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Radion for Android and PC

A topic by Negastar created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 174 Replies: 3
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Radion is available for $1.99  on Android at the Amazon Appstore, and for PC here on!

Radion is a circular, semi-minimalist version of DX-Ball, one of my all-time favorite brick breakers. The blocks in Radion are textured, and  the textures shift when they move! It features several textures, rotated blocks, up to five 10-round rooms plus a 50-round room, combo and chain system, 14 achievements, nine powerups, and online/offline score tracking!
Game is available at:

View the YoYo Games forum post


Hello, thanks for sharing. It looks like the URL to your game on is broken. Could you fix it so the game shows up in the topic list. Thanks

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thanks for the heads-up, I'll get right on it!

It's fixed and ready. Heres the link: