lot more planned for it.

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Defend the mobile base in Vanguard!

Vanguard is a top-down shooter for Android with a slight twist-- don't let too many enemies pass by! Try your luck in Endless Mode, or try out Main Mode, and see if you can defeat the boss!

  • Currently, there's a single stage in Main Mode, with a boss at the end. Endless mode is mostly ready, with some changes planned and underway.
  • More bosses in the making
  • more music and sound is planned

The game can be found here:

Video from an earlier test run:

This is really good!

Thanks! I'm working toward a full version, with updated graphics! 

It's fixed and ready. Heres the link:

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thanks for the heads-up, I'll get right on it!

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Radion is available for $1.99  on Android at the Amazon Appstore, and for PC here on!

Radion is a circular, semi-minimalist version of DX-Ball, one of my all-time favorite brick breakers. The blocks in Radion are textured, and  the textures shift when they move! It features several textures, rotated blocks, up to five 10-round rooms plus a 50-round room, combo and chain system, 14 achievements, nine powerups, and online/offline score tracking!
Game is available at:

View the YoYo Games forum post

Coming from a fan of Tetris Attack, you did good. This made me want to break out the SNES and do a speed run

pretty good gameplay and graphics. Like how it gets more challenging as you go.

No problem.. I'm still working on it, and I'll make sure to add your suggestions as I work toward a final release.

Radion is a brick breaker with a twist-- the wall is a ring! This game features:

  • Up to five 10-round rooms, plus a 50-round Survival Mode that features limited lives and a time limit! 
  • Combination of minimalistic and textured graphics
  • Online high scores
  • Career score(total points earned) and Personal Best score
  • 14 achievements

it's available at for $0.99